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First off, I really love the theme. It is finally exactly what I have been looking for to use as a portfolio site.

I’m trying to use a category as a menu item but I am getting this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function lcfirst() in /home/hannahmwise/ on line 53

Please help! Thanks!

Hi, sounds like your serverhost is running an older version of PHP, you should contact the people responsible and ask them to upgrade to at least version 5.3.0 (current stable release is version 5.5)

Thanks! Got it fixed!


How can I insert an image without having the white border around it? Is this a style thing?

Yes the white border around images is a style thing that comes with this theme :)

Hi jbarrs101, to elaborate on the border style. If you wish to not have a border on a single image, add the following style to the img tag.

<img src="YOURIMAGE" style="border:none" />

hi. figured it out. Thanks

Where are the social button icons located. I would like to update them on my own end.

Thank you.

Hi, the social icons is font located in the folder selfy/font/socialico-webfont-webfont.ttf etc. :)

Hi, I’m really tempted to give this theme a try for a project I’m working on but need some of the features that you have promised for the update.

Have you any idea when the update will be released?


Hi Arksey, we should have an update released early next week.

That’s great news. I have now bought the theme!


Even if I set the header bottom padding to 0 and the “Adjust nav. menu relative position” to 600 pixels from the top, nothing looks to be moving.

Please advise!

Thanks, Jennah

Hi Jennah, I can’t seem to recreate your problem. Can you please private message me login details to your site, so I can test. thanks

There is a discrepancy in the menus. When I don’t assign the menu and let it add everything on it’s own, background colours and everything else works fine. When I assign the menu, the colours I assigned don’t take effect.

Hi Wonderist, The theme styles require you to assign a menu. The styles will be different for an assigned menu due to support for several levels of child menu items plus the handling of responsive states.

Are you able to private message us your site details + login so we can take a look your site/menu? thanks.

I would, but i have it running locally with MAMP right now before it goes live. I just need the last few things I mentioned to be worked out before I put it up. Especially the SEO on the homepage. I can send screen shots of what the menu looks like when I don’t assign one and when I do assign one if you would like.

I purchased this theme and wondered how to make it a full screen homepage image. Right now it splits in half, text & masthead. I just want a fullscreen image.

Hi Coity, The masthead slider option is full screen (width and height).

The static image version of the masthead is not full height, as it is based on the original HTML Selfy template. We need to keep this option true to the original template design for these existing users porting over to Wordpress.

I have a few issues with this theme. Initially, I liked the look of it and that it’s responsive. There are some pretty bad errors with the home page config page. Anything containing an apostrophe is stripped out from the apostrophe forward when the edit page is re-loaded. So you really can’t use the quotes or anything else unless you get it all right the first try and don’t edit anything. That’s a rookie PHP mistake.

The other problem is that, yes, it’s responsive, but the navigation and blog title are all jumbled up randomly. It’s not really formatted at all and looks like crap on an iPhone.

Is there any kind of update for these issues? I’m about ready to ditch it altogether.

Hi donfitz, thanks for pointing the apostrophe issue out to us – I have just corrected it on all the options pages and we will include the fix in the update that is out later this week.

Customer satisfaction is a big priority for us so please send us an email through the email form on our profile page and let’s try to work out what issues you might have with the theme. We haven’t given up on trying to win you over just yet ;)


Regardless of what the author is going to say:

First of all, the theme is EXCELLENT on all devices. We have tested it extensively and have no idea what you are talking about. The menu is solid in all cases. Have you at all checked the responsive option ON??

What we also think is that you have not at all formatted correctly the content for the homepage.

I also guess you have rated the theme immediately two stars, based on the story above. That is so premature, you haven’t even given the author a chance to respond.

Perhaps you are not as good as you think creating content? It’s easy to blame others for your own mistakes.

I look forward to the link to your site, so we can all check your story.

Hi tomdekok,

wow – when our customers give us this kind of support we must be doing SOMETHING right! Thanks a lot :)

For those wondering if the theme is worth purchasing? YES it is! Lots of possibilities. Easy to modify if you want to edit the code.

Check out my site with Selfy:

Thanks ThemeCanon! Tom

Great example of what you can do with our theme! Thanks for posting it :)

Hi guys!

The theme looks wonderful! Thank you for putting it out.

A quick question – where/how can I set the static homepage to match the layout information, of the home page, within Selfy’s control panel? (I need to set it as a static home page AND link it in the menu).

Thank you!

// John S

Hi, I’m not sure I understand completely what you’re trying to do – but let me have a go anyway :D

If you go to Selfy Settings > Homepage > Masthead > Masthead Style – here you can set the homepage to use a Static image. Once you select this layout new options will open up and give you options to choose the image and also do the text layout for the masthead.

If you want to add your homepage to the menu go to Appearance > Menus. In the left hand side find the box named Pages. Click the tab “View All” Select the option “Home: Home”. Click add to menu. You now have a menu item called “Home” that will take you to the homepage :)

Hope this helps otherwise feel free to write us a mail through the email form on our profile page with more details :)

Apologies for two quick posts:

I’d also be interested in having an option to lay out the wordpress theme’s homepage JUST like the original html file – with the man’s head larger, the margin underneath of the navigation, AND the margin above the gray content area.

Perhaps there’s a way for me to do this now?

Thank you!

Hi, To achieve the original layout you would need to follow the steps we gave in your last comment about using a static image to get the original masthead. Then just need to add in the 3 columns of content in the “Homepage Text” section.

The home page content is modular, so un-select the display options next to each section you don’t want on the home page.

Thank you very much! I’m sure it’s frustrating with all these questions/comments.

We appreciate your support greatly.


// John S

Hi. I have set the home button as part of the main menu as you described but it does not highlight white when you are on the homepage. Can you explain how to achieve this as per

HI, go to Appearence / Menus, in the left hand sidebar you have a widget called pages, select View All, then Select “Home: Home” and add to menu. This should give you a home menu item that is highlighted on the home page.

If you need more assistance please email through your site details. thanks

I have tried that but it still doesn’t highlight the home button. The button appears but does not have box around it with home in white font? What email address can I send info to?

Hi, Use the contact Author widget on our profile page, thanks.

Hi. I have just downloaded the ‘update’. Before I update I am concerned that I may loose what I have done to date. Can you document how to update as there is no information about updating in the download or on this comments / support pages?

Hi, you can either reinstall the theme from start or copy/overwrite the old theme with the new. To implement the update and have new the options you will need to press the RESET button, in Selfy Settings, to initialize these settings, otherwise script for the slider may fail. The reset will resort back to the default Selfy settings, so you need to copy/record all your settings and then re-import them once you have reset.

In the future we may look at a way to save/export your settings so this process is easier.

Do I need to copy/record all settings in Selfy Settings or just general?. Also what happens to all my pages I have created? Do I have to start creating everything again from scratch or are these saved?

Your pages and posts are fine, you only need to copy all Selfy settings.

Do you have a change log for the updated release of the theme?

Hi, I have now started a change log on the Item Details page, down the bottom. thanks


I just purchased Selfy theme and was wondering if there is a way to make the default landing page the blog? I don’t have a use for the homepage…can this be done? Thanks in advance.

Hi, Under Wordpress Settings / Reading / Front page displays, choose a static page and then select blog from the dropdown list. ;)

Loving the theme, so good so far!!

However, my Blog page is displaying the Home page template and the Home page is displaying…well, not much really!!

I’ve checked the settings that I can and it seems to be in order. Am I doing something really dumb?

Thanks – BB

Hi Belle, can you send us temporary login details to your site, so we can take a closer look. Use the contact Author widget on our profile page. thanks.

Thanks, I really appreciate your help. However…I can’t see the widget on my profile page…Do I just hit contact support?

The widget is on Our profile page ;)

Hi, i just started fixing my website with this theme and i love it!!

However i havent got a clue how to fit the image slides to the markings you on your example picture, it says fit your head here.. but i dont know how and also how do i do to minimize the picture when i want a post slide och just a picture for the slide.. they become really big and lose sharpness.. thank you for a great theme..

hey again, i fixed the slides and its really nice.. but the only thing left now is the contact form, i wan to create a contact page where they put in their message and mail adress but i cant find how to? thanks again

There is a section on how to set up your contact page in the documentation. Please read this first and then contact us if you’re still having trouble :)

got a widget that did it simple.. i searched for documentation before i wrote to you but couldnt find it, probably me thats a little bad at searching :) you make a great work and the support is phenomenal!!

When I click on “Slider Settings,” I get this: “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 94371840 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 80 bytes) in /home/noelhei/ on line 2706”

Any ideas?

See answer below :)

Alright…I got the Slider to work by disabling all of my plugins first. Weird WordPress issue, but it works.

Another question…

Is there any way to use the current homepage as an internal page (like an About page or something like that)? I really like it but would like to have the site default to my blog.

That does sound like a plugin error. You can try to turn your plugins on one at a time to find out which one is causing the issue.

You can easily set the blog to be your homepage – but the default theme homepage can only be used as a homepage :)

Bummer. :(