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full width layout , how to get ?

The layout is set on the Sellegance – Theme Panel module.

It’s on the very first set of options


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Ok but in your demo, I dont see full width ? Can you send link to see test the full width ?

Also, we want to switch off quick view and on hover product image change in category view. Can we switch off this 2 ?

I switched the demo to full width http://everthemes.com/demo/sellegance1

You can disable quick view and hover image change also on the theme panel module. But it’s global.

If you want to disable those features only on the category view I’ll send you a CSS snippet.


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https://youtu.be/lTKsqx-uwrA = Why is this happening?

I don’t know. The theme doesn’t change anything in how the attributes work.

Theme files only show the variables passed by the core system. If you switch to the Default theme that will happen as well because it has nothing to do with the template files.

Do you have other plugins changing features in the product edit page?


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Ok we just installed you theme and tried. Nothing else is done. May be you can try yourself too in your demo.

Of course I tested on my demo sites and it’s working fine.

As I told you the theme is unrelated to the product edit page. Maybe is one of your plugins or your server settings.

You can try with only the default theme if you wish and probably it will happen the same.

The theme doesn’t change anything in the product area on the admin panel.

i have bought the theme and it doesn’t show up any images and buttons. The buttons of the sliders on the home page are some chinese signs or letts


Thank you for your purchase.

I replied to your email.

have emailed multiple times, but no response. Is the support that bad ?

I might filing a dispute at PayPal tonight if I dont get a response today.

That’s not true.

Your team has reached me from more than one email account and I’ve answered all your questions.

I just replied yesterday about a change on the footer not showing up on the frontend.

You are using the theme on 2 locations and I’ve helped you with issues that don’t even have to do with the theme itself. So I don’t know what you mean.

We havent got any emails yet. Do you have a helpdesk, where we can post the queries ?

And in the footer, there is no change happening, even after making the changes.

Kindly support.

I support my customers through email.

I’ve been replying to Satyajeet Sahoo and he replied back. So, you are getting my emails. I don’t know why you say that I don’t respond to your support questions.

There’s nothing particular to this theme. I indicated the theme footer file path. If you add some code it should appear as with any other text file (.tpl or .twig)

Maybe you only need to clear the cache.

Hi , How can I change testimonial background color ?


You need to add some custom CSS. This is the code
.box.testimonials { 
  background-color: #f6f6f6;

Just replace #f6f6f6 with your desired color.

Go to the Sellegance – Theme Panel module. On the last tab Custom Code > Custom CSS activate Enable custom CSS and paste the code.

thank you !

http://prntscr.com/hl4wo8 – THIS IS NOT SOLVED YET.

I remember that question and already answered with the solution. I’ve been responding to “Satyajeet Sahoo” all those emails.

In RevSlider settings change Layers Grid Size to: Grid Width: 1170 Grid Height: 580

Don’t know why he didn’t follow my recommendation. If he’s not part of your team just send me a new email themeforest.net/user/luisvelaz#contact and I’ll reply to that address only.


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why the filter doesnt work ? We have products with filters, but its not showing in sidebar.

The default filter module works perfectly with the theme. So, probably it has to do with your configuration.

Check your module and filters setup.


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We simply had installed the quick start. Can I send the login to see ?

But probably you already updated the sample data. Remember the filters must be assigned to both categories and products.

We already have some conversation by mail. You can send me your login details.

Hello I found the mobile rating of PageSpeed Insights very low (58/100). Is it possible to improve? (https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?hl=pt-br&url=http%3A%2F%2Feverthemes.com%2Fdemo%2Fsellegance3%2F)


It can be improved combining and compressing all .css and .js files.

Also, it needs a cache plugin and you could even use a CDN for your images.

The demo site is a stock OpenCart installation with no other performance improving plugin. But on your production you’ll really need a cache plugin regardless of the theme installed.

You can see an example here http://www.deshibesh.com/


It’s Sellegance theme with some little customizations on header but with a cache plugin.

Hello, how to configure it when mouse is over product, to change image ? Like your demo on Latest ?


There’s an option in the Theme Panel module to enable “Rollover Images”

That will show the additional image on hover