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Hi everyone,

We just released a minor update with some of the most requested additions to the theme:

- Category pages now display in blog layout.
- Option to have category title and description displayed on top of category pages.
- Option for general body link color.

Hope you enjoy :)

Hello themecanon,

I am getting this error when i try to install the new updated version of selfy:

Installing Theme from uploaded file: Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Any idea on how to fix it? :)


Hi Wonhyns, please see Daniel Burns suggestion below.

wonhyuns – You need to open that Zip file. Inside you will find the theme file and other assorted files. Upload the zip (or compress the theme folder) that’s inside.

Thanks Daniel ;)


I just purchased a copy of this theme. It’s great, except when I upload a static image on the homepage, it’s doesn’t show up.

Any idea what’s wrong?

Hi Ryan, just answered you by email. I had to disable one of your slider plugins that was causing the Selfy Slider to not work.

what’s the name of the font you use for selfy? i like it and would like to make a logo using it for my site but i have to fix some stuff in pages and cant do it in the browser.

btw, when i change the appearance the changes dont happen. For instance when changing the colour on the letters in the menu buttons or background i save but nothing changes?

Hi, you can find the fonts we use for the theme in the selfy/font folder. In regards to your appearance options not working could you send us a mail through the email form on our profile page including your url and a temporary wp-admin login so that we can check it out? :)

Simple question I guess, and a more general one maybe. I have got a handle on the theme, but I am stumped. How do I post to the menus and to the sub menus underneath them on my home page, and not the blog setting?

Cheers! :)

Hi the footer at the bottom of the homepage contains three widgetized areas. If you have widgets in the middle and the left area but has nothing in the right area then you should add a widget to this area as well or remove whatever widget you have there right now that is giving you white space :)

Ok, thanks. Sorry for asking noddy questions, but how do I place a widget into that right hand area? Is it a question of doing a drag and drop on the widget page, and where do I drag to? Like I said, sorry for the noddy question – this is all new to me – cheers :)

.. sorted. :)

How can I have the featured image show up in the post as the actual size instead of expanding to the full width of the post?

An example of the image expanding larger to the full width can be seen here:

Hi, you will have to change the code a bit. It’s quite simple and we can walk you through it – but just remember that this turns “expansion” off for all your posts. In general we advice you to use larger images. Please send us a mail through the email form on our profile page if you are determined to make this change. :)

Another solution would be to “Hide” the featured image on your post and then insert the image in the content itself in the exact sixe that you need.

Hi all!

Does anyone have the same issue with the recommendations (quotes) not rotating? It stays on the first quote and does not move at all.

I checked and I do not see any JavaScript errors. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, If you have purchased and downloaded the Selfy package, you should see in the back end an option to turn on/off rotate quotes.

I am trying to create a gallery full with with categories but it is no working (I guess I am doing something wrong). The last item on the page page editor that reads “categories to be displayed in galleries” doesn’t have a drop-down to choose from as seen on the help page; it only has a check-box for Uncategorized. I did a few tests with the page templates for Gallery and Galleries and could not obtain the results you have here How do I create the categories?

When editing a single post in the right hand column you will see a section called “Categories”. Click the link “Add new category”. :)


Has anyone tried WooCommerce with this theme? Wondering how that turned out?

Thank you.

Hi, we haven’t developed Selfy for nor tested the theme with WooCommerce. That doesn’t mean that the two won’t work together though. Let us know if you hear anything :)

I haven’t purchased yet, so can’t try it. I am trying to talk myself into blogging again and if I do, this is the theme I want. WooCommerce would be there to sell photos.

I thought if one of your other customers chimed in saying how well it integrated, it would push me over the edge. Anyway, nothing to see here. :-)

I totally understand if WooCommerce is not on your to-do list for Selfy. It’s obviously not meant to be that kind of site.

Let me ask this though, if I were to buy Selfy, would you be willing to answer questions and point me in the right direction on integrating WooCommerce?

WooComerce has a guide, here:

One method involves deleting Selfy’s Loop, which I am guessing is not ideal or… method #2, using hooks.

I may be able to figure it out myself, but if not, your knowledge of Selfy and WP would be helpful.

Thanks for considering this.

I updated you theme and now the tweeter widget had really big letters and it is “breaking” the footer design:

never mind I fix the issue overwriting the css.

Glad you worked it out :)


I’m having trouble figuring out how to remove the Button background colour. Just wondering if there is a way to do it like in the preview.


Hi I, assume your talking about the menu? If you can be more specific. Anyway if it is the menu your talking about and you remove the background colour this will also remove the background colour on the sub-menu (drop-down menu). Is this what your wanting?

I would like to create my own logo to replace the current Selfy. logo. What font did you use for that logo? Thanks.

Helvetica Neue bold

Hi, I am using your theme for quite some time as the blog part for our website and enjoy it very much. I would like to add a “press” page to show all the press coverage we got but can’t seem to find the best way to do it with the theme. Would be happy to hear your suggestions…

See answer below :)

Hi, I am using your theme for quite some time as the blog part for our website and enjoy it very much. I would like to add a “press” page to show all the press coverage we got but can’t seem to find the best way to do it with the theme. Would be happy to hear your suggestions…

Hi, glad you like our theme!

There are lots of ways you can add a “press” page to the theme.

One suggestion:

- For each press coverage create a post with the category “press”. In this post write something about the press coverage – maybe screenshots or quotes and maybe add a source link. If you want you can choose to “hide from blog” so these posts don’t show up in your blog-roll. Remember to set a featured image – maybe a screenshot of the website or a logo of the magazine or paper you were featured in.

- Now create a gallery (gallery style 1 or 2 would probably be best) and choose to display the category “press”. Add this gallery to the menu and maybe name “Press Coverage”.

You now have a portfolio of all your coverage with images that link through to posts containing details of each piece of coverage and links to the source :)

Hi, thx for the detailed answer – very helpful. Is there a smarter way to add some text (excerpt) next to each logo in the gallery (other than creating a logo with the text in it)? you can see what i mean in our current website which i’m trying to switch to WP so it would be easier to update) –

Hi guys,

Quick question: since a while the twitter widget stopped working. Didn’t touch anything that could be related to it. I took the latest embed from Twitter, but that didn’t change anything. Both the widget and the frontpage Twitter option do not display anything but the title.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance! Tom

Hi Tom, we are aware of this issue and have created a fix that will be included in the upcoming update. If you need the fix fast just send us a mail and we can walk you through the fix :)

Okay thanks!


I’m trying to set the margin on just my blog page and posts for 200px. I’ve tried adding the following to the stylesheet, but no bueno:

.page-id-22 .main-content{ margin-left: 200px; }

Any ideas on how to do this without affecting .main-content elsewhere on the site?

Hey Eric,

better off using the following if your going to do that, should affect all blog pages and posts:
.page-template-page-blog-sidebar-php .main-content, .single-post .main-content { 
     margin-left: 200px; 

Keep in mind you may not want to have a sidebar now, also you void the margin for smaller handheld devices. So in the responsive.css files, add the following.

.page-template-page-blog-sidebar-php .main-content, .single-post .main-content { 
     margin-left: 0px; 

Thanks so much!

Brilliant theme and brilliant support, recommend this to everyone. Thanks for creating a great theme guys, well done!

Thanks for the kind words! :)

Hi, about to buy the theme, but wanted to ask if the homepage can display latest blog posts at all (e.g. above the About Me. section)? If not, then will have to customise the theme to display them.

Hi, you would have to customise the theme in order to display latest blog posts above the About Me Section.

Hi, I just bought your theme yesterday but the slider doesn’t work (no image, no text) and for the “static method”, only the text’s running … Could you help me ?

Hi Bruno, please try deactivating all your plugins first. If that doesn;t work please send us an email with some login details to your site. use the Contact Author form on our profile page. thanks