Discussion on Sellegance - Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Discussion on Sellegance - Responsive WooCommerce Theme

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Hi there, do you a backend video or login to see the customisation option to this theme? Thanks

great man, thank you

Hi there, do you have an update for the theme? thanks

Hi, I have the updated WooCommerce files. And includes other styling updates. Did you upgrade to the latest WooCommerce version?

Can you send me a message using the contact form? https://themeforest.net/item/sellegance-responsive-woocommerce-theme/7860143/support


Hi Luis, having some issues with products and tabs recently (all products are somehow showing up as password protected tabs). does this new release address the issue? (also sent you an email) Shrankhla

Hi Shrankhla, I replied to your email. I think the problem won’t be solved by the theme update because you’re using a plugin to add custom tabs.

It looks more like a conflict between plugins or WooCommerce.

Hi, I have bought this theme in 2015. it is a Free Lifetime update! site but I do not get any more updates? I run a woo commerce website. and all the plugin came with the theme are also outdated. now I am in the very dangerous situation.

Please contact m for the solution.

Hi. I replied to your email. Please, check it out

Does this theme support WooCommerce 3.0?

Hi, some files must be updated.

Please, send me message using my contact form and I’ll send you the files themeforest.net/user/luisvelaz#contact


I think I found a bug. Whenever I enable ‘arrows’ on the Revolution Slider, the arrows doesn’t show up, however the whole page become horizontally & vertically scrollable (http://clio.computernatie.be/). How can I fix this?



Hi Ray,

The slider is not calculating correctly the arrows position. But it can be fixed with the following CSS:
.hesperiden.tparrows { transform: initial !important; }
.tp-leftarrow.tparrows { left: 20px !important; }
.tp-rightarrow.tparrows { left: inherit !important; right: 20px; }

I also sent you an email with the latest Revolution Slider version. Check it out.

Thanks a lot! :)


How can I remove the hover effect on the social media icons?


Fixed it myself :)

Luiz, when are we getting an update to this theme. Last update was almost a year ago. Woocommerce template files have changed a lot since then.

Hi Seyi,

I sent you an email. I’m working on a major update. But I can send you the updated WooCommerce files. Everything else is working as expected.

Hello, I downloaded the theme today. I’m using a fresh install of Wordpress with no content. I cannot get the Dummy Data to upload properly.

I keep getting “failed to import” for everything from “media” and “shop_order” the other content uploaded.

Hi, what’s your URL? Please, send me a message using my contact form themeforest.net/user/luisvelaz#contact and I’ll check the issues.


Thanks, louisvelaz! i will send a message.

any update for latest WooCommerce version? Is it still compatible with WC 2.5.2 or 2.5.3?

Thank you for reporting the error. Indeed, it was a configuration issue.

To show those banners a shortcode is used. But I was using a fixed padding value “200px”. I just changed that to “15%” and it’s showing fine inside it’s container.

I updated the sample data included in the theme package too.


I see WC 2.5.5 now

Yes, they have been updating the package too fast. I’m checking now with WC 2.5.5. It could take some more time to get the theme updated.

How can I make the search function in the main menu return posts and pages, instead of products?

Thank you luisvelaz, it was a different file that had to be changed, not the product-searchform.php, but we got it sorted. Thank you for your prompt assistance!

Great! If you have further questions just let me know.

i am really interested in your theme.

1. can i use this theme in “affiliate mode” with foreign products? so that there will be an affiliate link on a “buy now” button instead of a “add to cart button”, which links directly to another online shop.

2. is a language package included – which options do i have for transforming the theme to german language?

Hi. Thank you for your interest.

1. The default opencart affiliates feature is to promote your own products on another site. If you want to offer external products you need an extension. Check the OpenCart repository http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension

2. Yes. You can download the base German pack from the OpenCart repository and the theme includes another file with the theme specific words to translate. It’s really easy.

If you have further questions just let me know.


Hello. We have a problems with Redux Framework. Do you plan to update your theme?


Which problems do you have with Redux Framework? I’ve tested the latest version and it’s working fine.

Please, give me more details. You can also use my contact form http://themeforest.net/user/luisvelaz#contact


is there any way to have the site logo centered on page and have navigation around it? So basically the logo in the middle and the various pages around it?


Currently, there’s no option to place the logo in the middle of the main menu.

Only with CSS but it will require many lines of code because of the menu markup. I’ll add the option on the next update.

Thank you for your interest.

When I am visiting any variable product page. First place if I change the variable it is changing the picture. That’s great. But if I scroll through the image gallery, then change the variables. Then the picture is not changing. That is confusing my customer. Can you please suggest me what to do. Example : http://www.flexachildrensbeds.com/?product=classic-semi-high-corneroff-set-bunk-bed-with-straight-ladder

one more issue ,all of my product(single and variable) have got there suk number but it is not showing on the product page. it is very necessary, please suggest me.

Hi, I sent you an updated file to your mail. It will show the SKU.

Check it out.

Hi Luis

I am having a browser compatibility issue with Google Chrome where the centered logo drops into the menu bar blocking some of the menu items etc.

Firefox and IE seem to display fine – the logo is centered above the menu bar.

URL for site is: http://www.qualityhair-extensions.co.uk

Many Thanks in Advance:) P.S. Chrome now works on windows 8 but not on windows xp and windows 7 – Same issue now on Firefox and IE (only works on windows 8 and vista).

Hi Nick,

It’s because on normal desktop size your menus appear in 2 rows.

They are using all the available space on the largest layout and on smaller screens the last menu goes to the second row.

But you could use this snippet to adjust the size and fix the problem
@media only screen and (max-width: 1180px) {
  #menu>li>a { margin: 0 5px; font-size: 13px; }

Paste the code in Sellegance Options > Custom Code > CSS Code.

Try it out.


I’m using the boxed layout and want a white background in the header. But – is there a way tho adjust the width of the header so it aligns with the width of the box?


Thanks, Linda

Hi Linda,

You should also translate the theme specific text variables. The file is on wp-content/themes/sellegance/language/default.po

First rename default.po to sv_SE.po and translate using Poedit (http://poedit.net/)

When you save the file with your translation a new file will be created sv_SE.mo. Upload both files to the same folder on your server.

If you are using the latest WordPress version you have to upload the translation to wp-content/languages/themes/sellegance-sv_SE.mo (the same file, just rename it)

There are other methods to translate your site but this is the faster one.

PS. Some other plugins also have their own language files.

Hi again, I used the poedit and translated the file but the .mo file hasn’t been created accordingly. I saved and close the file. I tried to change the .mo file name manually and uploaded the files to the wp-content/languages/themes/ folder. I then renamed the files to sellegance-sv_SE.mo and sellegance-sv_SE.po but the translation changes don’t show on the website. Any ideas? :) Thanks, Linda


The .mo file should be on the same folder when you have the .po on your computer.

Can you give me access to your site? Use my contact form to send me the access info http://themeforest.net/user/luisvelaz#contact

I’ll check what’s happening.


We just installed the theme. But we see a problem in the template; FULL SCREEN SILDER.

If we upload a smaller image (under 1600X700) the slider will not be visible in our home screen.

Please let us know where we can find the images sizing.

With kind regards


What’s your URL? Even if the image is smaller it should be adjusted to the slider size.

You can use my contact form http://themeforest.net/item/sellegance-responsive-woocommerce-theme/7860143/support


I’ve just bought the theme and tried to install from WP Admin, and i got this message

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.” I saw onother user with the same issue but not on the Admin, can you help me?

Where, on my dashboard, i can find the installable zip with only the theme?

In the Downloads tab you should see this option:

Although you can use the full package. Extract the files locally and compress only the folder “sellegance” inside the Theme files folder.

Then, use the compressed sellegance.zip

Hi, I would like to know if it’s possible to do affiliation with your theme easily (i am not developer) i would like to remove the button add to cart, my account. Best regards!

Hi. Thank you for your interest.

Yes. You can add affiliate products.

Instead of the regular Add to Cart button it becomes a button linked your affiliate product on another website.

This is a built in Woocommerce feature.

Have in mind that you have to add manually those products. Otherwise you’ll need a plugin.

Let me know if you have further questions.

If i had to put the products manually, i just have to put the affiliate code ? do you know a plugin which can help ?

No, you need the full affiliate product link. It doesn’t populate your site automatically from a parent store.

It really depends on your needs. There are some Amazon and Ebay plugins that add products as regular posts. They don’t use WooCommerce. But if you want complete control of the store you should add the product yourself.

Check the WordPress repository for some options https://wordpress.org/plugins/


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