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nice but super busy!

Thanks! But like so busy?

The code is commented, therefore, can easily manipulate the elements is to increase the spacing between them, add or remove content. And others.

Hello and welcome. Really nice first item – Good luck

Thank you, Charlie! I appreciate your comment.

Why did you take off the previous email of this template? How about those that purchased your previous one? You can not just take it off and not expect to give access to this one. That is what is called an update.

Friend sptzwzd so far this is the first model I have as author at ThemeForest. It was not released before the other.

I think you should be confused with another author.

Sincerely, Janio_Araujo :)

sptzwzd, understand that in GraphicRiver the product is only available in version PSD / PNG .

Here is the ThemeForest versions PSD / PNG with HTML codes.

That to which you refer would not be an upgrade. It’s like many other writers here are: PSD cast their versions, then encode and launch site as HTML , and finally cast for Wordpress / Joomla.

There is nothing wrong with that. The best way to show that no problem is through this Wiki article Envato: http://wiki.envato.com/selling/tips-selling/make-more-money-by-double-dippin/

Sincerely, Janio_Araujo :)


Before I purchase this template, I want to know if there is a way to add videos to any of the sections. I have products that need to be demoed so I want to have the ability to have a section to add a video that will play within the window, instead of opening a new window.


Hello Marius7, I’m happy for your interest in the item.

By inserting tags HTML5 is possible to include a video in email marketing. But remember that some email clients do not display the video directly, but an image (which must be created) where you must click on it to load the video (usually in another window).

If you acquire, will be ready to give you the support you need.

Thank you!

Is this mobile compatible?

Hello, itpursuits! It was tested on iPad, iPhone and some other mobile devices with Opera Mini 6.5 and Safari and it worked normally.

Greetings Janio.

Hi Janio,

Two questions…

1. will this work with AWeber, Imnica Mail, and the Amazon email service?

2. Just how easy is it for a non-coder to move items around, without making it look like a broken template?



Hi Jerry,

Answering your questions…

1. I have not had contact with the email services you mentioned, so do not know their HTML editor. However, if the models are edited in any WYSIWYG editor offline and later imported into the mail service desired they will work perfectly.

2. I mentioned the WYSIWYG editor to be the most suitable for non-programmers. With them the work is simple and uncomplicated. With respect to ease of customization of the item in question, each HTML file is fully ready for use. You need only replace the text and images. All files needed for handling the files are included in the package to download.

My best regards.

If purchased would this Sensation Email Template be compatible in Constant Contact?

Thanks Adc4web… for your interest in the item.

To answer your question, this e-mail template can and should be edited in any HTML editor offline and then be imported into any system to send email, like Constant Contact, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, among others. After editing and then import the model will work perfectly.

Kind regards,

Janio. :)

Hello, I purchased this template recently, and love the design, but am having a few issues :

1. The PNG files will not open in Fireworks. Every time I try to open them, an error message appears:

“Could not render the database. An internal error has occurred.”

This has never happened with any other themes I’ve downloaded from this site and others. I’m using Adobe Fireworks CS4 .

Can you provide PNG files that open correctly?

2. The HTML has div tags. HTML emails should never have div tags.

It didn’t say anywhere on the template page that div tags were used, otherwise, I would not have purchased it.

Can you provide a version of the HTML files that do not use div tags?



First thank you for buying the item.

Answering the questions:

1. You’re the first to have this problem. I ask you to download the file again and see if that resolves the problem. Or send me a message through my profile page so that I can see your email address and resend the PNG files.

2. The email was not designed using div tags. I know that email should not be developed in this way. If you look closely these are tables for the development of the template. The only reference to the div code was just to center the template within the e-mail reader. I guarantee that you will have no trouble importing it and send it to their senders from any outgoing mail service. The template has been tested and works perfectly. Nowhere is breaking the layout.

Kind regards,


This is my only model that shows the div tag (just to center the content on the page). However, this does not interfere with anything in the rendering of this template in e-mail readers.

This is such a great item! So easy to customize. Janio was great to work with. We exchanged emails with a few questions I had (I’m not a pro at this) and he went above and beyond to get things sorted for me. Thank you for such a great newsletter! My soccer league loves it!

Hi tashamtu,

Thank you for your kind words. Glad you enjoyed the template. :)

Kind Regards, Janio

Hi Just a quick question, I purchased about a year ago. Great template. Just wondering is there a updated version that is responsive to iPhones & other mobile devices.

Hi, once again many thanks for purchase. And sorry for the delay in replying. Sorry, but the file remains the same without those updates. But this is something planned for the next work (probably from the 7th).

Best Regards, Janio

the files that I received from this theme are not even close to what it looks like on the net. I can’t do nothing with this theme which I paid for

Hi, first thanks for purchasing the item.

I do not understand what’s going on. Could you explain what’s the problem?

They are exactly as shown on the net, except that there accompanying the images of people.

Regards, Janio