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The download files didn’t include the dummy data xml or PSD files. How can I get those?

I’m sorry sir. I’ve removed wrong description about the psd files. If you need to refund your money, you can send a ticket to envato support.

Thanks a lot

Appreciate that. What about the dummy data?

You can add dummy data with One click option which exists on Theme Options.

If you need source files of them and need to import manual method, you can find those in “framework/addon/wordpress-importer/files”

Thanks a lot

My ticket at your support page was closed without a reply. Ver bad customer service….

What is your ticket number sir? I guess you were created multiple ticket and merged there. But send me reply there and that means open you post again.

Thanks a lot

Hi there, Great work on the theme. I’ve been trying to install it on GoDaddy and I get “Internal Server Error” every time I upload it. Any idea as to why this may be?

Thank you.

Have you asked about it from your hosting provider?
I think our theme is not really different than regular themes. Can you install another themes there and let me know if those are fine.


hello. on the demo homepage, there is a section that says “Perfect Theme for Showing Your Products” with 4 images below that. these look to be static images. is there a way to make it so these images are actually products? I only have 4 products, so i’d like them to display on the home page.


Those are portfolio posts. Means those are dynamic and you can control those from products featured image.

Thanks a lot

i do not understand. can these be product images that link to the respective product? or is these feature only for portfolio posts? thx.

Those are featured images of portfolio posts. Typically those points single portfolio page when you click on them. But it’s possible to link another website or another page on some of your portfolio products. All the time I recommend to use Page links to plugin if my customers require custom link option. This is very easy and efficient method.

Hope you understand now. Thanks a lot


It would be nice to buy because it looks great

But the responsive menu freezes on Android Galaxy S3. (Sub menus precisely). Can’t buy. Any information regarding this issue?

Thank you for the notice. Will fix it soon. Thank you again

How do I remove the rounded corners from navigation with Custom CSS option?


.navbar-nav>li>a {
  border-radius: 0;
  -webkit-border-radius: 0;
  -moz-border-radius: 0;

Thanks :)

Thank you. One other… my footer widget area has two columns and I want the right column to align-right…

#footer .row > div:nth-child(2) { text-align:right; }

Thanks a lot

Bad customer support.

If you have a deep understanding of WP then go for it. If you’re just learning then spare yourself the headache and move onto to a different company for easier themes.

What’s wrong there? Seems answered your tickets and there was a upload file size limit there. Thanks

Hey Themeton.

Would I be able to get a refund for my purchase? I haven’t used the theme nor do I intend to.

I don’t have a capacity of that. If you have serious problem with it, you can send refund request to envato support.


Hi, wanted to check if you have a live example of this theme in an actual site? Would appreciate if you could share the website(s) address.

Hi sir,

Do you know any plugin that allows users can see everything on dashboard but doesn’t allow edit anything? I’m ready to give access everyone if I found this kind of restriction method.

Thanks a lot


Have just bought the theme, but are there not any demo content available?

Please go to “One Click Data” tab of Theme options. Thanks a lot

Two questions.

I can’t seem to find the area to change the color of the active page pill on the top menu. It is always the default blue and white hover.

Also in mobile, the four dashes to open the menu are white and not very visible until clicked and it turns black.


- Have you tried Active menu color option of Color customizer?

- I don’t understand what exactly you mean. Recently I’ve updated the theme and it has changes related mobile menu. Hope this helps you there. Please let me know if it doesn’t help you

Thanks a lot

Hi, Error “Internal Server Error” every time I upload it.

I have installed many wordpress on this hosting and never I had this problem. I tested with an alternative hosting and get the same problem.

Theme has multiple premium plugins and javascript libraries. Suspect your upload time or size exceeded. Can you upload it via ftp client?

Thanks a lot

Yes. I finally got manually.

Thank you. Good luck buddy!

How can I set the Title Image background for posts?

Now there have only bg option for page title area because post title styled just like part of post content section/body. But you wanna add it on all posts or only specific one? Please use there one of following custom styles

1. For all posts
.single-post {
  background-image:url(IMG.png) !important;
2. If it is need for only specific post/posts
postid-555 {
  background-image:url(IMG.png) !important;
Replace 555 with your post id and add the style on ThemeOptions=>Custom CSS field

Thanks a lot

Hi themeton,

great theme – I have one question: do we have the same page functions inside (like in mana theme) – I mean the “select menu and logo” function for each page?

Many thanks

No sir. Mana theme has advanced page customization option that provides those features.

Thanks a lot

I’ve insalled your theme here with some sample slider images—> ... When I go to the url in Firefox it works fine. When viewed in Explorer 9, the slider FLASH loading circle just spins and the first image never loads. On an older xp-pro laptop with Explorer 8, the home page is totally cockeyed and I get script errors from the respond.min.js file. And, if you scroll down the homepage, you will see several broken images that did not come with the download. Address the FLASH issure please. The others I can live with.

OK … I downloaded IE updates from Microsoft and updated my FLASH player to 12 and now I am seeing the slider in Explorer on my Windows 7 machine. However, I had a text layer in large black font on the slider images that is now just showing up as regular 12pt text and is ignoring the font setting in slides’ style. It must have been the FLASH player updated that broke that because it’s broken in Firefox too. I suppose I could add that text directly to the images in Photoshop but it will be a pain to change later if I so choose.


I hope you have solved problem. Also you have created awesome website!

Thank you.

Is there a way to animate the carousel in this theme? Seems like the only option is static and requires manual selection for the carousel to display through.

There don’t have an option for that right now. But I don’t think it is hard to update similar like 5 seconds animation etc. Please stay tuned next updates. Thanks

How do I invoke a multi column drop down menu like the one under the “Features” button in the 7Stars demo on the ThemeForest site? That was one of the main reasons for purchasing the theme.

Never mind … I found this inside the Dashboard Menu options by turning on the Mega Menu feature in the drop down under the top level menu item. Sorry.


You are welcome. I hope you’ve created wonderful website!

Thank you

How do I change the width of the dropdown/sub menu?

There don’t have an option for that. But we can change it with simple line of css as
.navbar-nav ul.dropdown-menu { width:150px }
Use it on Custom CSS field of Theme Options. Default value sets 180px

Thanks a lot

Hola. I need to work on a web, is this theme 100% compatible with buddypress

Thx :D

Honestly I didn’t tested the theme with it and I don’t wanna lie. But hope it will fine to show buddypress sections as default as plugin shows. Thanks

Hi, muy contento con la compra, fantastic theme.

When you insert a video background not is launched, how I do in order for a video background is launched and continuing.

Congratulations for the theme.


Thank you. Good luck!

hello. is the chance of made a Language option?

Theme compatible with wpml translation plugin. Thanks