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Hi ThemeCanon

Not dissimilar to dalymedia’s request, I’m not using headshots and so everything forced into to left 30% or whatever doesn’t quite suit my deisgn.

I was wondering whether you had anything I could add to the final call to allow text overlay on the Slider images to cover more of the width (or even the full width) of the image? Can’t find it anywhere in the css files.

Thanks, great, clean looking theme!


Hi John, These styles are in the syperslides.css file.

You can over write the current width by using the following in your Final Call CSS section ( a better option that editing theme files).

#slides .cta{
    width: 100%!important;

Thanks! This works a treat!

How do I get updates for Selfy if I got it bundled in something else and I can’t remember where? I have version 1.0 and love it, but want to stay current. Thanks!

Hi, Selfy does support child themes and we encourage that users add their customizations through child themes. However WordPress / the automatic updater will not recognize the parent theme when you have a child theme active (it thinks the child theme is a different theme than the one it is looking for) so you need to turn the parent theme back on for the purpose of updating. :)

Thanks! Love the new addition of being able to put in custom icons for the stats. Hasn’t worked for me yet though, any ideas?

Sorry for the late reply. If you still have problems with the icon uploads, can you email through your site and login details. Use the contact author form on our profile page.

Hi guys, I’ve just downloaded your theme (loving it!). Working through now setting everything up, but I can’t find where/how to add a search page like you have here (

Can I please get some help (navigation instructions) to set that up! I thought it may have been listed under page templates, but no luck! Thanks

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Remember that support questions are best sent to us via the email form on our profile page to make sure we don’t miss them here in the comments thread. The page you are linking to is actually a search result page. It does not exist as a stand alone page template so it will always display results. You can add your own by first doing a search (maybe add a search widget to sidebar) and then copy/pasting the URL of the search results page that you get sent to. Then in Appearance > Menus add a Link and put the URL in and call the link maybe something like “Search” then add to menu and save. If you use a search term like your site name then it doesn’t seem as obvious that your search page is in fact a results page and not a standalone search page. Hope that helps :)

I downloaded the non-WP theme accidentally. Now I’ve downloaded the WP theme and I’m still having the same issue.

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Hi, did you unzip the download package?

Hello ThemeCanon,

I’ve also purchased your theme within a bundle and I have a question. Is it possible to create a multilingual homepage using your selfie homepage settings and polylang plugin?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi, for multilingual site translation we recommend that you set your site up as a network site / multisite with one site per language and then use free plugins like e.g Multisite Language Switcher or Multilingual Press to switch between language sites. We have not tested the polylang plugin specifically :)

Thank you for your quick reply. I’ve already set polylang up with my website as a single installation. Is there a way to clone the homepage settings to use it as a seperate page?

I’m not exactly sure what you mean. Selfy has an import/export option to import/export theme settings. You can export the content of your site using the built-in WordPress export function. And finally it is possible to convert a WordPress single/standard site to a multisite without losing content on the original site. You can read more about this in the codex. :)

hi guys, Really happy I purchased that theme. I have one question though. I wish to insert a partners’ logo carrousel or similar, right above the footer, so that it can be visible on every single page. What would be your recommendation for proceeding? Cheers

actually, the one you included in “TRADES” is exactly what I’m looking for :-(

never mind, kiwi logo carousel worked perfectly! Great theme though. Keep up the good work!

Glad you found a solution and glad you like the theme :)

Just purchased your theme. Great theme. I had a problem installing and it made 2 set of menus. I had to manually remove the doubles. But i wanted to know where the Search page, 404 page, and the shop section? I don’t have it on mine?

Hi, the xml-file is the proper demo file to use with the WordPress import function :)

I can’t get my picture the right size. It keeps taking up the whole page no matter how I scale it and align right. It just stays in the middle over taking the page. Also, what’s the URL for the default Masthead outline that says Put our picture here? I deleted the original slider and lost them.

Hi, the default masthead template is in the img folder in the theme directory. When you say you can;t get your picture the right size, is this in reference to the masthead slider? or general page images.


great theme!! I plan to buy this..but I just wanna asking…

menu bar.. blog contact..or somehow is possible to change? I wanna use this theme for instruction manual for google phone… so I use menu bar..each section of instruction.. is it possible?

Hi, sorry I am not understanding your question. Can you please be clearer?

Hello, Enjoying the theme quite a bit. Just curious though – I don’t see the “Selfy Themes” option when I am editing a page (like the screenshots). Was trying to create 2 columns of text on a page and assume and it can be done that way. But I don’t see it when I edit the pages. Any ideas as to why? Thanks, Ryan

Sorry I meant to say I don’t see the “Selfy Styles” dropdown box when editing a page. Anyhow, my client actually purchased the theme himself. I can email him and ask him for his info if you need it. Thanks.

Hi, WordPress 3.9 introduced a conflict with the Selfy Styles dropdown. We fixed this in a subsequent update. You can either downgrade WordPress or update Selfy to get the Selfy Styles dropdown back :)

Got it. Ok, we’ll download the new update. Thank you.

Hi there, bought the theme, how do I show the recent pics in the footer widget?

Hi, that is achieved using the Selfy More Posts widget :)

Use the more posts widget, and select your category etc.


Hi, first of all, excellent theme, I got it in the bundle a couple of months ago, I was wondering if there is a way to get the updates?

again, awesome work, beautiful template

Hi Eddie, Sorry but the only way to updates is to buy the full theme. Items in bundles are excluded from updates and support.

uff, ok, thank you

Hey there,

Great theme. Love working with it!

It would be great if you could add a condition so the columns would show without the pre-added: COLUMN TITLE COLUMN TEXT If I delete the dummy title and content then the column disappear, but it’s not that user-friendly since people would want to add a video or image without any text and still use the column feature :-)

Anyhow, just some quick feedback. Once again, GREAT THEME!

Sincerely, Mika

Thanks for the feedback Mika. Have you tried using a non- breaking space to keep the column, “ ”

Hi. I just tried to add a space in the end and then deleted all the text, which worked fine. However, most users will not catch that, so a condition that allows the column-box to stay when it is empty until the user delete it, would be very helpful :-)

Once again, I can’t stress how much I like working with your theme (I’m saying this after developing 100+ websites and custom made themes) :-)

Sincerely, Mika

Hi I got the theme via bundle , I just have one question in a post when you click hide comments in the options , on the actual page it shows “No Replies to “title of page” , what css can I put to just remove that line , I rather it show nothing then say no replies?

Thanks for the reply but no luck, , you can try via firebug

    display: none;

perfect thank you

There are several security flaws within this theme that caused my hosting company to shut down my site. My passwords were very secure and it was hosted on it’s own hosting user account.

Any thought on your 3rd party libraries and why they would be targeted?

I seriously doubt the explanation that your hosting company has given you for shutting down your site. Our theme is just as secure as the WordPress platform itself as we have not made any modifications to the core WordPress files which handle security. Furthermore the theme platform which Selfy is build on is used on thousands of servers around the world and none of them have reported issues regarding security. Could you please write us an email through the email form on our profile page including the email you have gotten from your hosting company as well as a contact adress as we would like to get in touch with them and discuss this matter further :)


There seems to be an issue on the single post pages. I have tried to use the Hupso Share Buttons for Twitter, Facebook & Google+ and AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget plugin.

Whenever I active the plugin, the social media icons is jumping as you can see here:

It seem to be a theme problem. Something isn’t quite right with the hook used in the theme I believe.

Sincerely, Mika

Yep as suspected it was a CSS issue. Add the following to your plugins CSS to fix:
.addthis_toolbox .addthis_button_pinterest_pinit,
    position: relative: 
    top: 18px;

Great, thanks a lot :D


Is there an easy way to change the text in the buttons like ’ Prev’, ‘Read more’ , etc.etc.? I want to change the text from English to Dutch.

Thank you in advance!

Hi, you can localize the theme by translating the .po files we have provided with the theme (located in selfy/lang folder). If you are unsure how to do this feel free to send us an email through the email form on our profile page and we will send you detailed information on how to do this :)

Hi! I added a category link to my menu here but the orange background color of the menu button dissapeared while when pressed on it it is visible nicely again. How to fix this issue please? Thank you!

Hi, maybe you have updated to WordPress 4.0? In WP4.0 you also have to go to WordPress Settings > General and set the language of your site.

Regards, Theme Canon
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Worked! :) Thanks a lot!

No problem:

Regards, Theme Canon
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Hi guys, nice theme, just a thought… I was looking to use this for a personal branding site, only I found that when resizing the background image on the home (slider) is not clearly visible on tablet and mobile mode, because the subject will likely be outside the screen. Perhaps if you add an option to use different images for tablet and mobile this would resolve this challenge?

take care!

Hi, the home slider will scale an image proportionately so the image does not skew. As such, at some viewport sizes portions of the image will be cropped. Having different images for each tablet and mobile won’t really fix as some still retina the option to change the size of the browser plus there is such a wide range of screen sizes to accommodate.

Hi! When I use the WP app on IOS to create a new post and attach an image to the post it shows up in doubles. I read an earlier subject regarding this issue and I know how do uncheck “attach to slide” setting when I use the regular admin page on my computer. But I do most of my posts on the phone app when I´m on the run, so is it possible to remove any of the lines in the “function section” to make this behavior go away completely?

Hi, the post slider will automatically show any images that are “attached” to post. An image gets attached to a certain post when you upload the image directly to that post. I would suggest you first upload your images to the media library and then add them to your post content that way they do not get attached the post itself but resides in the media library. I can also show you how to delete the post slider altogether but that would be the same for all posts then. Reprogramming the theme not to use attached images for the post slider will require quite a bit of reprogramming.

Hi, I own Selfy via an Envato Bundle and can’t update. Are updates available despite the bundle purchase and if not, do you offer a discount?

thanks a lot

Items via any bundle are not included in updates or support sorry. these are Theme Forests rules and we have no control over discounts or pricing, again Theme Forest dictates these. You will need to buy the theme in full.