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nice work…

Thanks AliA.

I appreciate your words. :)

Does this only work on Mailchimp

Hello Jacobs…

I refer to the description in the sense that MailChimp is easy to send for this service. However, the files can be edited in any offline HTML editor and then imported into any email service that will operate normally. The same accompanying help file.

All files are very easy to edit.


Janio :)


I bought your theme, but I can’t to edit on the mailchimp, please let me know. And the images don’t load on the mailchimp. What I need do to?

Correct. You should open the PSD and display marking the slices. Hence see the buttons that are marked and do the editing of texts. In followed export them again.

Kind Regards, Janio

Hi Janio,

Sorry for my questions, but this is the first template that I bought. So, everything is new for me.

So after I edited on psd, how can export the new file to dreamweaver? tks

When you export the edited slices, just save it in the folder “images” theme to work. The slices are already renamed, so to put them in the folder, they will be updated as the HTML file. You will use Dreamweaver to edit the text content and links. Also some pictures if you have changed their names.

It is not complicated as it seems. :)

Kind Regards, Janio

Hi Janio,

I was edited the html on DW and something happen and program close. After that, I open the archive again and the template show a strange line border. Please take a look, http://www.webbikers.com.br/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Screen-shot-2013-01-09-at-15.06.16.png

I donwload the files again and all layouts that I open show this lines.

Is this is normal? When I upload that file on mailchimp this lines show too?


Hi vyaa,

The image is too small. But if you’re referring to the dark lines and dotted throughout the model, this is normal. Refers to the editable part of the model.

Regards, Janio

All button show on the left. Very strange!

Do not worry, this is not an error. This is because part of the code. In live view they are positioned correctly.

Regards, Janio

Hi Janio,

I did all change follow your tips and documentation. (PSD & DW). But when I copy and paste in mailchimp the layout show with some lines and one image doens’t show. Please, take a look: http://www.webbikers.com.br/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Screen-shot-2013-01-10-at-12.59.11.png

Hi, the only problem is that you did not import correctly. The problems you are seeing is because some images were not loaded. And the areas of error are just images that were not imported.

A propósito, podemos falar em português. Envie-me mensagem neste email para melhor tratarmos do assunto: janio.araujo@hotmail.com

Atenciosamente, Janio