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Hi I have tried emailing you and it keeps bouncing back. I am new to templates – can you please tell me whether I need to use the blog page that comes with this template? I don’t want a blog. thanks

Sent PM.

hello! I’m interested to know if this website acknowledges the special characters in Spanish.

á é í ó ú Á É Í Ó Ú ñ Ñ €


I tested it just now and works well.


thank you!

You’re welcome! :)

I am having some trouble getting the top drop down menu to work in IE8 (probably 7). Everything else works fine. Any ideas?

Drop down menu works well in all browsers. Contact me via email, please.

Hi, great theme! I have a question about the ‘tooltips’. In the stylesheet it looks like there are settings to have the tooltip appear to the left, right, top or bottom of the object, but I can only get tooltip to appear on top. Are left/right/bottom an option, if so, how?



Left/right/bottom aren’t an option. Code which you said about is responsible for showing little arrow on bottom of tooltip. :)


Hi, I just downloaded this theme today. I keep getting an error message that says: The parent theme is missing. Please install the Sensation parent theme. All of your theme core files were under the HTML folder; I put all of those files/folders under a folder titled sensation and uploaded that under wp-content > themes. Is there something I am missing please?

It is just HTML template, not WordPress. You cannot use templates in “Site Templates” category as WordPresz themes.

I searched under Wordpress templates and yours came up. That explains a lot!!!!!!!!!

Next time look at the price. There is no WordPress themes which cost lower than around 35 USD . Maybe try to contact support if you want refund. Anyway WordPress version will be avalaible for sale this week. Thanks. :)

Hi Vasterad, This design is great, very well done!

I am considering using this template, but need to customise some of the templates pages to include new content. Are you available for freelance development? How is it best to contact you to discuss this further? Thanks Justinho

Hi, currently I am not available for freelance. Greetings. :)


great theme. Can you explain how to change the solid dark grey color in the header and footer. Our logo is also dark so I would like to make the header and footer lighter.

thank you!


You can change that colours by modifying background color in #header (20 line), #footer (837 line) and #footer_bottom (840 line).


Hi, theme is not responsive in IE7 or 8, do you happen to have a fix for that?

Could you provide me a link to your site (via email)? I’ll give a try to make it quick and easy but first I need to see your portfolio’s page. :)

Ok I’ll have to get back to you on that, I still have my old site online and just working on this new site locally. Thanks.

Sure. It certainly won’t be difficult to add that border, so contact me just when you want. :)

Do you have any hints how to avoid Contact-Form SPam within the included Contact Form?

The best solutions will be a captcha, but in this template it isn’t supported. :)

i can’t seem to swap out the contact form. When i’m in dreamweaver it’s on the page, then live view it’s gone… same thing for when i’m adding a different divider….

Hm, I can’t imagine how it looks like. Could you provide link to your site? Everything should works fine without unnecessary code. :P

Vasterad: Beautifully organized and completely tight. I had question about adding rows to single_project.html. I sent you an email with details. Thanks again.

Replied. :)

Thanks a million!

You’re welcome. :P


IE7 /8/9 support imporoved with update from 26 June with small pricing table’s bug.

@goldilocks If you want fix it download updated files and do following steps: 1. Add isotope library to all subpages. 2. Replace an old custom.js by updated.

I need fix this, how i can download updated files??


You can download update just by downloading again template from your downloads page on ThemeForest. :)


Hello, Sorry for my bad English. I have a probleme with w3c : Line 122, Column 98: Bad value imagebox[gallery] for attribute rel on element a: Keyword imagebox[gallery] is not registered. …]” title=”example”> and <area>: A whitespace-separated list of link types listed as allowed on and <area> in the HTML specification or listed as an allowed on and <area> on the Microformats wiki without duplicate keywords in the list. You can register link types on the Microformats wiki yourself.

Haye you a solution ?


Don’t worry about it. It doesn’t matter. ;)


I am trying to change the logo text in the photoshop psd file. When I access the text, photoshop is telling me that the font used was Ronnia Bold and that I don’t have it on my mac. Is this font included somewhere, or is there somewhere I can download it?


Ronnia is a premium font, but you can use similar font:


Nice work :) I want to buy, but I have a question:

On iPad (2) does not fit to the screen, You can do something about it?


Could you provide me a screenshots?

yes, I can send e-mail

Hm, it’s strange because I tested it and works perfectly on iPad.

these are the screenshots of the iPad 2

Photos from iPad’s portrait mode: and

Everything works fine.