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When using mega menu with columns, the top menu item set as “Page (column)” becomes a column title with no link. How do I remove, hide or link that top item to a page? If I remove the text in the Navigation label field, the menu item gets removed from the menu. I tried entering “hidden” & “hide” in the attributes field but that did nothing. I want my top menu item to be a live link, just like in the live preview of the theme. All of the top items in each column of the mega menu are live links.

I found a fix but I don’t think it’s the correct fix because it leaves white space at the top of the column where the column heading once was. If you set the Navigation label field on the Page (column) item to “& nbsp;” (the html characters for space) it does not show anything and that item does not disappear from the menu structure like it did when I just blanked the field out. I’d like to know how this was achieved in the live demo on the site so I can remove the extra white space at the top of the drop down columns.


Have you told about your issue in our support forum? Are you still doesn’t fixed. Please let us know in our support forum.

Thank you.

Hi I have a problem me missing the text editor in blox content builder, in visual if it appears. wordpress upgrade it to 3.9-s. can you help me. thank you very much

not 1.2 nor in envato toolkit nor in the download page. envato long does it take about hanging the upgrade? no other way to download it.

I upgraded to 1.2 and continue to have the problem. have disappeared background images on the web and you can not insert images, if appearing in visual and BLOX CONTENT BUILDER. Thanks


Have you update you theme latest version 1.4.2 If you have upgraded it content builder will works fine.

Thank you.

my client give me the theme to customize .. the theme is nice and easy but the slider you give with theme as demo slide it’s not working it’s showing damaged .. can you please sent the accurate file ?


Did you find solution your slider? If you don’t please let us know!

Thank you.

Support forum

Dear Customers,

I wanna let you know that we’ve developed new support forum for you. We will provide quick and relevant solutions on this forum. Please register here with your purchase code and send us your questions further.

We’ve tried freshdesk and vanilla systems previously for supporting system. But those wasn’t complete to manage and had some lacks for our needs. And now I hope this dedicated forum solves us all those problems.

PS: Your ordered issues will be answered asap.

Thanks for your patient and see you there. Best regards ThemeTon

Hallo! Why can not make full with background video?

i had find the reason. your theme file “blox-frontend.js” is different to your demo file.

You can get here your purchase code
Also released few versions and looks those files changed. Please send there you issue details

Thanks a lot

Okay sir, I’ve received your details on support site and will answer there soon. Thanks

Hi I want to purchase this theme. I absolutely love it. I am wondering if there is an option to show my before & after picture portfolio. Please let me know. Cheers

Here don’t have this solution. Have you tried this plugin there? Looks this is an easy solution for before after images and hope this plugin works regular themes and you can use it with this theme too.

Thanks a lot

Beautiful theme, nice animations-nearly everthing I need, but ..;-)

1.) Menu-usability on my android-cell is really pain – is it posssible to replace that with another menu-plugin? 2.) Can I create ghost-buttons with the theme?

Thanks for your answers René

1. Yes you can use anything instead of buitin.

2. Yes those are already in it.


I’m trying to update the theme to 1.3.1, but receive following message: Downloading upgrade package from the Envato API… Download failed. Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to

What I have to do?

You should try again few moments leter. I suspect amazon servers down for a while and need to wait little bit until they are started. If this issue still persistent you should update it manually like Appearance=>Themes or FTP method. Please read the documentation about those steps


Hi there Firstly, I’d like to say I love the theme; so pleased with it – so thank you. However, I do have a quick question…I’ve used the colour options to change all colours. Regardless of my selections, the blue button which appears on the active page navigation bar and also the cart on the header remains blue. All other colours change to my choices but these two items stay blue. Could you possible help? Thanks so much, Charlotte

Could you please go over to our support forum and create a ticket including your WP-Admin login details so I can check this out for you?


I’ve just logged a ticket. Thanks so much.

I want to ask, how it work on multi site. Because i install it and if i click in theme option to “save” it shows me “error” and i have this message “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/clients/client1/web186/web/wp-content/plugins/LayerSlider/classes/ on line 163”

and cannot update evanto toolkit

Thank for respond

What it was and Doesn’t your change necessary for another customers sir? Thanks

it was very important but easy change. Only before foreach i aply rule to check if the result of query is null. If is not null, continue to the foreach. easy if clausule

Thank you :)

Don’t work on IE8 as is mentioned !!!!

Thank you for the message. I’m removing the compatibility tag and will update the theme asap

Hi there, can we expect a theme update to go with WP 4.2? Do you know when it will be available?

Have a great day. Florian

I don’t have any issues to fix right now on 4.2.1. If you have any trouble, please touch me and I’ll help you. Thanks


The site has been operating for about a year with no major issues but now I am having some major issues with this theme. Version: 1.1.0 running, WP has been updated to most recent.

Some of the issues are: - Updates are not being saved, they just disappear (works on and off) - Preview does not work (must publish to see the update) - Visual editing does not work at all, all content only appears as code even in Blox Content Builder when the editing window is open - When composing elements are just hanging (have screencaps to show) - Formatting and editing options are no longer there and all TinyMCE Advanced options are gone from editing window (worked fine a month ago)

Overall Blox Content Builder is incredibly finicky and glitchy, editing windows don’t appear right, buttons are too close and so on.

I’m not sure if there is a theme update but last time I had updated this theme half of the pages were miss-formatted so I really would rather not go through that again.

Please let me know if I can send you some screencaps and if you have suggestions for solution.

Thank you


First of all, Thank you for purchased our theme really appreciate it! Have you update your theme latest version 1.4.2. If you didn’t update please do it!

Thank you.

The fact that your Theme becomes completely unusable every time you make a minor update is ridiculous. Last two time’s I updated the theme all of the custom style changes got erased so you can see how some people might be hesitant to update.

The fact that your support system is on a different site which currently glitches the entire log in window is not helping the situation whatsoever.

Would not recommend this theme to anyone, you will be stuck in a mad “break-update-restyle-repeat” circle.


Okay, We got it! 1. You have save your “Export data” before you have update. “Theme option/backup option/Transfer theme option data.” 2. Import data. Where Theme option/ Back up option/

Then you should save it!

Thank you.