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There appears to be a issues with the Javascript causing the the javascript for my forum plugin to break. I’ve yet to find out what causes this I’ve looked through everything but haven’t found a solution.

On my forums the youtube embed, quote, or block work everything else does. Here’s the page http://www.thepcmasterrace.com/forums/?mingleforumaction=viewtopic&t=3

Also, I’ve check to make sure the forum is operational so I disabled every plugin and also this particular theme and the forum begin working as intended. As soon as I re-enabled the theme it start throwing back the javascript errors in the console.

I would encourage coping your live site on a dev server, and give us access via FTP and admin account, so we could test. Right now on our end no JS errors are visible.

If it’s not critical, you can give us access to your live server. Credentials can be send at https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/home by opening a ticket. Thank you.

Here’s the issues I have when I go to the forum page and click on the youtube button the blockquote and the quote button located above the post. http://snag.gy/VZg87.jpg

Downloaded the update issues still persist with the forum not being able to correctly blockquote and also throws at the console inspect element a javascript error with the forum. However, if I disable the theme the forum returns to functioning normally. Sorry for the double post but I just thought I would mention.

I’ve encountered a similar issue before when some of the jquery stuff would cause other javascript to behave weird. I know that there’s a million and one reasons that this could be. I thank you for your hard work and wonderful theme and the update today.

Hey just a heads up the new update that you provided makes the editing video pages load a blank page. I reverted to older JS and it works. The folder containing the new JS makes the page load a empty page upon editing.

Hi there,

we’ve checked your ticket – please see the feedback. Thanks

Demo username and password as demo/demo not working.

please provide the correct username and password.

Unfortunately we’ve disabled the demo account for now, because of security reasons. Please contact us at support@cosmothemes.com for a demo sandbox. Thanks.

Hi there Great theme..

I have a couple of questions.

1. I am using it as a artist community which I believe it is made for however I understand that some artists are funny about art being associated with facebook due to facebook owning anything on its site, Is this the same case with the Serpent theme will all artwork be uploaded to facebook, or is there a way the artist can opt out of the art being uploaded to facebook. Copyright and artists art etc

2. In the sections is it easily possible to change the size of the art and text to be a lot smaller so that there can be more art per page.

3. Is it possible for members to contact eachother and PM eachother, I cannot see this feature.

Hope you understand my inquiries.

Jordan Boon

Hi Jordan, and thank you for taking consideration our theme.

1) Unfortunately Serpent does not have a media FB synchronization or something similar.

2) I am a bit confused about the question – if you’re about the text size, this can be either adjusted from the backend, either using custom CSS, so we can help you with these.

3) Nope, unfortunately Serpent doe snot have a inter-user chat, sorry.

Have a great day!

Hi, good job. iS Possible put “hot post” for each categories or tag? How can I try to do? Thank for the attention. Thank for the attention.


this is not possible by default, only by customizing the theme. Please check /lib/php/post.class.php file for static function hot_posts() function. In $wp_query object you might want to add the wanted category filter.

You can also contact us at support@cosmothemes.com for a customization request, although a small fee will apply.


The theme seems to have bugs.

1. on the main slider I have added a article and linked it to the article I want. However for some weird reason the title text of the article is puling from another article. http://planetedtech.com/ So the article is meant to be ‘Kids today aren’t digital natives’ and the image and sub text and links are all fine but the title is saying ‘Your essential back to school edtech list’ this isn’t the title I have inputted in the slider configuration.

2. Second issue is with shortcodes. There seems to be javascript issues which means shortcodes doen’t show the content. see http://planetedtech.com/directory-index/

3. When creating a slider I select the post option and it asks me to start typing in the first few letters of the article. then I am waiting forever and nothing shows.

Please can you help asap.


try to disable your new-added plugins, one by one. Also, try disabling your cache – if that will also fail, please open a ticket at https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/home with an admin account and if possible an FPT account to the theme, so we could look a bit under the hood of your site. Cheers!

Hi. I am looking to purchase the theme. However I have some questions.

To confirm;

- Members of the social network can create posts themselves. And add media such as audio or video? No just admin or myself posting for example. - Can you customize the posts so, for example, you can only upload audio, video and text and remove the rest? - I am also looking at integrating the plugin WPeddit, so members can vote on posts, thereby us showing popular posts etc Reddit style. Do you think this will be a problem from an integration standpoint??

Thanks for your help!

Hi there,

- Yes, any logged in user can create posts, therefore if you set it up, they can also edit/delete their own post;

- You select which post type users can create in frontend. You can select only video, audio and text, sure.

- Unfortunately we did not tested WPeddit, although Serpent has it’s build-in like system, as well top voted post view.



Thanks for a great theme. Enjoying the process so far.

However, I need to make some changes to the front end post page

- Change the text “Post Item” at the top - Remove the source field - Change or remove the text “Be descriptive or interesting!” - Change the text on the ‘Submit Post” button

Also generally speaking, what file formats does the theme accept for video and audio? Are there any size limits?

Finally there doesn’t seem to be a way for the user to cancel an audio/video upload.

Thanks for your help!

Sorry one more question, can we turn off the likes ‘thumbs up’ feature?


Please open a ticket at https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/home with a link to the site and more details regarding your requests.

Cheers, Alex.

PRE PURCHASE QUESTION I really need and like the features of this theme but honestly i dont like the looks.. do you have any other theme with full width with more elegant style on the base of the features of this theme??

i’m sending you what kind of looks i want http://themeforest.net/item/good-news-multiniche-blog-magazine-wordpress-theme/9552804

is it possible and how??

The same functionalities are in “I Love It”, “Me Gusta”, “Harpoon”, etc. Please see our portfolio on here http://themeforest.net/user/cosmothemes/portfolio

Thank you for taking in consideration our theme!

compatibility with wordpress 4.4?


Yes, sure! You can update Wordpress to the latest version.

1) In italian: Quando condivido su fb l’immagine condivisa è piccola, è possibile averla più grande?. altri plugin la fanno vedere più grande è possibile averla più grande?

Google translate: When I share on fb, the image visible is small, can have biggest? Other plugin do see biggest thank you

2) next update?


Please open a ticket at https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/home with a link to the site.

Thank you.

Hi, this is a great theme but is it still being supported?

Few questions.

I need for uploaded images to be portrait and not landscape. When I upload a portrait orientation image (say 300×600 rather than 600×300) I have this large grey rectangle behind the image, how do I get rid of that?

Also how can I have the blog posts with the image to the left and have a right sidebar?


Please open a ticket at https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/home with the credentials to a temporary admin account so we could help you.

Thank you.


Let me know what updates are expecting exactly? All requests are usually discussed and most desired ones are included in the next release.

Hello. I asked that due to the fact the last update was last year. There is any update that is near?

There were no features requests lately so an update is not really necessary. Everything works fine with current WP version.

I opened an issue with you guys since few days now. I don’t understand why i bought support. You are not treating your customer very well.


Please send me your Ticket number in order to contact and to help you.

Hello, I would like to use this theme to setup a page where my users can register, and then upload fotos and create their own catalogue, so that each user can only see their own pictures. Is this posible with this theme? Thank you!


Each user can upload different type of posts (Images, Text, Attachments, Videos). But these posts need to be approved by administrator of the site. You can achieve this only by customizing our theme.

Is there a way to upload a image gallery like you would when you choose the Image option on Post Item page on File option on Post Item page? I’ve manage to get the attached images on the file option but when I select a image it doesn’t upload. I’ve been looking through all the PHP files and figure out how to reverse engineer it.

Basically what I’m trying to do is make it where instead of just uploading a file with a feature image I give the user the option to upload a gallery also.

Is there a reason why the featured image is stretched in this theme? Just checked the demo and it does the same thing as on my site. On my laptop is shows the image at 870×500, but only requests the image at 600×345 and then stretches it to fit the space. This makes all the images look fuzzy and out of focus. I’m not sure if this is why there’s an overlay over the images to hide this problem, but I couldn’t figure out where the theme was assigning this 600w size, as I’d like it to pull in the full sized assets instead of loading something smaller then stretching it.


This CSS rule .featimg img {width: 100%} stretches the image to the container’s width so you might either remove this rule or change the featured image crop size to a bigger value. Please open up a private ticket at cosmothemes.zendesk.com – we will gladly help.

I was hoping that the Black Friday theme will be the special price :) Maybe another time.

I was hoping that the Black Friday theme will be the special price :) Maybe another time.

I’m trying to do something pretty basic, embed a YouTube video using the standard WordPress method. Paste the URL, looks fine in the editor. Preview the post and nothing shows up. Is there something in this template that is impeding video embeds? I’ve looked through all the settings pages and couldn’t find anything about video.


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