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Am I able to use this Template without any PHP or is PHP an essential part of this template?

(Do not need any contact form).

Yes you can, only contact form uses PHP.

I was just wondering where can I edit to move the mobile menu down a bit?

Hi, could you clarify your question? :P

Hi Vasterad, I really love this theme, but am wondering if I need to know how to write html code to use it? I have dreamweaver and have done some basic site building using adobe flash. Anyway, would love to purchase, but only if I can actually make it work :)

Hi, if you’ve basic HTML/CSS knowledge you’ll customize Sensation without problems with Dreamweaver. ;)

Just to be clear, there is no Color module integration correct?

You can change colors without problems by editing a few lines in CSS.

Hello I’m trying to add custom properties to Flexslider for one of my pages. At the end of the <script> section, I include the following code:

<script type=”text/javascript” charset=”utf-8”> $(window).load(function() { $(’.flexslider’).flexslider({ animation: “slide” }); }); </script>

but nothing changes.

I just gave it a try but no go

Woops, sorry I mean jquery.flexslider.js :P

Wouldn’t that effect both flexsliders?

If I edit jquery.flexslider.js won’t it effect all flexsliders on the site? I have a flexslider on the index page that I want to leave as-is and another on a different page that I want to edit properties.

Hm, maybe try to remove this from jquery.flexslider.css, then paste code in comment above in head section.

        $(window).load(function() {

Yup, that worked. Thanks a bunch!

Cool. :P

Is it possible to integrete the Sensation – Responsive HTML Template in a CMS like Drupal, Typo3 or Joomla?

Yours Kindly Peter

Hi. I’m having trouble getting the portfolio to work on my website to show the different categories. the links are displaying properly at the top of the page but nothing happens whens you click the links.

I have figured out what the problem is, but I’m not sure why it’s doing that—the portfolio page is supposed to load <div class="four columns portfolio-item <?php print portfolio_format_terms('field_portfolio_category', $node); ?>"> However, even though each of my portfolios has one or more term references, nothing is being printed there. How can I fix this?</div>

I’d like to have videos work in the lightbox (imagebox) function, not just photos. Is this possible? i.e. click a thumbnail/preview and the video pops up on a darkened background.


As I remember, Imagebox doesn’t support videos. :(

Is it possibile to get carusel testimonials slide non stop? The next testimonial would be visible only when i click next button


Add to main carousel’s div data-autorotate="5000"

Is the Twitter feed fixed on this template? I see the twitter feeds on this example but not sure what the new script is.


Set whitelist to false in twitter.php. Let me know if this fix issue. Here’s also guide

Went through everything and it still does not show my posts. I’ll try to reset everything and start over. Thanks.

Uhhhh, the old version worked locally. Sorry, didn’t catch the line that said you need to upload the file for it to work. Thank you for all your help.

Hello, I’m trying to center the Logo an Menu in two diferent divs. Can you help me please? Thanks!

Hi, could you provide ma a link to your site?

I’m working on local but you can see a bad solution of what i’m trying to do at I don’t know if this is the best way to do that but works in all platforms except the menu at lower resolution of 959px that moves slightly to the left. Thanks for your support and good job!


Lovely site. I’ve added additional fields to the contact form, but when the submitted form is emailed to me only the original 3 fields (name, email, comments) include data. The other newer fields show the new labels but nothing else.

I added lines such as this to the contact.html file: <label>Telephone: </label> <input type=”text” name=”telephone” class=”text” />

And the following to the contact.php file $telephone = ($_GET[‘telephone’]) ?$_GET[‘telephone’] : $_POST[‘telephone’];

Telephone: ’ . $telephone . ‘

Even though I entered data to my form, the subsequent email appears like this: Telephone:

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

ok, well that is very disappointing to hear. something to consider for future sites. thank you for your prompt response.

Hello again goodsir

I purchased this template on the basis that it was indeed so lovely and minimalistic. The responsiveness is easily workable, even for a novice like myself. However;

On finding out that it is not possible to add a few extra contact fields, I have just spent the last 4 hours and countless credits following your advice trying to implement other CodeCanyon scripts (which is more than half the total time it took me to build the entire the site). My findings are that all the code options were incredibly complex, inevitably overriding my styles, and the success rate has been nil. This seems to go against the philosophy of purchasing a premium site that offers an Ajax/PHP contact form.

I do not require multiple options, radio buttons etc. Literally some additional text fields. Is there any way to obtain a form that is easy to modify, suitable to this style, and simple to drop in?

Thank you.

With all respect but If you’ll have some PHP knowledge you totally won’t have any problems with default Sensation’s script. :P

I’m not PHP expert so that’s why I forwarded you to CodeCanyon premium scripts because I wouldn’t help you enought with that PHP script. Of course it’s possible to add an extra fields but you need to make changes in contact.php and cusotm.js (contact form script). :)

Hi, can you tell me what exactly “effects.js” is used for, and is it necessary? I deleted the link to it from the <head> section of some of my pages and didn’t notice any changes, so I’m not clear on its use.


As I remember it’s for contact form’s validation animation.


I want to add a modal popup to promote facebook page. Do you have any tool that help me? Does sensation theme have any code facilities i can use? or should i prefer bootstrap or jquery ui? i dont know the js structure of sensation theme, so its hard for me to decide what to use for a modal popup window.


Replied via mail. :)

thanks :-)


How can we add a third line to address in footer (as well as in contact page) while keeping the alignment intact?

Thank you.

Then add more spacing between li with an email address.

After changing padding-bottom to 20px in .address_contact and .address also, we got it working. Thanks a lot. Here are the css lines after our modifications:

.address_contact {color:#676767; font-family: Tahoma,arial, sans-serif; padding-bottom:20px; line-height: 18px;}

.address_contact img{float:left; padding-right:7px}

.address_contact strong{font-weight:bold; color:#555; display:block; float:left; padding-bottom:20px; padding-right:4px; font-family:Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif}

.address_contact a{color:#6f9c00}

.address_contact a:hover{color:#888}

/=================================== */ / Footer – Address ==================================== */ .address{color:#bbb; font-family: Tahoma,arial, sans-serif; padding-bottom:20px; line-height: 18px;}

.address img{float:left; padding-right:7px}

.address strong{font-weight:bold; color:#fff; display:block; float:left; padding-bottom:20px; padding-right:4px; font-family:Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif}

.address a{color:#3366ff}

.address a:hover{color:#bbb}

No problem. :)

Hi Vasterad,

Pls note that twitter says to use oauth_token (instead of oauth_access_token) and oauth_token_secret (instead of oauth_access_token_secret). You may want to change them accly in twitter.php after cross-checking.

If you’re looking for any advice regarding Twitter 1.1 API please read

We followed the instructions on your site mentioned, but couldn’t get twitter feed to work. After changing oauth_access_token to oauth_token and oauth_access_token_secret to oauth_token_secret in twitter.php, we could make it work (Need to change all occurances in that file, not just in $config variable). Looks like Twitter might have changed these names recently. This is for your reference. Thank you.

You must be doing something wrong. Twitter feed works on all demo previews.

Hi Vasterad,

For some reason some time ago twitter widget stopped working on my 2 different sites. Do you know what can be the reason for it?

Regards, Pawel

o, sorry, just noticed some other post about it…

contact.php Contact Form // ====== Your mail here ====== // $to = ‘my Name <my>’;

but can not Send Message? Help

google app engine

Be sure you’ve PHP, Google APP Engine has experimental PHP support.

Hi, the mobile version of the theme is not showing. I tried to contact you via your support site but you didn’t answer my questions. PLz help! thanks

Sorry, but I don’t provide support for WordPress themes. It’s XiaoThemes’ role. Unfortunately they’re not reliable.