Discussion on Seller - Responsive MultiPurpose Theme

Discussion on Seller - Responsive MultiPurpose Theme

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Hi, I’m having trouble with the woocommerce taxes adjustments. They are activated but they are not visible on the website, nor in the store or in the cart. I the taxes to be shown in detail at the time of purchase.

Now I can see a place for taxes, but not calculated: with a special taxe of 10%, the ammount shown is 0 for a price of 35 €.

Which are the correct configure options of “Display prices in the shop”, “Display prices during cart/checkout”? Shown/ hidden?


I don’t know what exactly the correct setting. But I’ve tried here and shows tax on cart page. 1. Woo config, http://d.pr/i/1eXy0
2. Tax config, http://d.pr/i/14Z9S
3. Cart page, http://d.pr/i/1hSAR


Unfortunately, the promise support is not being delivered. One of the main reasons why I purchased this theme was the video parallax background option. As major issues with Google Chrome and IE were detected, I asked for support on two different occasions: once 9,5 days ago, next 4,5 days ago. I did not hear from the support forum moderators. Other support tickets I opened, which were less urgent and smaller, were not dealt with either.

Is this due to a lack of interest in the customer who already gave his money, a lack of professionalism or is there another reason?

I post this publicly as I have asked for help clearly in the designated area (the support forum): I feel there is nothing lost yet, but for now I feel disappointed. Other experiences with other theme developers and designers were far better so far, this is the first time a seller on Themeforest lets me down. That’s a shame.

I hope to hear from themeton soon, and I hope this neglect was a mishap, an unlucky situation that will not happen again…

Could you please link me to your ticket directly? I had some issues with my emailing server that categorizes tickets and such after the holidays so I may have missed a few.

Rather than checking individual forums and answering questions out of order I have an email system that reorganizes them and gives me proper notification. Unfortunately I’m human and miss things. I’ll check tickets for Seller now.

If and when you became aware your notification system was out of order and not functioning properly, I would think a manual checkup would be in place, no? This way there would be no need to apologise for missed tickets from weeks ago til l now. So yes, I find this weird.

You’re right, I should have manually checked all forums to be sure everything was answered. I’ve answered your tickets now and requested further information.

Hi landon,

It seems your mailing system is still not functioning properly. I have sent out a question on the support forum, but to no avail till now. It is post 6185 about the posts that have the day of today instead of the day when the post was made and published or set to publish. For a news page, this is quite important.

Could you please check this manually?


Hope you checked your forum messages. I answered on your Video background post recently. Thanks

iPhone6 isn’t being displayed responsive!!! Please help I have sent out 3 tickets on the themeton support and no response!


Checking now :)

Hi landon,

It seems your mailing system is still not functioning properly. I have sent out a question on the support forum more than two weeks ago, but to no avail till now. It is post 6185 about the posts that have the day of today instead of the day when the post was made and published or set to publish. For a news page, this is quite important.

Could you please check this manually?


Answered on your forum topic please check there and hope you like my changes on your site. Thanks


It seems the follow-up after inital reaction from your side on the forum is not really coming together well. I’m eagerly awaiting for an answer regarding the incorrect showing of current date on blog posts in your theme.


I’m confused little bit because old function (date_i18n) returns translated date/month strings when user installed English wp and selected different language in wp-config. But your situation is little bit different and used a plugin.

I need to make decision which one is better for most customers. What do you think? If I switch it to your solution, some customers mention me their dates didn’t translated properly even they are changed their lang


I can understand that. If changes are made or needed to make it possible to display dates as desired (some people only want the current date…but in this case the post date was a much needed feature) provide a clear manual or guidance perhaps. This way we can try to resolve it ourselves with some tinkering. :)

Thanks for the update: this is the only we we can know the theme is handled with care. :)

Oh I remember you are using a child theme there and you can keep the changed files in it. Files are

But if the theme updates contain significant changes in those files, you should know what I changed in those files. First file contains blog layouts and it has 4 (I guess) date_i18n function instances and they need to be replaced with get_the_date(); function with ‘echo’ or without depending their situations. (do not use the_date !!!).
Second file has 2 instances for related posts and post single page. Do the same things.

Thanks a lot

I can not register with my purchase code. It says it already has been registered with another username.

What is your email address?

Sent an email


I hope you have solved problems and created amazing theme!

Good luck with your everything :)

Thank you.

I’ve sent you a mail regard a issue I’m facing…

Awaiting Your Reply.

With Warm Regards,

Darshak S. Padia.

Hello Themeton,

I’m still awaiting your reply and my client is getting restless could you please help me as soon as possible?

Please check your mail. I’ve answered you with an attachment.


Hey great theme! One pre-purchase question please: Is it possible to put the ‘Short Portfolio’ categories allways in sight? without drop down list. Thank you

Hello, thank you for the message. I can provide you small css improvements for disabling dropdown when you purchased it. Thanks :)

Ok! thanks for your reply

hi. I updated to the new wordpress version. The Blox Content Builder doesn`t work. Not sure if the issue came out from the update though. I had more than 1 month to edit the admin panel but haven`t changed anything since the last time i logged in. Thank you.

Hello, Please update there your theme. And clear your browser cache once you did update, because blox builder fix contains in JS file and that might cache there. If the problem persists there, please contact us on support forum with your more details


Hello, I’m trying to have an answer on your support website. I can’t deliver to my client, I’ll have to change the template. Thank you


You’ll have an answer there very soon. I’ve noticed about you to my support staff



In demo, the menu in mobile version doesnt work, is it possible to solve it?



What’s your mobile phone version and do you see it in our demo site?


Hello! I bought this template but when i install the revolution slider plugin in my wordpress panel administration (localhost) i have an error (my screen is in white and i can´t do anything until i delete this plugin). What can i do? I don´t why this error appears.


Could you make your website online?.

Otherwise, we can’t check the problem.

Or you can contact with revolution slider plugin author. https://codecanyon.net/item/slider-revolution-responsive-wordpress-plugin/2751380/comments Thank you

Hi there, I really like how this theme looks, but before I purchase it, what’s the Google pagespeed score for this theme? Thanks.


Our theme google page speed score is normal.

Before we upload our theme to themeforest, we did multiple speed test on our theme. But you can test it on google page speed insight:

https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ But our real demo comes from this site: http://demo.themeton.com/seller/

Thank you

hi this template can support RTL?

Hello nima20, Our templates do not support RTL.

Hi I got theme from elements so i know you dont offer support but its malfunctioning, i cant change anything in theme options.



Could you tell me which version are you using for now? And tell me your environment setup versions? WP version and others.

So then why you think there have the malfunction? Please provide me some details and I’ll look forward it.