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never-mind, fixed


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Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_strlen() in /home/wwwdiona/public_html/catalog/controller/module/testimonial.php on line 78



That’s because the function mb_strlen() is not enabled by default in PHP. It’s not available on some servers.

You need to install mbstring http://php.net/manual/en/mbstring.installation.php

Can you install those extensions or ask the server support?

Let me know if you managed to do it,


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the product page does not load at all..rest all the page loads without any problem..what could be the reason?

Hi, what’s your URL? Did you run the vqmod installer? just go to yoursite.com/vqmod/install

Also, grant all permissions for your Administrator user in System > Users > User Groups.

Finally, make sure to go to Catalog > Extra Product Tabs. A new table is needed and it will be created automatically when you visit that section


alamest Purchased

I followed your steps and it worked. Thanks

now another problem raised, I can not add products when I try to save the details, it says page not found, how to solve this

Do you have other plugins? I thinks there’s another conflict because the new table automatically created should have solved the problem.

What’s your URL? Please, send me a message using my contact form https://themeforest.net/user/luisvelaz#contact

Your documentation encourages the installation of vqmod extension custom_body_classes.xml. Where does one get that file and is copying it to the vqmod xml folder enough for installation?

Hi John,

Sorry the file was renamed to sellegance_body_classes.xml and it’s already placed in the vqmod/xml/ folder when you upload the theme files.

I’ll update the documentation contents. Thanks!

I follow the steps and he show the products on admin but doesn’t show in the store. My version is

Hi, what’s your URL? If you get an error on the product page go to Catalog > Extra Product Tabs. That will create a necessary table for products. Then you’ll be able to see your product page.

Also, don’t forget to grant all permissions for your administrator account on System > Users > User Groups.

If you still have issues please send me your URL.

Product Comparison chart has no product images in Demo1.

Hi, permissions on the /image/cache folder were restricted. It’s not a theme error.

Now it should be ok.


I’m looking at your demo with a Iphone 6 and there is no add to cart buttons for products at top level, detail page is ok.

Hi, it shows the button on mobiles now. I just updated the demo sites but probably the styles were cached on your device. Refresh the page to see them.

I see it now, just a suggestion the gray horizontal divider line should be below the add to cart button and not above. This would keep the products separated, it’s currently confusing. You change that and I’m ready to purchase.

Thanks for your suggestions.

I moved the line below the add to cart buttons only on mobiles which could be confusing.

On desktop view there’s enough space between products. Although, I’m thinking to completely remove the line on desktops.

- If you decide to by the theme I'd need to send you the updated stylesheet by mail because the package on Themeforest takes more time to update (it must be reviewed by the Themeforest staff)

Hello. The twitter feed is not connecting. I put the widget id.. the 18 number but it doesnt work. Can you please advise? I might be missing a step. Thank you


That’s all you need the 18 number id. What’s your URL?

You can use this form themeforest.net/user/luisvelaz#contact to send me a message with the link to your site

Hi There -

We are looking for some custom layout changes to this theme – is this something you can help with or suggest who to talk to? Thanks.

Andrew Hope

Hi Andrew,

I replied to your email.

my theme not showing product description it available in admin area and database but not show in live website.

Maybe it has to do with a SEO plugin because the description is replaced with the product name.

I replied to your email.

when will this be updated to support opencart v3.0.1.1 ??

I’m working on it. It’s almost ready and I’ll publish the update on next week. I’m checking the last changes in OpenCart and tweaking some features.

There are some bugs in OC3.0.x so don’t upgrade your production site without testing first with all your plugins or wait until a new version with those fixes. There have been some releases in a short time because it’s not so stable yet.

You’ll be notified of the new package

awesome thanks, guess i will wait a little longer till the bugs are worked out

i had one more question about ssl. i enabled it on opencart settings and htacess file, however, whenever i access the https version it messed up the whole layout and things don’t load. my hosting company said that it is due to the theme i am using. Is there anything special I need to do to get SSL to work on every image page (everything) on my website? i am using lets encrypt free ssl provided by a2 hosting which works on my wordpress site just fine. but opencart does not work. btw, this is for both the opencart 1.5 install i have and opencart 2.3 test install i have with your theme on both

No, it doesn’t have to do with the theme. OpenCart by default only supports SSL on checkout pages.

First, you need to edit your config.php and admin/config.php files and change all http to https

Then edit system/library/url.php

In OpenCart 2.3.x change
$this->url = $url;
$this->url = $ssl;

On previous versions change http:// to https://

That should do the trick

Hi Luis, I also want to add a new Google font. You explained it perfect but what about the version?

thanks Luis!

There is one other thing about the After installing the database from the sample folder there is an error 500 if the seo url is enabled.

Did you have the .htaccess file on the root directory of your site?

The sample .sql file doesn’t include the table with SEO URL’s but it should work with the default long URL’s

What’s your site?

Greetings, I am interested in buying this theme, but before proceeding I’d like to know something. While adding dropdown lists for a product, how are they shown in the page? Are they shown one below the other like in the default theme? What I want is that those dropdown lists are arranged in two columns or in two rowslike they are shown here (https://www.glassesusa.com/black-medium/academy/31-p1819.html) Can you do that? Thank you


They appear in a single column like the default theme. Although it’s possible to arrange the options in a two columns with a little CSS code

If I buy this theme can you please do that CSS modification?

Yes, of course. It’s an easy one. This is the actual CSS code:

.product-page .options .form-group {
    display: inline-block;
    width: 49%;
.product-page .options .form-group:nth-child(even){
    margin-left: 1%;

But if you use this theme just send me your URL and I’ll check your site to make sure everything is OK.

You can contact me directly here themeforest.net/user/luisvelaz#contact


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Hi Luis is there way to get all minimalist tab on accordion product. i mean there include auto minimalist for description, until user toggle the + button. thank you

Hi there,

Yes, it’s possible. You need to edit catalog/view/theme/sellegance/template/product/product.tpl (product.twig in OC 3.0.2)

Find this code:
panel-collapse collapse in

and remove the in

That will do the trick

Can I get a VQMOD version of the latest release compatible with opencart 3.0.2?


It’s possible to convert the OCMOD files to VQMOD. But do you really need them? They can work together without problems.

If you install 3rd party plugins they will be probably OCMOD too.

Just make sure to clear both caches after doing changes and they will work fine.

But if you have a special reason to use only VQMOD I can help you porting the xml’s to vqmod.

Actually the plug-in which I am using is developed in vqmod. Which is why I asked you if you can get me the vqmod version.

There’s no problem in using both systems. Vqmod will generate the final cache.

Some of the files included in the theme package just add links to the admin menu. Or they contain the variables to apply the theme panel options. So, to customize your site style you don’t need to edit the OCMOD files once installed.