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Discussion on SEOWP | SEO & Digital Marketing WordPress Theme

Discussion on SEOWP | SEO & Digital Marketing WordPress Theme

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i see i am not able to re edit my website design. It is asking me to update the live composer builder over which this theme is built. When I go to update the live composer plugin, it is asking to make payments in order to update the plugin? Do i need to pay for your website theme builder after 1 year?

Hi swizmart – thanks for reaching out. We are not able to provide support here in the comments, and there are not currently any global bugs with Live Composer. Please renew your support with Envato and then use the Support tab above to submit your request so that we can verify your active theme support and help figure out your specific issue! Cheers and talk soon.

To directly answer your question – no, there are no additional fees you need to pay to keep Live Composer updated. The Live Composer plugin is updated as a free plugin from the WordPress repository and the Premium Extensions plugin has updates that are released every time we update the theme. That plugin will need to be updated manually by downloading the files from here on Themeforest and updating the theme to the latest version. Hope that helps!

your theme visual composer is BROKEN.. i have the latest 2.2.2 theme and plugins installed.. ive used this theme many times..

pleaase dont waste me time extorting me dont tell me to update support because i dont need personal support i need you to fix your builder..

when i edit the footer i see the visual builder but nothing happens when clicking buttons..

when hilighting things but theres no edit option.

in the customizer the logo can be replaced because its default wp

but your builder. has a bug please fix your theme and update it…

the theme should work properly without needing support ..

please fix your theme

Hi followeuphoria – thanks for reaching out. Wow – extorting is a strong word! :). Extorting customers is not only bad for business, but at $40 per pop, it would take us forever to get rich! :) Sorry to hear you are having these issues. We have fully tested SEOWP and Live Composer with the latest versions of WordPress and all updated theme and page builder versions. We don’t have a global issue at this time. I know that’s not what you want to hear, but unfortunately it’s true. If you are having those edit issues, please take a look at your third party plugins you are using. If you’d like to renew your support, we would of course be happy to log into your site and test things in detail to help find your issue. Cheers and best.

Hi, i can´t change responsive for mobile version on h1 (i change but still same) and menu, i delete cache and still not working: https://ibb.co/MNynD30

Hi appdesigndev – unfortunately we can’t offer support here in the comments. Please renew your support per Envato policies and use the Support tab above to submit your request. Of course, if we find out that we DO have a global issue, we would most certainly refund your support renewal. Cheers and best.


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is the latest Ninja Forms 3 supported on this theme? i do not see the plugin in composer when I edit our contact page.

Hi osi60 – unfortunately we can’t offer support here in the comments. Please renew your support per Envato policies and use the Support tab above to submit your request. Cheers and best.


osi60 Purchased

Author. I am asking for a yes/no answer. If my question requires a deposit to answer, then I think extortion is the correct term for your “support”.

Hi osi60 – in order to answer your question correctly and make sure we fully understand what you need, we have to get into a discussion and dialogue about your specific issue. This is not a global issue with the theme, and we do have users all the time who try to have us dedicate our team’s time to helping for “free” in the comment section. The fact that you don’t see the Ninja Forms plugin when you are editing is a situation that is specific to you and you only. We have no other questions about this or complaints. If you’d like us to dive in deeper and help with your specific issue, of course we’ll need you to extend your theme support. It’s not extortion. It’s an Envato policy :). I wish that we could dedicate agents to help answer every single question in the comment section, but of course we can’t do that. It wouldn’t be feasible. We get accused all the time (you’d be surprised just how much!) of trying to trick and extort people into extending their Envato support. In general people don’t like having to renew support at all, even after only paying about $50 one time for the theme. We can’t really think of anything that we’ve ever purchased and gotten free support for life for, for a one time fee of $50. Can you? :) Per Envato policy, if you have a pre-sales question, of course we can help answer it here. If you have already purchased the theme, then it’s a support question. And if your support is expired, you’ll need to renew it. Believe us – it’s not a scheme :-). The extra “revenue” isn’t even close to being worth that hassle!

Are the illustrations in the new theme (2019) available in more business colour schemes than pink!

No – the only included colors are the ones you see (pink and purple). We have paid designers (for other custom projects customizing SEOWP for hire) to create additional color schemes. Cheers.

your speed score is very poor…. any idea about that? how to fix it get this theme? https://gtmetrix.com/reports/modern.seowptheme.com/sAM2lt7z/

Hi hasanmahmudul – thanks for reaching out. GT Metrix can be really finnicky – we literally loaded that link and hit “re test” and it came back B. It has always been A so we’ll take a look at it but honestly a huge portion of this equation is server-related anyway. On-site tweaks are only a small portion of that score.

i understand but avada and few other theme shows A on both matrix :) anyways, i liked your everything but killing me your loading speed. good luck

hi, I m really impressed with the demo and details you have provided. I have a question before any final purchase of this theme. My website is https://www.finexo.co.uk. After installing your theme, will my website traffic goes down? How much impact I can see on my existing Website SEO?

I want to make sure not to lose anything in eyes of the google search engine. Our team has done a lot of hard work on it. Especially website Traffic.

Hi sdaman – thanks for reaching out. We of course can’t guarantee any certain site speed because so much of it is dependent on factors that don’t have to do with the theme, including things like your server you choose to use and whether you optimize images, etc etc. You can do your own research pre-purchase by running the theme demo through all the page speed tools, but that’s the most specific info we can provide. Cheers and hope to see you as a customer soon!

Having a bit of trouble with header and footer editing. Don’t see where I can actually change the phone number/email etc.

Hi appdesigndev – unfortunately we can’t offer support here in the comments. Please use the Support tab above to submit your request. Happy to help there! Cheers and best.

Just a feature request: Can you add Google My Business to the Social Icons?

Hi ccarmical – thanks for reaching out. We will definitely add this to our list for future theme releases but unfortunately we cannot offer a timeline for completion at this point. Cheers and thanks again for the suggestion!

Ringdal Purchased

Why is there no search in the theme ?

Hi Ringdal – thanks for reaching out. We just decided not to include it when we built the theme because it was not a highly requested feature! There are multiple ways to add WordPress search to your theme for free. Cheers and best!

Ringdal Purchased


I am not able to add search. Can I get some tips ?


I have installed the theme and imported “Fresh Design”, but the header from Live Composer is not enable on the website. https://perthseoagency.com.au/

Ignore this comment please. All good now!


I am trying to fresh create a website with this theme. But the theme setup is getting stuck at the Plugin integration step.

I have absolutely no idea what is wrong here. Can you please help?


Hi – please use the Support tab above to submit your request and we’d be happy to help! Cheers and talk soon.

I bought this theme twice can you please issue a refund for one of the purchases.

Hi DigiInnovative – this refund was given a few days ago. Cheers and thanks!

Hello author, I want this them but I want to know if Learndash LMS compatible with it so I can have a learning system using Learndash? I will so appreciate your soon reply.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Filynz – thanks for reaching out. The SEOWP is compatible with LearnDash in that LearnDash will be able to be used in conjunction with the theme just fine. The LearnDash default elements and styles would of course have to be customized to look like the rest of the SEOWP theme if you wanted them to match. Cheers and hope to see you as a customer soon!

Wow, that’s good


Is there a way to display video background with master slider or html for mobile?

I am able to do it for PC but it doesn’t load on mobile.

Thank you.

Hi martennis – unfortunately we can’t offer support here in the comments. Please use the Support tab above to submit your request. Happy to help there! Cheers and best.

Hello, I have installed this theme two times, formatted my PC, scanned it using Avast Premium, before resetting my cpanel and installing the theme afresh. But eveytime, I get an error that the theme is infected with ‘HTML:Script-inf [Susp]’ and it specifically indetifies Live Composer plugin. LINK: https://www.linkpicture.com/q/Screenshot-2021-12-21-002936.png

Hi Samuel – we just reached out in response to your support ticket. There is absolutely no malware in these theme files. If there was, Themeforest would be aware and alert us. When SEOWP installs, it downloads the latest version of Live Composer from the .org repo anyway. It doesn’t even use the files downloaded from Themeforest. Please take a look at our response and start there. You’ll need to check your local machine and with your web host to make sure neither of those have been compromised. Cheers.

Hello There,

A pre-buying question please: about the pro plugins that came with the theme. Do I have to pay for those yearly? the 186$? 2nd. for freelances is there a pager for.. about me? thanks

Hi Larice-One – thanks for reaching out! 1 – there are no additional payments to be made beyond the initial theme purchase. We pay for the premium licenses for these plugins and update them on a regular basis as we update the theme. 2 – Yes there is an about page included in the theme: https://modern.seowptheme.com/about/. You should be able to easily customize that if you like to include information just about you personally. Cheers and hope to see you as a customer soon!

Hi, I’m interested in your template. I’d like to know if the template support custom sidebar configurations? I need to set different sidebars depending on the section of my website. Do the template have this option? Or do the template support third part plugins for this purpose? Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, Nicholas L.

Understood. I’ll need a developer. On other websites, I use the plugin “Custom sidebars” (https://es.wordpress.org/plugins/custom-sidebars/) which works perfectly. Can you confirm me if your template works with this specific plugin?

Hi – we can’t confirm this, no. You can go ahead and make a purchase and try it out. If it doesn’t work, we’re more than happy to refund your money within 30 days! Cheers and best.

Received. Thanks for the info. Cheers and best too!

Hi, I want to buy the template but a few questions.

  • Is it competeble with the latest version of Wordpress?
  • We receive updates for the plugins when you update the Theme, so the plugins might be outdated?
  • When are you going to update the theme?
  • Should i wait for the update or buy now?

Thank you!

Hi hammadshk – thanks for your questions.

1 – Yes 2 – Yes unless you want to buy your own premium license for each of those premium plugins, you would need to wait for our theme updates to update them for free. 3 – We should be pushing an update in the next 15 – 30 days. 4 – The next update coming won’t have any major changes to the structure of the theme or anything that would make it a problem for you to buy now.

Cheers and best!


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