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Here goes a little sugestion for a future update.

My site has more than one author and I would be nice to have an “about author’s box” below a post. But just showing the name from the author of the post would be nice to :)

Very nice theme, great work ! What is the HTML code to have an image aligned left ? Thanks for your answer…

Post pages have 2 H1 tags. Post titles and the logo. Logo should have H1 only on homepage.

This is pretty much the first thing I check when shopping for a theme and after 1 million dollars + in sales you expect theme designers to deal with this basic stuff.

Man, Kriesi, I just checked Angular too and it has 3! H1 tags on blog post pages… These are beautiful themes and great to base client work on, but please update them with SEO changes.

PS: don’t hate me. I am sure there are other shoppers who look into this stuff.

Haha I dont :)

But I also have to tell you that I see no reason to not use multiple h1 tags. I can point you to a hundred websites that tell its no bad practice and you can probably point me to a hundred that say its bad. I have people request either one or the other, and no matter what I use, there will always be someone complaining :)

The template files are easy enough to edit so feel free to edit them to your likings ;)

I have dealt A LOT with this stuff and I can tell you that the number of h1 and h2 tags will probably have no impact on your search rankings at all if you use them with caution (not using any would be a mistake, I agree with that). I monitor multiple projects closely with advanced tools like sistrix and never ever has changing some h1 or h2 tags made any difference :)

Sites linking to your site make a difference, your actual content makes a difference. I think thats the things people should worry about. Not a few h1 tags that could be h2 or vice versa ;)

Hope you dont hate me now, since this is probably not the answer you wanted to hear ;D

Moin Kriesi :)

Es gibt da nen kleines Problem mit dem Theme bezüglich des Portfolios und der Einstellung “Portfolio width: large”. Ich habe testweise mal mehrerer entrys ins Portfolio geschmissen und während des Ladens werden diese auch brav angezeigt.. Anschliessend springen die Einträge aber allesamt untereinander. Hier mal ein Screenshot zur Verdeutlichung:

Haste ne Idee, woran das liegen könnte?

Besten Dank schonmal im voraus! Bislang gefällt mir das Theme auch verflicht gut :) Ein paar Kleinigkeiten hätte ich zwar noch auf meinem Wunschzettel, aber dazu hörst du früher oder später noch genug von mir :D


I’m having problems getting the slideshow to appear when the page is nominated to the homepage.

Homepage (not working) Direct link to page (working)

Any ideas?

- please ignore.

I’m having issues with any plugin that inserts at the end of each post. For example if I want related posts or sharing plugins installed after each post, its being inserted between the end of my post and that post’s related tags. Unfortunately, any plug that inserts content here is “running into” the tags. I’d rather have the plugins insert after the tags rather than between the post & tags.

How do I fix this? -thanks

Hallo Kriesi!

Die Slideshow hat ja leider ein fest vorgegebenes Seitenverhältnis, sodass Bilder, die darin erscheinen beschnitten werden. Kannst du das was dran verbessern oder hast einen Tipp? Praktisch wäre, wenn man sich selber das Seitenverhältnis (innerhalb der maximalen Breite) vorgeben kann, so werden z.B. 4:3 oder 3:2 nicht gefühlt 16:9 Aufnahmen in der Slideshow. Ansonsten bei der Darstellung der einzelnen Portfolio- Einträge passt es ja schließlich auch ganz gut und das Layout passt sich vertikal soweit an, dass das Seitenverhältnis der verwendenden Aufnahmen gleich bleibt … Besten Dank!

Hi there!

First of all: fantastic theme. Well done.

I’ve got some issues with my site in IE7 , IE8 en IE9 . The content on the page isn’t visible. Everything works perfectly in Chrome or Safari.

HI Kriesi, Love your work – have Corona & Abundance templates already. Want to create a personal ‘professional’ blog and trying to work out if Sentence can apply posts to different pages. I know there is not a template builder but can it be done via categories going to static pages?

Cindy :)

Hi Kriesti, very sweet theme. I had a question on support. If I purchase the them, would your team be able to help me add social network buttons to my site and help out with positioning them? Just curious what type of support wordpress newbies get. Thanks!

Yes, simple styling changes and adding a few lines of code is supported, we can help with that ;)

@achaeus – if this is pressingly urgent then you can make the following code change until he resolves it officially.

Open includes/loop-page.php

Cut lines 5-19. At line 29, just before the ?> paste the lines you just cut.

Problem solved.

Is it possible to have sidebars on both side of the main blog content? Tom

Hey Tom!

I am sorry but this is not possible…

Theme Support

Hey Guys! Please use the support forum we have set up here for any support questions you have:

If you got any pre sales questions please use the contact form on my profile page :)

Thanks a lot and best regards! Kriesi


Is it possible to sale digital file (with upload) after the payment?

or via

e-junkies or joboshop?

if yes So the file are disponible directly after the Payement? For the File uploading and downloading?

Best regards an many thank’s


Is it possible to create a chat post?

Some Script for this theme causing the page load very slow. Any solution?

Nice. Can you include a Pinterest Icon.

Just noticed something: In the demo if you scroll across on the same line as the Previous and Next Featured items to Popular, Recent, Comments,Tags; the text for Previous and Next overlaps and the grey line expands across to the sidebar. Is this intentional or a bug. I’m using IE9 .