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What a great unreal theme! Everything is changeable, nice… Up and running in a clean setup, looks great.

1 questions, when a add a custom link in the main menu and i click it, the page opens in a new window (browser-tab).

How do i change it to (self), so that it opens in the same window?



Hello jeronimo1980,

Thank you for purchasing Sellya and your kind words :) Please contact us through our Sellya Support System: http://321cart.com/sellya/support/



Thanks for the great topic. I left a message on the support page with ID498685 Please answer


Hi newkos,

The answer was sent to you. Sorry for the late reply, due to Christmas holidays.


Hey there,

First of all, GREAT JOB on designing a wonderful theme :) I have no regrets purchasing your work.

I have one question though. How do I add multiple custom blocks to the main menu?



Hi unsunghero7,

Thank you for your kind words :) This theme allows you to add a one custom block to the main menu.


Hi 321cart! again thanks for a nice theme. did u tested the theme in IE10? I feel some difficulties in dropdown menu (demo version). Thanks

Hi! if i buy this theme, spanish lenguaje is include? thanks!

Hi mrpinkeyes,

Theme package contains English only. Please see in documentation “Add another language”: http://321cart.com/sellya/documentation/#!/howto


for secondary images placed on product page I have a serious ugly bug please see <http://www.blast-freezers.com/bug/> i placed screen shots up for you to see. I suspect its a very minor fix.

Also I have a few wish list needs for site can you please look and comment. when you write more than glad to send both site and ftp access instantly even phpmyadmin if required

Hello daguy,

Please contact us through our Sellya Support System: http://321cart.com/sellya/support/

Best Regards

<http://www.blast-freezers.com/bug/index.html> sorry my bad, needs complete url for message above

Does anyone know if vdmods will work on this? also if the product meta title can be changed to a different title than the product title?

@fogzo vqmods is working, fast reaction on support system,

@ support

will you add facebook like button on product page?

This is an awesome theme. I’ve been looking for a new theme for my shop for months. This one fulfills all my requirements. It’s so easy to customise the theme via the admin system. No need for hacking css and html files.

I love it!

Thank you, dadario :)

Is it possible to show the category module in the left column as well?

Love the theme but it’s giving me headache.

I opened a ticket, could you please follow up.

When users click on the Terms and Conditions in the last step of the check out. The background of the pop up window that opens up is transparent. Can you turn it into sold color. Right now, it’s not readable.

i opened a ticket, would you please look at

thank you!

Excelent theme with just one question… I have installed but am struggling with the category pages.

Example = http://websurveyor.co.uk/aprilia-parts/aprilia-rs50

I want to increase the size of the images but when I do this via settings they overlap as if somewhere it is set that there has to be 6 images per row.

I only want 3 or maybe 4 like on this page on my other site = http://www.andysmotorcycles.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1_27

Once the number is reduced Im not sure whether they would evenly space themselves out across the length of the page. If not then I would also like this, as the above example page shows.

If file edits need to be made could VQMOD be used? If so then could you write a file?

Great theme, I am extremely grateful for your support.

1. I went into the slideshow module and in the dropdown menu when I want select Slider_1 as you described in your guide, I only have HP Products and Manufactures and something else but not Slider_1

The result is this website graphicleo.com/benisrael

Hello datfkk,

Please contact us through our Sellya Support System: http://321cart.com/sellya/support/

Best Regards

Why do not you answer me???

Hello yakooobin,

Go to Documentation > Installation > Step 5: Bestsellers, Featured, Latest, Specials images

Best Regards

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help me

Hello hmkaptan,

Please contact us through our Sellya Support System: http://321cart.com/sellya/support/

Best Regards