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hello does your theme support RTL ?

Thank you!

Hi there and thanks for your interest.

Our theme supports RTL in pair with WPML plugin.

I hope this helps :)

Hi there. I need an icon set that fits to these theme grafics. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hi there,

Contact our one-to-one support via the client account and we will be happy to help!

Best regards.


faiztallua Purchased

hello ,, after updating the theme on our site we lost the menu and the top menu ??!!

Please visit your menus in WP Admin > Appearance > Menus and check if the menus assigned to the right locations. If this not helping, please contact our one to one support. We will be happy to help.

Thank you.


kuka1 Purchased

Hello, i need to say so many issues. I upload a theme,all was fine, i decide to use child theme and my website get s….. But i say ok i have back up, i did all 1 time again with the same result. Then i decide to go one step more and i install fresh wordpress but the result was the same. So the problem is?? And one thing more, this theme is created 2014 and do not have auto update like any other theme,why? Nice theme but to many problems if you ask me.

The latest update (yesterday) should work with child themes. At least I was using it locally and found no issues. We release updates every week now, so if you see any bug, please report – we will fix it for you quickly. Theme had automatic updates before but the service we used get our of business. Now Envato do not allow author to add automatic updates and want you to use their official plugin for that purpose:

Thanks again for buying our theme and have a great day.

LOL yes i notice that later. I need help how to change this text becose i cant finde it: This bottom text i cant finde. Thanx

Hi there,

You need to edit the menu item option from WP Admin > Appearance > Menus. Please note we keep the comment area mostly for pre sale questions. If have other questions or still need assistance, please contact the support team via one-to-one support.

Thanks for understanding.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hi there,

Please contact our one-to-one support. Our support team will be happy to help. (course, send your request via account used to buy the theme).



In the description say Nex-Forms plugin is incluided, but when I download the full theme content, this plugin is no there and Ninja Forms plugin (it’s the plugin that I was using until you stop supporting Ninja forms – Layout Master) doesn’t work correctly since the last theme update.

Which plugin is now included for building contact forms?


Ok. Last question:

Is included Ninja Forms + Layout and Styles or it have to be paid apart of the theme?


The “Ninja forms – Layout Master” plugin is not compatible with Ninja Forms 3.x. Will break your website. Like I mentioned above, we do not use anymore this plugin.

Thanks for understanding.

Is not the same plugin (at least, the name is different), but it’s ok. Then, we have less layout options for build contact forms :(

Thanks for answering!

I hope your vacation is over. We can not find a solution to the problems.

Yes vacation is over. One to one support answers all the questions within 24 hours.

Please send your support request and we will be happy to help.

Hi! “Ninja Forms – Layout Master” I removed a plugin.

After updating at me two plugins, one Live Composer the, second Live Composer 1.3.4. To me to remove one plugin?

Hi there,

Once you followed all the steps regarding the update process (theme panel), yes, you can remove it.

If have other questions or need support, contact our one-to-one support via the client account and we will be happy to help!

Best regards.

Trying to finalize this site but coming across a couple more issues I couldn’t tackle.

For some reason pages such as

don’t match on the site ->

I haven’t done anything but navigate to these pages + spend 30 minutes or more trying to figure out how to make it match the demo content which I thought was imported..

Also happening on

and the blog page is all sorts of messed up ->

Can you please point me in the right direction.