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Great Work! GLWS! :)

Great Work Themeton , Good Luck :)

Very well! GLWS! :)

Elegant work, looks wonderful!

Great multipurpose theme!:)

Thank you so much.

Thanks all of you guys :)

Great looking theme! Nice job!

Thank you so much.

Looking good!

I got four questions, 1st – is it possible to turn of the roundness of the corners on some elements? (corner-radius) 2nd – Is there a center version of the header? 3rd – Can I implement a custom type? 4th – Is there font presets to choose from?

1. There don’t have dedicated options for that. But we can remove those with simple css lines. I can give you those for you when you purchased.

2. We are preparing 4 types of header layout including centered logo. It will included on middle of next week. Hope you can check the demo site again when we included them :)

3. Guess you are talking about header layouts. You’ll check and let me know what is your desire on next week

4. Theme includes 600+ google fonts for main navigation and headings and body text. Now there selected regular Hevletica Nueue font.

Thanks a lot

Thanks for the fast response!
Regarding question three: I think I was a bit vague, I was wondering if I could implement my own font with out choosing from googles web fonts.

Don’t have a possibility of that. But need to talk and consider to update extra options. Thanks

Why no buys? Looks interesting.

Hope pouring purchases soon :)

Where’s the Sign up page ?

We didn’t style any login/signup page for it. You can use regular signup page of WP of your site. And hope there have bunch of plugins out there to provide this. Our demo site doesn’t provide signup function right now

Thanks a lot

Right, It’s cool theme I’ll purchase it soon !

Thanks @MuhammadJumaa.

Does BuddyPress work with this theme?

No sir. Thank you for interesting :)


The theme is beautiful! Just a few questions. - Is there a way to load sample content exactly as it is in the live preview here on Themeforest? I’m having a hard time figuring out how to work the template with the limited documentation. - The sample images didn’t load in, where can I find those? - When I change the colors the even when I replace the blue with another color everywhere blue is in the color section the menu and cart elements still show blue.

Thank you!


How was the dotted overlay added to the slider?

Thank you!

The slider added recently but it’s hard to import automatically for Rev slider. (LayerSlider bit easy and did auto importing) Therefore I wanna give you slider zip and please upload it there and hope this is better than any type of explanation.

Thanks a lot

Thank you!

Looks great so far – noticed a few bugs

1. Page builder—> image (top image/slider doesnt load in Safari or FF) 2. Mobile (iOS)—> Second layer menu hangs on Page builder when clicked.

Thank you really much. Will fix it soon.

Wonderful theme i have ever seen.

Thanks themestorm :)

Very nice site but not responsive on Windows Phone.

What is your mobile phone? nokia lumia etc? Need to check and fix it here.

Thanks for the notice

Hello, Nokia Lumia 920. This is a very common issue on Themeforest. Many developers to check their template behaviour on Windows Phone. They trust the online responsiveness tester. You did a very good job. I hope you fix your template so that I could buy it. Regards

Thank you sir. I don’t have Lumia phones right now. But I’ll check and fix soon. Tried to find proper emulator here


Nice theme!

However the mobile menu is not working properly on iOS devices.

Would it be possible to show the mobile menu on top of the page instead of sliding right?

Is it possible to hide the top menu bar on mobile

Regards t.n

Mobile menu style: My previous themes has dropdown style menus. But I think current style is efficient to show heavy menu content. Therefore we added this in this theme.

Top bar on mobile: Yeah we can hide it with a very simple css style

Thanks a lot

hello I want to buy your template, but I see that is not perfectly responsive. On my android phone LG.

Is your mobile has windows OS? Recently another visitor mentioned the theme doesn’t aspect responsive on Nokia lumia phone that has windows os. Suspect there have something wrong. Will check and fix it soon

Thanks a lot

my phone is a lg with android system. else, the home of the images that run in horizontal with the touch of a mouse, are the same in the tablet with your fingers? In the cell I saw the pictures fit the entire page, and you can not use the scroll with your fingers. x excuse my English. I write from italy

I don’t have an android phone. But I’ll check it and fixe there. Thanks for the noticing.


I love this template, but please can I use your template to achieve this design …

Header layout looks different. Hope other parts can do with it. Thanks for interesting :)