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Awesome design! GLWS mate ! :)

Thank you.

Fantastic my friend! GLWS!

Thanks buddy. Hvala puno :)

Just tried to open it with my iPhone 4S – it trashed my safari browser. Can you check?

Thanks for the information. Everything working properly.

Thank you.

it is a very nice one!!! Is there comming a mobile version aswell? If so… Sold!

Now I have seen there is… I am the first one to buy it….



Thank you purchasing my theme.

If you have any problems or you need help with my item, please contact me

Thanks again.

Do you have an install service?

Hello Marijan, I didn’t install the theme yet. But I would start using it right now. I find one problem mobile. When I hold my phone normal, the site does not regocnice it is on a phone. When I rotate my phone, it does. Is there any solving for this?

creative! good luck :)

Thank you :)

The live preview for this isn’t working. It is showing ‘bandwidth issue’.

Unfortunately, this is true. Sorry for that.

I have hosting problems and I hope that this issue will be solved tomorrow.

Hello, Marijan i have problem with slider ( i can not see it ), i follow your 3 steps but nothing! ( 1.Open the file: app/etc/modules/Mage_AII.xmland edit the <codePool > tag to ‘local’. 2.2.Copy config.xmlfrom app/code/core/Mage/Page/etc/config.xml to app/code/locai/Mage/Page/etc/config.xml, 3.Open config.xmlfile and add new lines between <layout> ..</layout> along with other layouts.

Please help me! Best Regards.


Thanks for purchasing my theme. I send you email with the attach screen how to enable full screen slider.

If you have other questions or issues, please contact me

Best regards.

Is this theme compatible with Magento Go? If so, it looks like a real winner. I’d love to use it.

Hi Seth,

Thank you for intresting, but this theme is compatibile with Magento community edition only.

I love the look of this theme – I would love to purchase if it had ajax add to cart. Also I noticed the images on the homepage slider are stretching horizontally

Hello Tecshaun,

Unfortunately, theme doesn’t have ajax add to cart extension. You can use quick cart in header insted.

Slider images height can be modified from admin panel. Now height is fixed, but it can be different.

Hi Marijan,

Its nice theme, i want to purchase it but i got following issue:

1) if i browse it on nexus 7 then in landscape orientation, the right side is cut and is not seen properly (where we have newsletter etc…)

2) i feel its a bit slow on nexus 7, can it be improved?


Hi Saeed,

As I wrote you, issue on nexus will be solve in next theme update. Maybe template is a little bit slower because the high quality.

Thanks. Best regards.

No “Layered PSD” included in the files… although it listed in the included files.

I’m very disappointed!!!

Hi Artabout,

Thanks for purchasing my theme :)

You can find .PSD files in the theme pack. In case that you can’t find it, please contact me and I will help you.

Best regards.

Same problem as Makbeth, can’t get the slider/home page to work.

Followed instructions, doesn’t work.

Hi Logic,

Thanks for purchasing my theme :)

Please contact me and I will explain you how to solve issue with home page slider.

Thanks again. Best regards.

nice Theam !

I have configured the theam but I have some errors that I dont know how can i fixed it. maybe you can create a Documentation Demo for your Theam? that would save a lot of work to use for the customer.

Hi Grunch,

Thanks for purchasing my theme, really appreciate this :)

I tried to send you an email yesterday, but mail server returns me some errors.

Could you please email me – support@twice-themes.com

Thanks :)

awesome , good luck with sales;


is there a quick install process instead of following your instructions in the pdf file?

Also, are you planning on upgrading the theme for Magento 1.8 or 1.9 support? The 1.7 version is quite old.

I was never able to get this theme working, and looks like demo is down too. I purchased wayyy back maybe 1-2 years ago. Even forgot the issue. If i reinstall, will you still support?