Discussion on Sellegance - Responsive and Clean OpenCart Theme

Discussion on Sellegance - Responsive and Clean OpenCart Theme

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Hello, When update the theme?

Hi, the development for OpenCart themes has been paused. At this momento there’s no ETA to release a new update for OpenCart.


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I’ve got an issue with the flyout cart and modal backdrop fade, I have opened a support ticket (4 months ago) and finally worked it out (9 days ago) but awaiting reply. How’s best to contact you please?

Customer support is provided on https://support.everthemes.com/ only.

We will check what’s the status of your ticket.



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Thank you, Ticket #17721 I’ve just opened and put all info in there. Thank you

Hi there,

Is the theme ready for Opencart 4.X? Can we safely update to latest version of Opencart?

Looking forward hearing back from you,




No, Sellegance is compatible up to OpenCart 3.x. You can’t use it for OpenCart 4.0 because the extensions system is completely different.

We don’t have an ETA to update for the last OC version.


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Hello, I’m having an issue with modal-backdrop fade in not clearing and leaving the screen “greyed out” for some users. I have googled and it mentions it to do with the twitter bootstrap. Can you help? thank you


It could be a JS issue but we must check your site to investigate the problem.

Please, open a ticket https://support.everthemes.com/ and include your URL and the steps to reproduce the issue.


Hi Luis,

When trying to update opencart version from to got couple of errors & admin page does not work (white page) so update is not possible. Is this something related to the theme or opencart itself?


Sorry for the late reply. We have tested OpenCart in a new installation and it works fine. No errors on the backend.

The theme files are the same for all OpenCart versions 3.0.3.x

It’s likely an error related to the database upgrade or extensions. Make sure to clear the OCMOD cache.

Check your server log to get details about the error. The blank page is likely a critical PHP error and the files throwing the error will be reported in the logs.

Does this work on the latest version of opencart? If it does not, when will an update be ready? I got no apetite for other themes since I found this. Renewing support soon.


Sorry for the late reply. Yes, the current theme version works with the latest OpenCart

It’s compatible with all OpenCart releases since version because there hasn’t been any changes on the template level on the latest OpenCart releases.

So you can download the installation theme package from your Envato account.


Opencart themes look to be abandoned now and only Goya – Modern WooCommerce is focused on.

The Sellegance update is still pending. But there’s no estimated date yet.

Hay, when the update is coming, I know no ETA but any Idea now…

Hi, I’m looking to buy this theme but need to check the following. sorry for the long list but need to buy a few licenses 1. Is it compatible with version or if not which is latest compatible with 2. Does it use any functions that all third party extensions need to be modified for 3. Can the theme be used with jquery 3.x with jquery migrate to comply with PCI requirements 4. I checked the comments and you mentioned a new version is due in January but see last update is a long time ago. Is there any updated eta or is wordpress theme priority before this one.


1. We have officially tested until v3.0.3.6, 2. All custom themes make adjustments with OCMOD that could cause conflicts with 3rd party plugins. Most extensions work out of the box but some of them may require adjustments. 3. Only tested with the default OC jquery version. 4. The update has been delayed, at this moment we don’t have an ETA.

We do not recommend to buy the theme now. The update process won’t be straightforward, mostly related to ocmod changes. Running multiple installations will take a lot of work to update.


Does extra tab feature support multilanguage for tab name? I see content for two languages but not the name.


There was a vqmod extension to add custom tabs on older theme versions for OpenCart 1.5.x and 2.3.x only. But it was dropped when we added compatibility with OpenCart 3.0.

Yes, it only had multi language support on the content area.

What’s your theme version?

Please, add a support ticket http://support.everthemes.com/ and send us your theme version and all other details.


Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in /home/z…../public_html/system/config/revslider/includes/template.class.php on line 974 hi When running slide from admin panel, it gives this error. what should we do

Hi, we can’t reproduce that issue. Indeed, that line has html code only
<span class="tp-clearfix" style="margin-bottom:5px" />

Did you make any changes to files before the problem started?

You can send us details about your site here http://support.everthemes.com/

BTW, RevSlider will be removed from the next theme versions as the developer of that 3rd party plugin stopped working on it.

Hay man, watsup, I need to know when new update will come, and how I can show pic/logo of any brand.

on sticky header can we center logo along with category left and right, just centering the logo.


We have had issues to keep up with the work during this troubled times and had important delays on our planned release. however we are working on it and plan to complete the updates on January.

What you want requires custom code unless you use a plug-in because the brand logo is not visible by default on product pages.

For the logo in the middle we have played by injecting the image in the main menu loop. It doesn’t show up perfectly in the center unless both halves of the menu have the same number of elements and of similar lengths.

So the best solution would be to have 2 menus. OpenCart only has 1. So maybe using the custom links for the secondary menu would do the trick. We haven’t implemented this option but it would be a good addition not just in sticky mode.

Hi Luis,

Will it be possible in the modernized update to fix the header? or is it still just like the current fix header on scroll? I have a workaround in place but it has minor glitches on scroll. so patiently waiting to see new version so I can migrate store to 3.0.3.x and update theme at same time.

Hi, there will be an always fixed header.

The header on the next version will remain visible all the time. If the top bar is enabled the header will scroll until it gets to the top. Then it will get fixed.

There will be more layouts available the header too

Ok great, any idea when the update will be ready as I don’t want to reinstall the current version and customise then update it and have to make changes again.

No need to reply, moved to a theme.

Yeah me waiting too for the update, I hope various new stuff will be there so faar the best clean & attractive theme, I hope category can show product grid wise according to how many we want 4 6 8 12 instead of choosing from list, I recommend knowband’s supercheckout with sellegance within their styles look so clean.

Hi Nasir,

Yes, there is more flexibility with the grid display. Just a few people uses the list view which is the default OpenCart mode in the code.

Regarding the checkout, it will have improved styles and out of the box support for common checkout plugins. But the best known plugins don’t offer an extended license and they can’t be bundled with themes.

Hi Luis, Any idea how much longer for release date of new update? if you need help testing more than willing to test and give feedback


Sorry for the delay. It will take a few weeks more.

The updates are for OC3.X so far. But I will be adding support for legacy sites still running OC2.3.x

Most of the pending work is related to the setup and sample data. It will be way easier to setup than previous versions.

There are some new features but the most important change is a modernized design.


Hi Luis, no problem. eagerly awaiting the new update so I can refresh entire site.

Hi, I have installed the sample data, but I can’t find it in the backend.

thank you

Yes that’s fine. I downloaded OpenCart french version. I change the language to English and I see the example data.

Do you have a solution to this problem or leave the backend in english?


The problem is that each entry on the database is dependent on the language_id.

On a regular installation the language_id 1 is for English but if you have another language set as default then the product is not displayed because the primary language has no entry.

If you have no other content than the sample data you can switch the French language_id to 1 and English to something else. This can be done directly on the database using a tool like phpMyAdmin. The table is oc_language. First change English language_id to something else, then French to 1.

Another option is to add the French Product Name and Meta Tag for each product, although this is time consuming.

Hi, Thank you very much for those explanations.

related items images are blurry, how to solve this?

already fixed :)

You have not released any updates since 18 June 2019. Why is that? Will there be a new update?

Yes, there’s an important update in the works. I plan to release it in July

There will be a totally redesigned layout, more header options, smooth CSS animations, improved banners and sliders, etc.

It will be for OC 2.3.x and 3.0.x only.

Thank you! We look forward to new updates with excitement.

When I press “add to cart” from home page features, latest modules it says error.. what is the reason behind it?

Probably it has to do with the URL used to access. Try with www.domain.com and your domain.com (without www)

If only one of those options work then it needs a redirection using the .htaccess file

What’s your URL?

Do You sell the html version of this theme? I want to convert to codeigniter version of this theme and sell the converted one in codecanyon..

No, it’s only for OpenCart


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