Discussion on Sense - Blog Magazine & News Drupal 7 Theme

Discussion on Sense - Blog Magazine & News Drupal 7 Theme

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Hi, I would like to know if there is any sample data for existing Drupal Core. There is a sample_data.sql for fresh installation, but not for existing Drupal Core. I have sent email before but haven’t yet got any response. I am looking forwards to your support. Thank you.

Hello, could you please update the Sense theme? When I check the comments here, I think an update would be appreciated. I also sent you an e-mail with my personal findings.

Please check your mail. Thanks

We already fixed the issue ourselves.

Thanks bro

My client bought this theme and I have to say… It looks nice on the front end but this is the WORST coding in the back-end and theming layers that I’ve seen yet on TF! I can’t believe this got past the QA peeps at Envato!!!

Let me know your problem, I will resolve to help you. Also, your account does not buy any of my themes. If you are sure that your customer has purchased Sense, you just need to tell me the account name, I will check and fix the problem.


i need to buy this and i need to make sure HTML has all the files included that i can work with can you tell me more about all the package HTML included?

Thanks that be very helpful

I would like to say that if you buy Sense Drupal , then I will send you the HTML version via Email.


is the theme work with drupal 8? and is there demo content?

Sense not support drupal 8.

Thanks :)

Hi is the tamplate Multilangue ? or i will have isuses ?

You need to install additional modules, and change some components in the theme.


can u help me? i have added file attachemnt at blog content types. but it did’nt show in full content display..

have you read my email? have u followed up it?

Please check your mail!


okay.. so let us continue this discuccion via email


Hi, I’m curious to know if this Sense Theme, support Category pages, that can have unique/editable content also in the right column? Due to specific category content I would like to expose the user to specifik ad banners on a specific Category pages. Is that possible?

You can install this as a category page (http://sense.drupalet.com/travel). For advertising, you need to install the module support.


For the people out there with nv_shortcodes issue with this theme, try search for nv_animation.module on your directory, change nv_shortcodes to nv_animation should resolved the issue. Why can’t the author just update the product? I am seeing the same issue on other thread and folks are waiting for the answer! Very slow response!

function nv_animation_theme() { $path = drupal_get_path(‘module’, ‘nv_animation’); //<-change here $themes[‘nv_block_title’] = array( ‘template’ => ‘title’, //’path’ => $path . ’/theme’, ‘pattern’ => ‘block__’, ‘preprocess functions’ => array( ‘template_preprocess’, ‘nv_animation_preprocess_block_title’, ), ‘variables’ => array(), ); return $themes; }

Hello Drupalet, after I upgraded the drupal core to the latest, I see this error message: The following module is missing from the file system: nv_shortcodes. Can you send me the needed update/files? Thank you! Peter

Please tell me your email, I will send the update file.


My e-mail is pba.pba512 at gmail dot com! Thank you for your help!

Sorry for my delay. I spent a holiday. Please check your mail!



There seems to be a problem with the share function. Total share count is showing always 0 shares. Facebook shows 0 shares. Google+, Twitter shares are hidden.

Please help us to fix the above issues.

Thanks for your help.


We need the total share counter per node. Please add that counter feature and to existing code.


Please check your mail!


The patch you have given shows the share counter per social media. We need total share counter per node as mentioned in theme demo page.


Unfortunately due to the lack of support I’ve gotten, and others have reported, I will not purchase any more themes from this author.

Same here : nv_shortcodes is missing. Waitinf for a reply also

Sorry for my delay. Let me know your email, I will send you update file.


Hello, the new Drupal 7.50 “feature” is calling out “nv_shortcodes” as a missing module. Even after we clear the db with the drush command to “fix” this issue, the warning message persists. Is one of your other modules calling for “nv_shortcodes” somewhere?

My client purchased this theme, per my recommendation – can you please reply to this issue?

Hi! Is the theme sold with the Photoshop files? Thanks!

Consider buying style was 1,5 month. I still do not get support ? I sent e- mail , I wrote in here . Why do not you answer?

I answered you very clearly. I need a screenshot, where you want to change or copy. But you just send me “apps, game, news”. Now you just need to take a screenshot, where you want to work, and send to email me.


Consider buying style was 2 weeks. I still do not get support ? I sent e- mail , I wrote in here . Why do not you answer?

Hi, finally I fixed some problems. I want to define margin-top:0; in Body but nothing changed. Because I have 30px before the top menu. And the second problem, I would like to display only text when there is no image. I tried, there’s always something displayed at the section. Need help

Let me know your website, and screenshots. I’ll help you. My Email: drupalet022@gmail.com


I’m still waiting for help from you. Why do not you support!

I can’t customize basic pages. The sidebar is displayed at the bottom the page content. Need Help.

No return from you. I expected to publish my new version today, but the problem with basic pages is not fixed yet.


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