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Ravits Purchased

Hello special team,

today i try to edit some minor written info on my home page, however, after save it its direct me to empty page – a 404 page.

i decide to update the visual composer. so i 1 – deactivate visual composer & delete it. 2 – download today the latest template file version 4.7 3 – install it 4 – activate VC again

Yet its not update for the latest version.

So i delete only VC plugin and install it again, sadly its not allow me to update it for the latest version.

A side the VC, now with the new template version my website not appear correctly, i work with WPML plugin (6 language) and the footer get into big mess, the content appear in different directory: Spanish content appear in English, France in Russian etc’....

So i get back to the earlier Sentinel 4.1 version and everything looking great in terms of presenting the content! i decide to stay with this version for now and try to install again VC in order to work properly. Again, the VC not update and i can’t work with it.

Few months ago we had the same problem and i go step by step after your direction but no succeed. It became to that you fix it with your MAGIC TOUCH :)

I need your help to solve it.

Sincerely, Ravits

Hi Ravits!

Please send us your WP login via email AT

Thanks and cheers!




Ravits Purchased

I sent you an e mail with the information,

Thanks for the way you handle this manner and your super professional approach. This something to admire :)

Waiting to you….

Sincerely, Ravits


Ravits Purchased

Dear Fresh Face,

One week ago i sent you all the WP login information via email AT even when sent you a second e mail, I didn’t get an confirmation reply from you. Can you tell me if you got it right, are you working on this problem and what the status?


sitadi Purchased

Hi, Is the theme ok with WP 4.7 ?

Hi sitadi!

Yes, Sentinel theme is compatible with WP 4.7.


hi i cant Full Demo Content Install pls help me

Dear Fresh Face,

Continued to our correspondence 2 coments above, yet i didnt get any message from you.

2 week ago i sent you all the WP login information via email AT even when sent you a second e mail, I didn’t get an confirmation reply from you. Can you tell me if you got it right, are you working on this problem and what the status?

My work is stuck since the problem appear.

Please get back to me.

Sincerely, Ravits.

What happen with you guys? Are you live?

Dear Fresh Face,

We are more than 3 weeks after, more than 5 e mails i sent you weeks ago via all your support channels, take in your claim “Most tickets are answered within 2 hours if we are in the office, the rest will be answered first thing the next day.”

Reading your Profile information just make it worst.

Yet i didn’t get any reply from you!

I dont know what to think about you & how to to become more efficient with you… month ago – Since the very beginning i ask if i need to renew my support – your answer was “to send you all the login information via the e mail.” What going on hear guys?

I have a website build with de Theme Sentinel. I’v had the theme customized. I am very sattisfied about the theme, but now I understand that de website will not work anymore within weeks, because of the fact that my provider is changing from PHP 5 to PHP7 definitely. What I would like to hear from you: Will buying a new version of the Theme Sentinel bring the solution and make my website work again as it is supposed to do with PHP7? Thereby I mean: Can I install a new version of Sentinel on top of the old version I’ve got right now, with keeping the customization done to the theme in tact? I hope you can answer my question for me. Thanks for your time to give an answer.


I Solve the problem on my own, as for now i dont need anything from your side.

just wonder what happen that you disappear in such way and keep such silence… it will be great to get an explanation regards it.

Sincerely, Ravits.

Looks like the theme is not fully compatable Wordpress 4.7.2. Somehow categories got deleted and not be able to put them back. When I downgrade to WP version 4.6.3, everthing is working fine. Hopefully this issue will be picked up soon by the template developers


wenno Purchased

Hi there, I have purchased Sentinel and am registered in support but do not have full access to leave this issue to be resolved in the forums:

I updated to the latest version of Sentinel from v2.0 and have no access to the theme options – the navigation items are showing but no content to edit or adjust in the theme options. I have tested for conflicts by deactivating plugins but the same issue remain?

I will send through login details to have this resolved



demo error !!