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Hi There, Congrats for the great work! We have just one question: We might need to exchange the slider to the Revolution Slider. Do you think that is possible without too many complications. Or with your help against payment?

Many Thanks, T.

Hi, thanks a lot! Haven’t worked with the revolution slider but would imagine that it would require a bit of work to change slider system. Unfortunately we don’t take on custom programming work at the moment but we can point you to a few good websites where you can find good freelance programmers and of course we will help you by pointing out what files you would need to customize :)

hi, I’m having a problem when I embed a video from vimeo. I use the embed code and use it in a new post with the post type ‘video’. But when seen on the blog it doesn’t show, however when I open the post it appears. Hopefully you can help. Thanks,

Hi athletefactory, have you read through the support documentation?

Hi, Yes I have and I can’t seem to find information on making a homepage. I have set up what I would like on the homepage in the Selfy homepage settings but can’t seem to get it going.

Sorry if im being a pain, thanks for your help

Hi, sorry for the delay, have been away for a couple of days.

The home page is designed to be modular, besides each home page section is a display/show check box which allows you to turn on and off sections. Make sure all yours are ticked for display.

Secondly make sure that under the Wordpress Settings / Reading / your “Front page displays” setting is for latest post.

As I am converting this theme into a full blown website with a ton of information, I realize that you are selling yourself short by advertising it as a vcart type of theme ;)

With a little css and php changes a variety of different templates are possible that would complement and expand the theme greatly :)

I am wondering if you will include full width sections in the next update? I think that would be an excellent addition.

Cheers, Tom

Hey Tom, When you say full width I assume you mean full browser window width and not single full width columns as they already exist. We hadn’t anticipated on adding full width section to the design as the current layout is based on an 1140 grid.

Hi, yes, I mean full browser width. It would be really helpful and help style the theme a bit more different.

I think this would be a fairly major design consideration for the theme, one that we would need a lot of user requests for us even to consider it.

Question: When I create two columns for a sidebar page, on the iPad in vertical view the columns are stacked. This is not necessary however. Is there a way to force a two column span to stick together for this viewport?

Thanks in advance, Tom

Hey Tom, it was never anticipated that the design would have multiple columns in the sidebar, however if you want to do here is how:

You will need to update the responsive.css file in the css folder, place the snippet below in the 768 media query.

    width: 47.5%;
    margin-right: 5%;
    float: left;    

You should also probably want a counter class to cancel this new style out when you reach the 480 media query, so for 480 add the same snippet as above but void all values, 100%, 0, none.

Now for each half width column you use, add the .inline class to the .half div in your markup.



Small bug: when going to an article page via the blog page, the menu doesn’t reflect that. However, when visiting an article page via a category page, the corresponding menu item remains selected.

I’d appreciate it if you can please check that? This site goes online this weekend and this is important. People need to remain aware of their position.

Thanks! Tom

Loving this theme. Would like to center the title/text above my footer widgets. HTML codes aren’t working…any suggestions?

Hey Jellams, centering the footer widgets headings has nothing to do with the HTML shortcodes. For you to center these headings you will need to manually update the styles.css with the following:

footer h2.widget-title{
    text-align: center;

thx much.


To do that add the following to style.css:

.foot-widgets h2 { text-align: center!important; }

That will do it!

Another one: #to_top has two } at the end, instead of one ;)

Hi Tom, thanks for catching that rouge brace, although not causing error, this will be updated in the next package.

A small thing, but just helping to make the theme even better!

Will there be any option for adding keywords or meta data or title tags to the homepage?

Thanks for the reply. I have downloaded a plugin, but because of the way the home page is built, it won’t work on that page.

Hi, we have built our header according to WP specs so if your plugin doesn’t work you should try a different one. :)

I will. Usually the plugin gives all the options on the page where you built the page that you want to add SEO, in a box below. No options show up on the homepage building page in your theme.

I’m having an issue with: any/all media that I post does not automatically visually display itself when its in the blog – (I’ll have to manually click on the header/title of the post in order to display/see the specific media I’ve posted). -The only media that seems to automatically display in the blog are “featured images”....

Hi, please read through the documentation carefully. Specifically make sure you check the “use embedded media instead of featured image” checkbox in the selfy post settings. Also make sure you select an appropriate post format :)

did that. do I need a “media embed code”? Also, the Post Slider tab continues to say “No images have been attached to your post” even after I’ve add images….Thx.

Yes you need to insert an embeddable code in that field if you want embedded media to appear instead of your featured image. Regarding the post slider this is explained in detail in the documentation. :)

Hi there! A pre-sale question! I noticed that there are a lot of margins/spacing around for eg: between category navigation and the divider line, between the divider line and the first blog post + sidebar.

Is it customizable with custom css for these? I feel is a little waste of space for the top-fold. Thank you!

Hi, yes you can customize the css if you feel the padding is too generous. cheers.


I really like your theme.

Do you have an “Archive” page as an option, where all the pages, posts etc.. are displayed for people to see in one screen?

Thanks Nick

Hi, we have a standard WordPress archive page (archive.php) which displays categories, tags, author posts, posts from a certain date/month, search results etc. depending on what you are querying :)

Would you be able to add this to your example site

It would be much appreciated.


Congrats for your work. Works great !!

Whare con I find, to buy, the pictures from the “thinking man”?

Thanks for the info.

Hi, most images can be found on istock.


I love this theme. It’s simplicity makes it so fantastic.

I know it was probably never designed as a ‘shopping’ theme, but do you have any intentions to make it woocommerce friendly? I have a very simple shop which sells TWO products and this theme would fit the bill really well.

Good luck with sales.


Hi, we don’t have any plans about integrating eCommerce into the theme but if enough people request it we might consider it :)

OK, thanks for the quick response. Let’s hope lots of other people would like it too! :-)


There is any way to do a good seo homepage?, this template doesnt work at all, I try with different plugins and no luck.

Our theme has basic SEO capabilities (automatically generated meta tags, title tags, img alt tags etc) If you need to incorporate more advanced SEO features we suggest you contact a freelancer who can programme this functionality for you. You can also use an SEO plugin (see the comment below regarding WP SEO). Please note that we do not offer support regarding 3rd party plugins. If you need help on how to get a specific plugin to work you should contact the plugin authors :)

The home is hard to get well with any plugin, because is not very well developed for seo.


Thanks for nice theme, but I have some problem. It does not imported a sample contents, I’ve tried to import with the wordpress importer. It didn’t imported. Please let me know what was wrong.

Hi, sample content seems to work for our other customers. Can you be more specific about what part of the proces goes wrong. Do you get any error messages? :)

Could you give me your email address. I will send the wordpress admin information.

You can use the email form on our profile page to get in touch :)

I have set blog up as a category in the Menu. When i tick Blog in the category option when creating a blog post and click publish. No blog post shows. this is what displays instead on the live “Blog” . can not click on the 1 result either.

“Your search for Blog returned 1 result.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function lcfirst() in /home/content/09/7022709/html/accelerate/wp-content/themes/selfy/inc/functions/functions_custom.php on line 52”

Could you please advise on what i need to do to get the blog working?

Cheers, Luke

To create a blog you need to set up a page that uses the blog page template. It is explained in detail in the documentation :)

obviously not enough detail :) Can you provide me with the exact information in the documentation, as I can’t seem to find where the problem is. The blog was working when i set it up last night, but was not working when i got up ha. Thanks—Luke

got it working again

Yes, there is a double description being added here, I am trying to find it but can’t great theme, but for the love of God will theme devs stop adding SEO bits to themes.

I have replied to your other comment :)

Ok I have it, install WordPress SEO or similar, check to force rewrite.

Jump to here; /wp-content/themes/selfy/inc/templates/dynamic_header.php

Remove or comment this line; <meta name="description" content="<?php bloginfo('description'); ?>"> And you are done, you can see this here;

Glad you found the file with the meta tags :) And glad you got it working. I think hou have a good point regarding themes and SEO. As a developer it is kind of a lose-lose situation – if we add SEO capabilities it might interfere with more advanced users own SEO strategies but if we leave it out we will get hammered for not doing SEO at all :)

For sure, no negatives here I love this theme, maybe a simple on/off for in built SEO. I see you have a bit of this, anyway was meant to be constructive and again I <3 this theme

Thanks for your feedback – making SEO optional is a good idea that we will definitely consider for a future update :)

Hi there!

Any idea when the update will be available?

And how do I stop the post excerpts from being html stripped?

Thanks, Tom

Automatically created post excerpts are html stripped to avoid the risk of cutting the excerpt text in between html tags which would break the page. Manual excerpts however are not html stripped so you can use these if you need to include html in an excerpt :)

Okay, didn’t know I could use those as well with the theme, thanks!

BUG: the footer contains a large piece of junk text due to a bug in one of the scripts. It’s in the demo as well.

This is the line that causes it: wp_enqueue_script(‘canon_scripts’, get_template_directory_uri() . ’/js/scripts.js’, array(‘jquery’,’flexslider’), false, true);

This is what it causes:

So something is not right in scripts.js. Removing that line solves the problem, but obviously the script is needed.

I would appreciate a fast fix, as the site is now online.

Thanks! Tom

Hi Tom,

this is not a bug – it is a technique for passing variables from PHP to javascript. You can read more about it here:

We would very much appreciate it if you would not give our other customers the impression that our theme is malfunctioning but instead give us a chance to clarify any questions you might have before declaring it a “BUG” :)

Well, I never said it is malfunctioning. Sometimes in the background things happen with themes that need attention. You are right, I didn’t know that was done sometimes with Java. Missed that, so my apologies for that conclusion.

I rated the theme five stars and posted many compliments as well, so I trust that that will work for the theme as a compensation :)

Hi Tom, thanks for your rating and thanks for getting involved with the theme – we do appreciate it! We take a lot of pride in our work which means we might get a little hypersensitive when people use the word bug (especially when it’s not xD ) – but at the same time we appreciate any feedback that can help us improve our theme so we hope you will continue to point out any oddities and issues when/if you come across them :)