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Love the clean simplicity of your designs – well done once again m8.

This is another great theme ever!! :D

Good job as always ;)

Amazing work Kriesi! I love the animations with the social network buttons at the top, keep up the awesome work! ;)

Fantastic work as always, Christian! :)

Looks great :-) I consider using it as an replacement for Is it possible to have a color for background instead of a picture? And can I choose any color for the navigation-side?

both possible yes ;)

Very clean design. Will buy it very soon.

Just a small question. Does de comment section integrate nicely with de Livefyre commenting plugin?

Hey! Unfortunately I cant answer this with 100% accuracy since I didnt test it with this plugin. the themes uses the default wordpress commenting system so I guess it should be no problem for the plugin to hook into that and do whatever it is supposed to do.

Thanks for the reply.

Will buy the theme in the coming days so I should be able to test it myself.

This looks fantastic! One question; does it have the ability out of the box to allow me to post latest news on the front page (with excerpts) along with general content?

Thank you! Bob

The theme is setup to make use of the wordpress read more feature, which allows to “cut” a post after a few lines and then display the read more button. Of yourse you dont have to use this button and instead can display the whole post

I’m sorry… I wasn’t very clear on what I was asking. What I meant to ask was can I place some latest news onto the homepage along with other forms of homepage content (introduction, calls for action, etc).

In short… can I have mixed content on homepage including latest news?

Got it now ;D

Since the theme is a dedicated blog theme the template builder that I often use in other themes is not available in this one.

But you can apply a static homepage and then use several shortcodes to apply, columns, widgets, call to action buttons etc:

very nice, but where’s the search field? :)

You can place one in the sidebar via widgets. Totally up to you ;)

Great theme…that’s why I bought it :bigsmile: . Is there any way to have a menu positioned horizontally across the top right under the logo instead of the sidebar?

no, sorry, that would be only possible with modification of the theme files. you would need top open the sidebar.php file as well as the header.php file, then remove the sidebar menu call and add it to the header and afterwards re-style the whole menu in the css to make it stretch horizontally. Unfortunately a little more work than the support covers, if you need help in pulling that off let me know, I can always provide some resources for freelancers ;)

another great work as always ;)

Has the theme/framework any in built feature for changing Fonts and adding Favicon?

yes and yes. you can add your favicon from the backend and choose separate font stacks for both headings and default content


Just purchased your theme… thanks. Just wondering if it’s possible to disable the mobile styling and just have the regular site come up as it would on a proper screen?

Thanks Tom

Love all the fresh wide-open white space and the contrast of the sidebar. Well done, and I wish you the best of luck in sales!


Hi there

“Supports Videos from any major video hosting service”

How about self hosted videos?


Very easy theme to setup and work with. Has fully editable PSD file that makes mocking up changes a cinch. Importing dummy data is also very easy. Highly recommend this theme.

Getting an error with the sentence twitter widget:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/gavpar/ on line 236 No public Tweets found

any ideas?


I’d check the twitter account settings (activate public tweets).

Excellent, excellent theme. Can I recommend displaying the site name as a

if no logo is given? It’s an easy one-liner, but still annoying that it isn’t built in.