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does anyone response to questions any more?

Alex, I have been using Seventeen for several years now for a college department website. Lots of great features and works for our needs. Thanks.

I have one question: I am extensively using the Toggled Content shortcode in the site, but that function has stopped working. Everything is stuck in Open. I noticed that the same is true on the Live Demo of the theme. Can you help me out? Thanks.

i’m thinking to buy this theme, but i’m worried about last 2 questions not getting answered.

i have the same problem in the test site, and i would like to know if it will get fixed soon.


mashtahtheboss, I would not buy this theme again. It worked just fine when I bought it 2 years ago, but it has not been updated for newer versions of WordPress. Currently, all of the shortcodes appear to be broken and you cannot perform simple formatting in posts or pages.

This theme has not been fully supported. You can see that by the comments above. I am going to look for a similarly designed theme from an established developer. My advice would be to do the same.

I need to increase the width of the drop down nav menu (the child menu’s) so it fits all my text in.

I’ve had a look and play with the css file but cannot seem to get it right, can you help please?

Yep, my suggestion too, don’t buy this theme if you want something that is responsive and ready for WP 4 (upcoming).

Don’t buy this theme. It looks great, but it has some n00b coding :-).

If I could grade the support within the numbers 1 till 10, I would give it a -5000.

This author does not give anything about support, avoids critical questions. Blames bad coding on others except himself.