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Looks great! GLWS ;)


Great job ! GLWS :)


Horoshaya rabota :)


Very nice, good luck with sales.


Are you using any CSS framework ie bootstrap?

We are using the own CSS framework.

Lovely theme and easy to work with apart from replacing the home page slider images (421×1000). I can’t work out how to do this and can’t find any reference in your documentation. Can you help please?

Hi, what do you mean? The home page slider is wraped in a slider class. It used vertical images in a sepatare div. If you have any other issues, fell free to contact me. Have a good day

Looking for something like your template, but please look at this (Win 7, Firefox 30.0):

Each subpage looks like this. It’s because:

.heading-container { overflow: hidden; }

Hi, i opened the site on firefox and it’s ok, no issues. What resolution do you use? Thanks.

Mhmm, strange… My resolution is 1920px wide. When I used responsive view in Firefox, I’ve noticed that everything is ok for 1024px and lower. Everything 1025px and higher is just like on the attached picture.

My is 1920 too.. we will test on other devices and if we will produce that issue, we wil lfix it. Thanks. Have a good day

Sorry, but I still want to ask may I return this product? what I need is a theme, not a static HTML file. I made a mistake….

Hi, i don’t have the option to make a refund. In a week we will upload a wordpress version for that template. Have a good day

Are you sure the wordpress version will online in next one week? if that, I could wait for it, because my client is very hurry for there website. thanks.

The theme is ready, we just make now a demo preview and after will upload it. In my opinion it will take 1 week. Have a good day

Greetings. The theme does not work well on Firefox. Safari is fine. Text appears n a narrow column. I took a screen picture but I can not send it through here. If fixed, I will buy your template, which is nice.

Hi, show me a screenshot please, i will take a look and fix it. Have a good day

I have a question. The large image of the slide (421×1000) where is in the code?. I can not find it to edit. Please tell me the exactly line!!!!

Thank you very much for answering

Very lovely template!

Hi, try to check the css file css/general.css. Have a good day


Wanted to ask how to make the home page slider start auto-rotating?

Hi, the support center is moving to – Please, all your issues publish here. Only on Support Forum you will get responses. Thank you.

it doesnot support arabic, is that right ?

am sorry i cant understand, what i have to do in the css file if u already create it by your own fonts ? :)

Font’s doesn’t affect it… you can simply change fonts for arabic.. the main problem is not font but RTL.. you will need to change left align block to right align.. right?

no dear the rtl is not big issue for me but i tested the site by replacing the font in the css with arabic one ..i found that is doesnot work the template text became like this ” ??

Hi , I have purchased the theme but am facing few issues . Firstly am not able to find the template with side menu . Also the theme is not working on firefox browser :( .

Hi, the support center is – Please, all your issues publish here. Only on The Support Forum you will get support for our items. Open a topic and wait an reply from our team. It can take up 2-3 days. Thank you.