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Is this wordpress 4 ready?


Yes 4.0

Hi, I would like to check if this theme supports Digital downloads and audio preview. We are selling music online so we will need audio players and such instead of the current product listing. Also does it support CSV import?

cheers, Kenji


Serenity supported easy digital download. You can add audio list and player on product preview page description.

And please visit and read free plugin :


Hello again,

There was a previous comment on making slider automatic but I could not find js/slider js within wordpress, any ideas to make the slider automatic within wordpress?

Also I would like to remove the google map from the contacts page?

Thank you again for this amazing theme.


1-) js/scripts.js


2-) contact.php

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Ok let me clarify this for other users, wordpress dont let you see js files in the wp panel. You have to install the wp editor plugin to see scripts.js and edit it to automate the slider. Thanks for the fast reply.

Hi Ozgur

Thank you so much I’m sorry for delay. I live on turkey and have a connection problem.

If you will be problem please open a ticket :


does this theme come with lifetime updates?

Hi Yes theme will free update lifetime.

Hi ,

i am a complete rookie and i need your help

i want to buy this theme and start selling digital products

where can i get the digital products to sell on this theme ?



Hi Betto

Do you have own digital products? Or you could start with a friend who has digital products. Theme included documentation and have a support site of edd system


I dont have any digi-products ,but let me dig the market to see what can i find to start a business


Mr. Betto


First you need to find products that will be sold. Logo , theme , image and e.g

If you have friends in your own environment, you can make a deal with them.



I purchased your theme and have been having store layout problems, I contacted your support with no response, got me a bit worried so posting here hoping for a response.

I starting adding products to my store, wanted at-least 12 products nicely layed out,, but there so many big gap for nothing and I don;t know coding so cannot fix it.

I also want to be able to have “add to cart” on my product images, instead of “view details” or below “view details”, just makes sense and makes it convenient for buyers.

Please get back to me, I’d really like to get the issues fixed. Waited a long time for a response from you in your support site.


Hi Mozie

Replied on ticket system.

Best Regards

Hi we’re using this theme for a client, they want to be able to put up two separate portfolios and filter items within each one.

For example.

Page X has portfolio items A, B & C Page Y has portfolio items D, E & F

Is this built into the theme? If so what is the shortcode.



portfolio pages do not support it. We used a standard structure.


Hi, i need to add another currency to the downloads system and also maybe need to add more payment methods to be configurated for the user, can you tell me please wich files i have to modify?

And a last one… i have to install woocommerce to get the login page? or can you send me some dummy data or anything to get that page.

Any quickly answer will be appreciated.

Best Regads.

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Please open a membership here. We will help in every way. We’re just design.

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Hi, yes, i know that… ahmm, ok i’ll ask in EDD.

EDD Support team will help you. I’m sorry for that.

I bought this theme. Pagination not showing. Let me know. Thanks.

Please open a ticket :

Urgent help requested.

After updating EDD to 2.2.4 today, the site quit showing download products from EDD shortcode as in e.g. [downloads category=”171” number=”24”]

Any known compatibility issue on theme side?

Home page customization, Featured Title where the download category was specified is also not working.

Not showing at the store page, no sales!!

It works from Widget Download Categories/Tags.

WP 3.9.2 EDD 2.2.4 Serenityshop / Easy Digital Downloads Theme v. 3.0


Please open a ticket :

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Is there an example of how the theme looks for selling audio files? Not seeing anything on the demo. Does it let people preview audio clips?

You can add audio file demos just product page in the product details.

Please check :


HD video can I sell?


Yes you can.

Hi, This theme supports a video preview for the customer?

I understood.

the purchase can be made via: mobile devices ?

yes. Theme using bootstrap framework for responsive to working on all devices.

I love this template. Can I customize its pages as per my need? Like, I dont want carousel, I need a left sidebar that can include catogories, login and search option. need to be Responsive, so, considering 3:9 width ratio, photo gallery and video gallery need to appear on right side, must have a checkout page to make payment. Please let me know how far I can customize for my client?


You can select shop page for frontpage and working with 3:9 ratio :

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Thanks for reply. I have purchased this them. Now, i am to unable to install serenityshop theme as a wordpress theme on localhost. Please help.


Please open a ticket :

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can i use this theme to sell lightroom presets and photoshop action ?

Yes you can sell any digital products via EDD plugin and serenity theme. Theme supported a few digital product type for download.


i have bought your template. after the upload i’ ve installed all required plugins and created the menus. i have customize the homepage banners in the settings.

The problem: the homepage on frontend doesnt show the banners.

what i have to do? (i cant submit a ticket – not valide code error)

thanks for helping​


Please check again

Hiya, I like your theme, it looks great. I wonder if this is really suitable for me or not.

I am going to start online digital goods selling market site, I will sell websites scripts, clones etc.

I wonder if this can be possible by using your theme?

And also how often you release updates?

This theme supports which version of wordpress?

Users has to to register before making any purchase? I do not want to allow guests to make purchases.

How many payment gateways are already built inside ? And do I need to purchase payment gateways plugins desperately ?

Appreciate your prompt reply. Thanks



Theme include default EDD plugins and features ,you can find more details :

Best Regards

hi im a photographer and i want to sell a pictures of each events so user can buy single picture or entire album also if im selling picture can i apply watermark within this theme. if not please recommend any theme related to my business thanks