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I bought this theme and every time someone clicks on my twitter share button from a blog it ends the twitter post with @satanmkr. How do I remove this?


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Sir I Am Having Problem while using adsens ads . my ads showing blank

you can add mod Play and Stop GIFs

Thank you admin for sharing this wonderful template. i m using sevida v2.5 template in my website. but there are few bugs in this templates. if possible please give me solution to overcome this problem.

problem: Ads doesn’t show in the side bar and any other place without adsense ads, i want to insert other companies ads without google adsense. how to overcome this problems? my website: http://www.24latestupdates.com

I am waiting for your answer. i hope you will response. thank you

I bought the model Sevida and I can not put the google adsense ads, erase all the posts that is one of the problems. I want a solution please, in case I want another template or my money back. Thank you

Who know why this template cannot show content in private browser? Many Thanks!

I am using Sevida Blogger Template. In documentation, it is written to put ads like this:

I added in my Blog:


But it is not working in Google Adsense Below Post Title, Google Adsense Inside the Post , no where. Please help!

I bought the model Sevida I Am Having Problem while using adsens ads, erase all the posts that is one of the problems. I want a solution please!

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Review Short codes is not working.

I added Review Short codes as mentioned in Documentation:

[review] fellow Earthicans, as I have explained in my book Earth in the Balance, and the much more popular Harry Potter and the Balance of Earth, we need to defend our planet against pollution. Also dark wizards but I know you in the future back in our hands.[/content]

of play[/item]


Here I applied: http://www.droidphoria.com/2017/03/Best-Android-Apps-2017.html

But values are Showing 0 Only.

Hello, I have the problem that no comment box appears

I repeat support is not available so, please don’t buy and if you have any problem in template contact me my site http://www.damnsexypic.com (Sevida 2.5)


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tema sahibi neden destek vermiyor?