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Hello, this theme does not work with Multilingual WPML. Has anyone tried qTranslate? The slider on the home page is translatable? thanks Marco

Hi, Selfy is translatable using the standard WordPress localization features which allows you to translate the theme into another (single) language. This theme does not support WPML and we have not tested this theme with any other multilingual plugins :)

Hello! I am enjoying your theme. How do I make it so that my blog page shows the most recent blog entry instead of just the first few lines? Thanks.

Hi, it is easy to change the size of the excerpt. Go to page-blog.php (or the blog template that you are using) and around line 49 you will see:

 $default_excerpt_length = 450;
You can change this to the number of characters you want shown. You also have the option to put in a manual excerpt in the Selfy post settings.

But to have the blog automatically show the entire most recent post you will have to customize the code – we suggest you find a freelancer who can help you with this :)

I have two issues. The first is that the responsive design feature is not working. It is not adapting to the device. The second is that the gallery is not working at all. Do you have any additional directions to implement besides the info that you have posted in the help file? Thank you!

Hi skoorey, these features are working fine for our other customers – so it must have something to do with your specific installation. Could you please send us a mail through the email form on our profile page including your url and login info to your wp-admin. Also please be very specific in your email as to what you have tried and what exactly does not work with your galleries :)


I bought the theme yesterday and today is already up and running. I’m very happy with it!

I’m having 2 issues: 1. The Latest Tweets Selfy widget is not showing my Twitter feed. 2. I know somebody asked you about an animation for the quotes section on the homepage and you instructed them to download the updated version of the theme. I don’t have the option you mentioned 27 days ago and, as I said, I just downloaded the theme.

My site is


Hello again. One last “issue” that I found today: The mobile (both tablet and phone) version of the Homepage ONLY shows the slider; there’s no possibility to scroll down to see the rest of the content active on the Homepage. Thanks, again.

Hi, please send us a mail through the email form on our profile page including your original questions, your url and a login to your wp-admin so that we can have a closer look :)

Awesome theme! Loving it so far. The one problem I have is how you did the images for the blog posts… I write a lot of tutorials and normally with a WordPress theme I would attach a featured image for the top and then insert pictures throughout the rest of the post. I don’t want the additional images to show up in the slider at the top. Is there a way to disable completely the automatic gallery slider? I want the standard featured image and then insert image in post where I want it.

I know in a previous post you mentioned uploading all your images beforehand so they aren’t attached to the post, but this is not convenient. A lot of times I write articles and take pictures as I go… Any ideas?


nvm, i see you have an option now at the bottom of the post to hide image from slider. thx.

Glad you worked it out :)

Great template i love it, how can i limit the post presented on the blog to category only?

Go to the wp menu setup and add a category to your menu – this will display your category posts in the search result layout. We don’t have a blog layout for categories but we are considering adding this :)

We just updated our theme so now category pages display in blog layout :)

Hi there!

I’m really keen in purchasing this theme for my wordpress blog. Will the instruction to apply to wordpress be included in the pack? It’s just that I don’t know how to apply the template to wordpress.

Also, the font and colours are changeable through the CSS right?

Thank you in advance! :)

Hi, we have included documentation in the package that includes a reference to Wordpress and how to install themes.

And yes you can customise font colours in the backend of Selfy.

How can I add a search page? I found it


But how can I add it to the top menu as a link without that “s” QueryString parameter? If I take out “YourSearchWords”, it just redirects to the home page.

Hi, the theme has a search page that returns search results – but does not have an “empty” search page. Best solution would be to choose a search word that is general for your site (maybe your site title) and then take the search results page url and put it in your menu as a search starting point. :)

This is not a very good solution, as it gives the user search results that they didn’t ask for. Very confusing. This theme needs a dedicated search feature.

Hi guys, I want to change the fonts, but I assume that the current fonts are loaded somewhere. What file is that happening? I don’t want to load fonts that I won’t use :)

Thanks in advance! Tom

P.S. to be sure, not where the fonts are located, I know that :)

Hi Tom, the fonts are loaded/declared in selfy/style.css around line 1379 :)

Okay, thanks! I was scrolling already, but didn’t get that far LOL

Thanks again!

I have tried over a dozen different social button plugins for this theme, each time installing, configuring, then uninstalling, deleting, and trying a new one. None of them work well… the alignment of the Facebook, Twitter, etc. buttons are all off. I’ve given up hope to see one work to my satisfaction.

Has anyone been successful in getting a social media buttons WP plugin to work properly with this theme?

When a video is entered for the “Use embeddable media instead of featured image” option, it also adds it to the blog post page itself. Well, I already have the URL to the YouTube or Vimeo in hundreds of posts and I can’t remove them all. As a result, the video appears on the page twice. Once before my post (yours) and then again where it’s supposed to be (mine).

I tried checking “Hide from blog” and “Hide from gallery” with no luck.

In addition to videos, posts that have images are automatically getting a gallery added to the top of the post. I don’t want that either, yet it doesn’t appear to go away despite checking those Hide checkboxes.

How can I permanently disable this feature? It’s messing up all my posts.

Hi, please send us a mail through the email form on our profile page that is where we do support. We will try to walk you through the code changes to remove the featured image/embeddable media from the top of your posts.

Hi! I want to buy this theme but I wanted to know if your Superslides slider work with video. I haven’t found any confirmation on th web.

Thx! Frank

Hi Frank, No sorry Superslides doesn’t work with video backgrounds.

Hi, i don’t if this is a stupid question but i’ll ask anyways.

I bought selfy for my site and i’m very pleased with it. I’m now going to make another site for the clinic i work at and i’m wondering if i can use the same file for this site? I’m not selling the site since it’s for myself again but it’s for the my clinic and not my blog.

Just wanted to ask so i don’t do something i’m not allowed to.

Best regards


thank you for asking – I’m sure you’re not the only one who is unsure about how to interpret the terms of the different licenses.

A good rule of thumb: One regular license per site you create.

A regular license covers “a single end product” which in broad terms translates to “a single site”. So if you are using the theme on your personal site and want to use the same theme on a work related site you would need 2 regular licenses :)

Does not load on my iPhone 4s. Images jump about, no nav, keeps crashing. Any thoughts?

Nothing like that happens on my iPhone 4S – maybe you should check your device.

It was flagged to me by someone else using an iPhone and when I visited the page on my iPhone I got the same problems. Not sure what device issue there might be?

Hi, I have some trouble with the quote part. I want to change the color of the flex-control (not the active one !). I did changed the color of the active one, and when changing the colors of the theme, the non actives ones turned white. I want them back to grey but I tried changing all the #fff in the css, nothing worked. Do you have a solution? Thank you

Hi, if you want the original colours back you should undo the custom changes you have done to the css. If you can’t remember what changes you have made you could replace your files with the original theme files :)

Thank you for your quick answer. I don’t want to have ALL the original colors, so I wont do that. But I can’t find the not active one.. Can you help me?

Hi to alter the non-active flex controls you will need to update the following class in the flexslider.css style sheet.

.flex-control-paging li a

Just updated the existing background property.

hi good day, my colleague is using selfy wordpress template for her blogsite. she encountered a problem when she was implementing the post contents in the wordpress admin, sometimes it automatically lost some parts of the contents of copy and photos which really frustrated and out of the expectation, It can’t be re-do, therefore need to manually redo again. So, what is the solutions? Thank you so much!

We don’t sell through Fiverr, so this must have been a pirated copy of the theme. We can only support genuine users.

Thanks! I have just purchased selfy theme. May I have the installation video tutorials links?

Thanks! I have just purchased selfy theme. May I have the installation video tutorials links?

Hey there.

Seems like on I.E.8 on the background slider image is stretched. Ideas on why it might be happening?

Hi, just tested your url on IE8 and all appears to be fine – could it be that you have an early un-patched version of IE8? You are welcome to send us an email through the email form on our profile page so that we can see a screenshot of your issue. Please make sure you submit your support questions using the same account that purchased the theme. :)

Thanks! Now I have a greater problem. We did a wp update and network update, and in Chrome, only code appears, no “visual” site. Any ideas? Was working fine prior to the WP update.

Hi, sounds like something went wrong with your WP installation. Are the standard themes working correctly on your WP installation? I would maybe do a clean install of Wordpress (remember to backup content!) :)

Is the theme multi-site compatible?

Yes, Selfy can be used to create a network of sites using the Wordpress multisite feature. Remember to buy a single license for each site in your multisite if each site has different content and purpose :)

Of course and thanks for the reply!

Hi, i bought selfy again for another site i’m building, I have a few questions.

1. when i add pictures to the slider they come out looking pretty unfocused, this is something that didn’t happen with my other site and i have tried with the same pictures and they look unfocused, why is that?

2. How do i put a text under my main logo text, that is under where you have typed in Selfy on the homepage.

3. do i need a widget to put a contact form at the side of the main page or is it something i can do with what is included in the widget area?


hi, nr 1 helped but my question on nr 2 isn’t helpful since i already have put in my text, but i’m wondering about how to put in a sentence under the text logo in a little bit smaller size.. like they have done on

also, how do i change text color on the slider text? i’ve looked for short code plugins for text but can’t find any? thanks again

Hi Chris, the easiest way to out text under your logo is to create an image that contains both your logo and the tagline text you want, then use that image in the logo position.

We don’t use shortcodes as such, however we opted to provide users with a html Markup Generator that can be found in your editor under show kitchen sink.

To change the slider text colors, you could either of the following options:

1. Create the slide text (color and style) in a post editor that has the WYSIWYG editor and then copy and paste this into the slides section,

2. Update the styles.css and add your own global color styles to the bottom of the sheet.

.cta, .cta h1, .cta h2, .cta h4, .cta h5{
    color: #fff!important; /* Masthead Headings Color*/
.cta h3{
    color: #e2e2e2!important; /* Masthead Headings Color*/
        color: #333!important; /* Masthead text Color*/


I’m having issues with the appearance settings. All of my slider images require the navigation text to be white but that messes up the heading color on posts as well as the navigation color on other pages given my background color is white. How should I go about styling the navigation just for the homepage?

Thank you,


Hi Nick, Try the following at the bottom of your styles.css: #nav a{
    color: #fff;