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Hi, my I am having problems with the navigation on the Sensation HTML template in IE10. The menu forces open the banner at the top of the page and stacks the menu buttons. It seems only an IE10 problem. I don’t have a PC and IE10 to test it on, but the client has sent screen grabs showing the issue.I have downloaded the latest files and replaced the custom.js file, but the problem remains. What is the fix please. View live site at


Hi I tested it on IE11 and worked for me fine. I’ll check it on another machine. Maybe it’s something just with IE11 and we couldn’t improve it. :(

Very good work !


I am having problems with the contact form. No changes were made to it, except where to add the recipient email address on the contact.php.

Can you please assist. Thank you

Is there a way I can edit the css to allow text enlargement on iPad, rather than zooming in on a page?

Sorry for the poor explanation, I was passing on a comment from someone else.

I have just tested on a Kindle Fire (as I don’t have an iPad). When you pinch (outwards) you cannot zoom in on the pages, so it seems that it does not allow this on an iPad either.

Is there a workaround for this?

It’s because of media queries. They makes design responsive. Try to remove all media queries from skeleton.css and style.css

I have replaced ‘maximum-scale=1’ with ‘user-scaleable=yes’ in the ‘Mobile Specific’ bit in the ‘head’ on one html page. It seems to be working as I want. I will need to test it on a few devices, but so far so good.

Hello, How can I modify the 960 container to insert a rectangular shape (google ad) at the left of the page ? Thanks.

You can adjust everything in skeleton.css

Can you give me some hints to know where/what I should look at ?

You should play around with skeleton I can’t provide custom modifications. :)


your menu doesn’t unfold on IE8 and probably IE7, how can I solve this?


Are you asking about WordPress or HTML version? WP version is not available and you don’t have buyer badge here.

WP theme, I bought it with a different account

I don’t provide support for WP themes here. WordPress release was developed by unreliable team and is removed right now.

Hi, the Twitter feed stopped working on my website. Was there an update for this?


Change http to https in twitter.php

That worked. Thank You!

Similar to intrepiddesign’s problem.

I’m also having problems with the navigation on the Sensation HTML template in IE10. My client says that the menu isn’t working properly. I don’t have a way to test in IE10.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. I’ve requested screen shots from the client. Great theme BTW.


Can we add a Github icon to the list of social icons.


Yes, you can add new one however that icon is not included with template.

Thanks for the amazing theme… is it possible to make the home slider faster? Thank you…

Yes, you can adjust slider’s speed in flexslider.js

beautiful… thank you for the quick reply!

This is Roy from Theme Junkie (

I like your designs. I’m good at creating WordPress themes:

Could we work together?

Waiting for your reply.

Hi, sorry but currently I’ve partnership

I am having an issue with firefox. The contact details on the right side of the Contact page is overlapping the address with the phone number lines, any fix to this?

Could you provide a link to your site?

thank you, here is the link

Hm, please provide screenshot, because everything looks fine for me on firefox

I am trying to figure out how to edit content on the homepage slider. Could someone please walk me through how to do this? Thanks in advance.

Hi, is your question regarding WP or HTML version?

Hi, I previously purchased this theme when it was managed by the user “RDever”. I have been installing WordPress updates all along and everything looked fine, except now I have to make changes and the Layout Builder, does not load the content for me to make edits.

Is there an updated version to this theme I can download?

I can e-mail you my proof of purchase information if needed.

Thanks Paul

I’m offering HTML template not WordPress theme.

Ah, I see. Ok, thank you.

And to be honest I even didn’t receive any money from last months when WordPress version was online (~2 years ago as I remember) so I don’t take any responsibility of WordPress release of Sensation. :)

In your HTML Sensation template, how can I control the accordion behavior better – I’d like for all accordions to start collapsed.Additionally, is it possible to make it so more than one item can be opened at the same time?

You can use toggle feature from Trizzy:

Just copy some CSS and JS code.

For some reason, all my accordion short code installations (multiple pages on my site) have just recently decided to no longer stay in their containing div. Can you help? Here’s the link. It doesn’t seem to be in the HTML, but may be the CSS? I can’t figure out what happened.

the only possibility I can see is changing whole script.

I looked at stealing code from your Trizzy template for the toggle/faq, but I can’t figure out which js it uses, and if any of the CSS will overlap and cause trouble.

It shouldn’t overlap with each other. You can always adjust script yourself.

Hello, I’ve just purchased the theme and can’t get the Twitter widget working. I’ve followed the instructions in the help file and have created a Twitter app and have pasted all of the relevant access token numbers in the twitter.php file. I notice there’s a link for support at the top of the item details page on here but it unfortunately goes to a 404 error page: If you’re able to advise as soon as possible it would be much appreciated as my client requires Twitter functionality. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Sarah.

Have no idea, problem with tokens / server I guess. Please provide a link to your site.

I’ve managed to figure out the issue – the request need to me made secure, so I changed the base_url key on $config variable to https ‘base_url’ => ‘' It’s worth changing this on your theme so others don’t have the same issue in the future.

thanks for letting me know.

why only ‘ib-close’ used?

i don’t want to’overlay link!’

i only want to ‘overlay zoom’ image. and next,prev icon..

I need ‘ib-prev’, ‘ib-next’ icon ..!

What should I change imagebox.min.js,, orimagebox.css?

If not these, portfolio.html ?

If you cant next/prev buttons you need to add “rel=”imagebox[gallery]” to each link with image.