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Nice theme! congrats and good luck with sales :)

Thank you! :)

Great theme ! GLWS :)

Thanks! :)

Nice Job! GLWS! ;)

Thanks pal :)

Is there an option in the admin for boxed layout.

Hello, There is not such an option right now , but it will be added in the next udpdate. If you buy it now write an email at support@teslathemes.com and we will help you out. Regards.

Nice work, GLWS. :)

Thank you :)

Hi, Is there a way to make the built in services entries on the homepage links? I would like them to link to a specific page. I would also like to just have the icon and the title, no description. The way I did that was to add the hidden class in the css but if there is a better way I would love to know. www.hyperride.net is the link if it helps you.

Hello, There is a way , but a link options must be added and the view code changed a bit. Please write to support@teslathemes.com to sort this out. Cheers.

I received an email response from someone at support@ and I approved the 2 hours of custom coding they quoted me and asked how to proceed but I have not received any response back. This was on Wednesday last week. Can you look into that? Support@ doesn’t seem to be responding back to me.

Hello , for some reason your response was marked as spam email by the gmail system. We are sorry for this. You will get a discount promo code through the email. Also the link to where you can pay will be delivered by email. Kind Regards.

Hi there, Love the theme!

Is the boxed layout update sorted?

Yes…I want this theme, but I need the boxed layout. When will that be ready?

We will update it tomorrow ))

That’s great, thank you! :)

Is there a reason why they site looks fine in chrome but in Firefox, Opera and IE it looks different. But in IE it looks TOTALLY off. Is there something im not setting up right? www.hyperride.net

On all pages in IE 11. In Opera the top nav bar is not sized properly. On Chrome and Firefox the site looks the same and as it should.

all social media icons are not visible in IE, the services icons do not show, only the background color, and all content seems to be left aligned.

All topics on forum please!

9.8.14 (urgent)


Need to know …. this theme good for a WP newbie? For individual / corporate wellness site. E-commerce, calendar to added later.

No CSS knowledge. Zip.

Also … can blog be featured on HOME page in one column, with other columns?

Thanks and await your kind (and fast) reply!


Yes, you can handle it very easy. Install it, import our demo and start customizing it.

Great theme! I was wondering if it works with WPML? And my second question is when will the boxed version be available? I would like to see how it looks.

Hi Omed,

Yes, this theme is WPML compatible. We will think about implementing the boxed version with the next update.


Thanks for the fast response, It is great to hear that. I will wait for the next update to see the results first.