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Clean and Awesome :)


Glad you like it!

Beautiful work!

Thank You hivige!

Great work mate.


Clean work! Good luck ;)

thank you!

Nice theme, great work.

How do you get the default slider’s ‘Learn More’ button (and the box behind it) to stay static? I’ve been experimenting with the Javascript settings but so far not got it to work. I’m just looking to make the positioning constant. It would be great to also know how to make the background image static/dynamic.


Hi dude! (cool nick by the way :))

Could you please post that question to our support forum (here: Tech brains there will help you quickly :)

cheers! Themewoodmen

Do I need to understand bootstrap or can I just edit HTML and CSS as normal?

Bootstrap is nothing but set of predefined CSS rules (and few JS) which you can freely edit, all the rest is just HTML5. So you’d be able to work on it as on normal CSS/HTML template.

Cheers! ThemeWoodmen

Thank you for your quick response! Best I have had so far from Themeforest.

Glad to hear (err… read) that :), thanks!


First off, i love your theme. Very clean. I recently purchased it through the

I love the functionality of the portfolio section and how you can organize and shift the tagged content around. However, I just noticed that when you click on the “project name” for a given thumbnail it doesn’t do anything. I was expecting to open up a light box to view single or multiple images.

Is this functionality possible? If so, can you help set me up with all I need to implement it?

Thanks so much!


Hi Ryan,

Thanks. This functionality has been added to our feature request list: here

If you have any other suggestions or questions please do not hestiate to use our support forum:

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Hi guys! I bought and downloaded your theme but I am having a bit of troubling uploading it to wordpress! I can’t seem to figure out how to do it! Can anyone help me please?


Are you sure you bought WordPress theme? This item is just site template, thich is pure HTML/CSS/JS, which is not an installation file for Wordpress.

Please get in touch with us on, we will see how we can help you.

Thanks! Themewoodmen

I want to use this for a photographr website, but the portfolio page was/is a deal-killer. Please improve it. Images should be clickable and open up in modal/lightbox that has navigation elements). Please reply to this comment when it is done and if I haven’t bought something else in the meantime, I will buy. Even if I don’t buy, you will increase your sales, I’m sure. Thanks.

Hi, How can I use lightbox (or similar image displayer)? you add comment about this feature above. Please advice.

Hi yenidem,

Could you please post this question to htpp:// ? This way our support team will be able to guide you step by step how to do it.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Hi, I updated an issue about modal frame : But I have not received anything about how can I do use this feature. Please advice.

I can see it’s resolved :)


How do I use the slider – I’m used to the jQuery slider in Dreamweaver 5.5 which is really easy to use – this seems a total mystery.

Hi Bdriget135,

Could you please post your question to our support system: so our team can guide you how it can be done?

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

How can i install this theme on wordpress ? The download fail every time. Help me, Thank you.

Ok Thank you !

How can i contact Envato support ?

Please use Help link from top menu and then navigate to “Support Center”.

If you will have any problems regarding refund, please contact our support at

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen