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Every page seems to have the same set of pics in the background, can the set of pics be different for different pages.


In the page’s sidebar options it says “If you don’t want to display a Sidebar, select the “Full-Width” Template” -but there is no full width template in the drop down. I can’t get the contact circle to show up. Also, how do you import the dummy data?

Can Video Background be added to the default home page?

Pre-purchase question.

What I need is a portfolio website with all these features such as full screen photo, auto sliders, portfolio gallery, etc. It all seems possible with this theme.

However, what I need in addition to the above is:

- some kind of gallery with users who can see their content only

- watermarking on uploads for previews in reduced resolution

- once photos are selected visitor should be able to pay and download full version of his photos (selected ones only)

It is similar to sites just selling artwork except this one has to sell personal artwork. Would it be possible using this theme?


Does it work with nextgen gallery plugin?

Hi There,

I don’t see “Full Width” template option when adding the About Us page. How do I go about that?


When adding a gallery, after uploading all the images “Insert Gallery” button doesn’t work. Can you please help.

Does anyone here ever reply to comments or they just take the money and forget about it?

I don’t think this theme designer is handling any support at this time. I’m unable to get the home page slider to show images. And the test blog doesn’t show up either. I think it’s something simple that I’m overlooking thought I could get info via the comments but most of the comments that deal with my questions the theme designer asked the poster to “email” him versus putting the answers in the comments. Had the theme designer done that, at least some type of support or FAQ would be still be available. And the documentation of the theme doesn’t show an answer to this question either. I sent him an email via his themeforest profile page yesterday and hopefully he’ll reply.

To all…if you are having problems with the home page slider, make sure you have version 1.0.3 installed.

Hi i would like to buy template in HTML and also in WP version. i need to know basically how long u will provide support in futurre..i see that first release is may 2013 for both , html5 last update is recent but WP it still at 2013 (update)..what i m planning to do is to buy both and at the end , according to my customer request, i will choose what to use… i m worried of future support availibility for a 2013 project. what ’s ur plan?

what about home page with full video background? Thank you

Hi, I ´ve problems to integrate the Video background. There is only an option to load up an “Video Cover Image” ? Where can I integrate the video background? I ´ve got a screenshot of my settings, is there a support mail-address, where I can send it?

also I have problem with home page with full video background

Hello – I can’t see any shortcode icons on the page editor – and I can’t find details of shortcode use in the documentation… please can you point me in the right direction? Thanks

There not works youtube on full screen… please, explain how to do that. thanks

Is support here not active anymore?

Hi, Having a problem with the gallery. On clicking insert image pane freezes and then image is not uploaded. Any pointers on a resolution


I have a Problem with the Theme. I have install the Theme on WP 4.4.1 and 3.8. But i have this Error in both Version:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/vhosts/.../httpdocs/wp-content/themes/serendipity/admin/functions/functions.filters.php on line 53

What is the Solution?


kiesse Purchased

Same problem… When adding a gallery, after uploading all the images “Insert Gallery” button doesn’t work. Can you please help.

I have a problem with uploading images to the medialibrary. I get this error: “of-medialibrary-uploader.js?ver=4.5.2:120 Uncaught TypeError: itemtitle.replace is not a function” Can you please help.