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Worth Purchasing I love the theme so much! For all SEOs out there like me, I suggest use this theme for your personal website, to sell yourself. Like what I did, I am currently doing this portfolio. I really love the theme.

I am just curious, as I haven’t really read everything on the documentation, wondering if what would be the size of the images at the slider? to make it look like what is on the sample images at the live demo. Thanks again! :)

Thanks for the feedback, we love to hear from people that are stoked on our work.

In regards to the slide images, there is an example template in the files supplied, you can use this to base your own slides on. ;)

Great theme. Just upgraded from the previous html version.


What is the CSS tag for controlling the link color and link hover cover on the blog page? When I hover on links on the sidebar (archives, etc.) they are white, which is a problem on a white page background.

Also in the blog search results the search terms comes up white, which leaves gap since a user cannot see them.

Please advise.


Hi, The CSS styles are global, and not specific to a single page in the theme like just the blog page.

The color of the links and hover colors can be controlled in the Selfy Appearance page. Link colors are “General body text color” and the hover color is “Main color”, you can use the color selector to choose when in Selfy Settings. Similar “Search terms” should be the same “main color” that is set in Selfy Appearance Settings. Sounds like you have selected white as this main feature color.

If for some reason you did just want to target only links on the blog page, please email me through the contact author widget on our profile page and I will run you through this. thanks

Hi. I am trying to change the colour of the text that sits over the sliders. Currently the

is white. I have tried to change the style sheet but nothing seems to happen. Can you advise please?


don’t think that post came out in full…

Hi. I am trying to change the colour of the text that sits over the sliders. Currently the headers are white for example. How do I change it? I have tried changing the style sheet and updating but nothing worked.

ignore my last comment. Just found in Selfy/Appearance

Is there a way to add more icons for the homepage statistics?

Hi, the icons for the homepage statistics is a font called selfy-webfont.ttf (etc) located in the selfy/font folder. These are the files you need to customize if you want to add more icons :)

How can I add a transparent png image without the white background showing up behind/around it?

Hi, the white border is part of the styles. To override it on an individual image place style=”border: none;” on your image tag. To remove the while border from all images, update the styles.css, more specifically look for the following classes and then remove the border style:
.main-content img, .right-aside img, .fluid-width-video-wrapper

The background is still showing up on the pngs

Sorry but can you send a more specific link?, I have looked through your blog and other pages and can not see the issue.

Absolutely great theme. Homepage is fantastic. On the blog page, though, I would love to have the featured images of the different posts much smaller – in order to see more blog content without scrolling. How can I do that? Also, with the single posts, is there a way to do it without the image slider? If there is an image gallery in the post, you end up having the same images showing in two different ways (post slider and wp gallery)

I know you can un-check the images, so they won’t show in the post’s slider. Since I have many posts imported from a different theme it is pretty tiring to do that on each post individually. Is there a better way to have a post without the slider?

Thanks for helping!

Hi, the size of the featured image on the blog follows the column width and is an integral part of the design. I think you will have to customize the layout considerably to narrow the width of the content columns (and thereby the images). The featured images are fitted to width and the height follows the original aspect ratio – this means that if you have wide images they will take up less space than tall images. Also, the the full width neat blog and blog with sidebar have smaller content column width (feat. images take up less space).

It is an easy customization to remove the post slider entirely (and just display featured image) but you can’t remove it for just some posts. That is why we included the ability to uncheck the images you don’t want to show in the post slider. The images in the post slider are images that are directly attached to the post (uploaded to your post) – so if you start by uploading your images to the media library before making a post gallery the pictures in your gallery will not be “attached” to your post and therefore will not show up in your post slider automatically. In the Media Library in the column “uploaded” to you can see which images are “attached” to which posts :)

Thanks a lot for the reply. If I uncheck all the images of a post, I still have the post slider controls showing (left and right arrows). Is there a way of preventing that? Also, you mentioned it is easy to remove the post slider altogether… still not easy enough for me :). How would I do that? Cheers and thanks!

Hi, that sounds strange about the slider controls showing up even when you have no imgs in your slider – I just tested on my server and I can’t recreate that. Could you please send us a mail through the email form on our profile page incl. your url and login to your wp-admin so that we can have a closer look. I will walk you through how to remove the post slider entirely by mail :)

How can I keep social icons I’m putting in the sidebar, which are 64×64 from expanding to 100% of the sidebar?

Hi, In the styles.css find the following class – .right-aside img Update width to max-width like below:

.right-aside img{
    max-width: 100%;

I’m sorry but “where are the settings to change copy, upload images, designate pages, etc.” When I activated the theme, it replaced all of the standard WordPress dashboard fields with just two: Site Title & Tagline, and Static Front Page.

Is this theme made for developers only where one would have to dive deep into code to personalize the theme? Is there some sort of guide or tutorial to follow that newbs like me can use? I just set up a Premium Theme for a client of mine and it was loaded with options and all were visible right there in the dashboard’s left side menu. The left side menu is almost empty by comparison. What am I missing?

Please help. Thank you.


Ahhh, scrap that last question, comment, concern. I found the menu items at last. I’m on my way. Thank you!


Could you give me a hand wih this page?

Why is the Masthead image text [home] overlapping the subtitle on iPhone 4?


Thanks for the response. Unfortunately it didn’t work. If you have “Use responsive design” checked “css/responsive.css” will override “styles.css”, so i changed: “height: 100%” to “height: auto” in both files

Now it works. Thanks again.

Correction: Just change “css/responsive.css”. Leave “styles.css” the way it is.

Thanks Roger

Hi, I have placed the Google Analytics script into the space provided in general settings but nothing has happened? Any thoughts? I have checked the code on live page but cannot see the analytics script?

Hi, thanks for pointing this out to us. I have just fixed this problem and the fix will be included in the upcoming update. If you need the fix sooner please send us a mail and I will walk you through it :)

Hi there, how do I make my blog posts the home page?

Hi, go to settings / reading / Front page displays / choose a static page, then select blog from the list. ;)

Is there a way to set a category to be a menu item and act like the blog page that you have in the sample theme? Or to make a page that collects all items tagged a certain way?

I see that I can put the category in the menu but when you click on the item it opens at page that treats the content like the category was searched for and I would rather the content just start right off.

I’m a journalist and I need to have my portfolio work separate from my regular blog posts in a way that clients and employers can find everything.

Hi, right now there is not a way to have a categories page without the “search result” layout. I admit that is a bit of a weakness. Thanks for pointing this out to us. We might consider addressing this in a future update. I think that I can give you a bit of a workaround if you are comfortable with editing code. Please send us a mail through the email form on our profile page and I will see if I can walk you through this so you can achieve a categories page that looks like the ordinary blog. :)

I sent an email through the email form and got a response that I would receive no help and that I needed to hire someone else to assist with this. I am comfortable editing the code if you can give me a quick walk through.

I too want to add more icons to the homepage, but I’m not sure how to edit the files you mentioned above.

Hi, We have used a font file for icons in order for users to easily change colours, and upscale easily within retina screens. Whilst editing this font and adding your own icons is possible it is not really practical for most users.

Another way of adding in your own icons is to first un-display the social links section in Selfy settings. Then manually edit the footer.php file to include your own list of Social Icons. If you keep the same class names you may not even need to alter CSS styles.

 <ul class="social-link">
   <li><a target="_blank" href="#">Your Icon Image</a></li> 


Can you change the colour scheme to blue easily?


Hi Ben, Yes Selfy comes with settings to easily control the majority of colours in the theme.

Hello. I need to alter the archive.php file to return category result posts. It just says “your search returned 14 results,” but I need the actual posts to be retrieved. How can I make that change? The category is being used in the menu so it needs to return posts. Thank you in advance.

Hi, see below about social icons, @Wonderist has ask this before ;)

Any word on the archive.php returning the actual post and not just how many that were found?

The archive.php is already set up to return the posts in the queried category. It must be something you have set up locally that is preventing this from happening. Maybe a conflicting plugin? Could you please send us a mail through the email form on our profile page incl. your url and a login to your wp-admin so that we can have a look :)

Hi there is it possible to modify your selfy-webfont.ttf file, I Would like to change the icons used for the Statistics

Hi, yes it is possible to modify the Selfy font, you would need font creation software like fontlab or similar.

Hey thanks for the great personal simplistic theme! One question, how do I set the homepage meta description? I use Wordpress SEO by Yoast, but can take an alternative route to accomplish this.

You can change the meta description by going to WP Settings > General > Tagline (this is the text that is used for the meta description) or you can edit the file selfy/inc/templates/dynamic_header.php. Or you can of course use an SEO plugin to alter meta info :)


Super interested in buying your theme!

Just wondering if there’s an instagram social media icon? If not any chance to add it? It’s a deal breaker for me :\

Thanks a bunch!

Hi, I just checked the 26 social icons that come with Selfy but unfortunately Instagram is not one of them. The social icons are stored as a font – so you would have to know how to edit a font file if you wanted to add this yourself :)

Hi! Great theme. Seriously considering buying this. Question: is there any reason why I can’t get the Live Preview to work on my iPhone? Just wondering what a site using this theme would look like on that screen. Thanks!

Hi – I’m looking at the responsive layout on my iPhone right now. Maybe you’re still in the Themeforest “frame” – try to close the frame so you view the site directly :)

Ha! That works, and it’s a thing of beauty. Thanks.