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hi there, is there anyway i can remove the product names beneath the product slider. it is a bit messy if i have more products to put in the slider. any way to replace it with dots or arrows or any other small graphics?

Hi doodlehead, Please contact us through our Sellya Support System: http://321cart.com/sellya/support/ and our developer will try to help you. Best Regards

Hello. How can i make so the category page will be 1 column side? If I remove the category box, the content just moves to the left it dosnt expand to full size.

Hello xciso, Please contact us through our Sellya Support System: http://321cart.com/sellya/support/ . Best Regards


I did not quite understand whether the theme includes the blog functionality or not. The demo of the admin panel shows blog manager under the extensions but in the under theme features I’ve seen “Blog Manager support (the Blog Manager extension is not included with Sellya)”. Could you please explain me a little bit what this means?

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

Hello mephisto1073, This theme provides support for the Blog Manager extension: http://www.echothemes.com/blog-manager.html . This is the best blog extension for OpenCart. Best Regards


Thank you for the reply. I have another question, and it would help me a lot to make my decision. I have seen some discussions about themes that do not have their core files replaced, and are appreciated because of the flexibility to install other modules. On the other hand there are some templates with the core files replaced, and the users encountered problems when they tried to integrate other modules. For the online payment I will be using a local integrator, and they will access the site and perform the necessary modifications, and my thought is that they will encounter difficulties if the core files are replaced. What can you tell me about your theme regarding this matter? I am asking you because other themes have this information published.

Thank you, and hope to hear from you soon.

Hello mephisto1073, Most extensions should be compatible with the Sellya theme, but some may require minor appearance adjustments. Please note that the extensions are designed to work only with the default OpenCart theme and it is impossible to have so many features in a custom theme and have everything 100% compatible. This applies to any OpenCart theme, it is not specific to Sellya. Best Regards


I was wondering if there was a way to make the default Opencart Banner Module responsive like the Slideshow module. Images I use under the banner module don’t show up correctly on mobile devices.


Hi calvinguy, Please contact us through our Sellya Support System: http://321cart.com/sellya/support/ and our developer will try to help you. Best Regards


I would like to know if is possible use this theme with language PT-BR?


Hi lucas_marinoto, Yes, you can use any language available on the OpenCart extensions site: http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension&path=2&filter_search=Portuguese Best Regards


The custom link is not translated when other languages selected. What is the custom link code in language php file ?

$[‘text???’] = ???

Hi selimsan, Please contact us through our Sellya Support System: http://321cart.com/sellya/support/ and our developer will try to help you. Best Regards


Is it possible to add a other language e.g Danish to the site.

Thanks /Anders

Hi andersmi, Yes, it is possible. You can add any language available on the OpenCart extensions site: http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension&filter_search=Danish
Best Regards

Please let me know, is it possible to display a vertical column with the categories in the product card?

Hello minakov22, Of course, you can display the left or right column in the product card. Best Regards


Why on your demo button add to cart isn’t working?

Hi Unknowntramp, Thank you for reporting :) It was the problem of the server-side. Now everything is working properly: http://321cart.com/demo/sellya/ . Best Regards


Please update, i tried “demo” “demo” for the adminstartor login but can’t please kindly update.

Hi syrcom, Please try again, login/password: demo/demo. Best Regards

hi i was playing the demo but it seems like the top navigation can’t be changed? “Information” tab…

Hi syrcom, You can’t change the settings in the demo, because is locked. If you install the theme on your server, then you will be able to change all settings in the theme admin panel. Best Regards


How to mame view of prices like: 420,336 rubles?

Hi Unknowntramp, Here you will find all the information about currency: http://docs.opencart.com/display/opencart/Localisation+%3A%3A+Currency . Best Regards

Hi, I’m interested in buying this theme to integrate with the Multimerch Marketplace Shipping Edition Extension. Do you know if your theme is compatible/if anyone has done this before?

Many thanks.

Hi kathrynmichaud, Unfortunately we have not tested this extension with our theme. Best Regards


I was wondering, is it possible to save/backup the theme settings?

Hi mohalim, It’s not possible via the admin panel. The best way is to backup the entire database from within phpMyAdmin. Best Regards

Hi, great theme! Do you know where can I edit category banner? is that module included? Thanks

Hi sernaca, Thank you :) To edit the category banner, go to Catalog > Categories > your category > General tab and put category banner in the “Description” field. Best Regards


Your theme looks good and clean. thougt of purchasing it for my client. but my client need only one change that have to be confirmed before buying. in category page http://321cart.com/demo/sellya/index.php?route=product/category&path=59

he needs the left part (ie the category details, featured etc.,) to be removed and wants 4 products per row.. by default it is 3 products…

is the re any option for this change?

Hi aneespristine, Unfortunately, it’s not possible. At the moment, you can put 3 products per row on the category page. Best Regards

Hi, Can you confirm if there is an option not to use a product review page? In other words, when I “add to cart”, I do not want a review page to pop up or be sent to another page. Simply add the item to the cart in one click.


Hi SeasonallyFresh, Yes, it’s possible. See in our demo: http://321cart.com/sellya/index.php?route=product/category&path=62 (click “add to cart” on the first product – Sample Shirt). Best Regards

Thank you! Choosing which skin to use. Should make a purchase soon. Thanks!

Is your shopping cart function compatible with Authorize.Net or would I need to purchase something else?

why sellya woocomerse not avilable.

Hello yudiboy, The PrestaShop and WordPress versions of Sellya theme are created, sold and supported by another developer – smartdatasoft. Please contact the smartdatasoft support in this case: http://support.smartdatasoft.com . Best Regards


I cant active the theme under shop/template. I only got default and my old theme there?

Uploaded the files 2 times.

Hi fastgear, Please contact us through our Sellya Support System: http://321cart.com/sellya/support/ and our developer will try to help you. Best Regards

Hello! I dont like Responsive design in total.

Is there option to disable Responsive for theme?

Hello Angur, Unfortunately it’s not possible to disable responsive layout at the moment. Best Regards