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Nice style, congrats, wish you the best with sales :)

Sold! ;) Just one question, are the icons from “What we do” included? Thanks!


Yup, they’re included :)

cheers, themewoodmen

Clean and beautiful!

Nice theme!

Good luck with sales!

When is the WP version coming? Lol.

sorry, we don’t plan WP for sextus… would be a bit too easy no? :))


Hello, Very nice theme. Do you have a site setup off themeforest that I could check out the mobile version? It looks like it is responsive.


Hi, Great theme! how do I get the contact form working?



Thanks! We’re glad you like it!

I’m sorry, but the template itself doesn’t handle sending emails.

I recommend you use some kind of PHP form2mail, like this one:

You may also google for “php form mailer” – this is exactly what you need.

Thanks themewoodmen

Will sextus be available for Wordpress soon? Also, if it will be available what is the customization availability? Thanks!

Will sextus be available for Wordpress soon? Also, if it will be available what is the customization availability? Thanks!

Hi Hrashid,

I’m sorry, but we do not plan to release Sextus WP. If you really need it, we can prepare dedicated theme for you as a custom service.

Thanks, themewoodmen

I had to remove and reorder some of the blocks from this theme and after doing this the blocks do not slide into position properly. basically the last block (Content) doesn’t make it to the top as it does in the example file. is there a setting that i need to change, maybe in the JS to tell the scroller where to stop or is this a matter of not having enough blocks (pixels) to work with the slider? let me, I am trying to sort this out before Friday if possible. Thanks, Ken

Hi Ken,

Don’t worry – please mail us on with URL to your site where you altered the code and we’ll simply do that for you :)

Cheers! themewoodmen

Thanks! Email sent, looking forward to the reply. Thanks again

We got your mail, I’ll reply you ASAP

What a great theme! I really like its simplicity and straightforwardness! Is there any way you could share the .EPS file so I can change the logo in Illustrator? Thanks in advance and great job!

Hi, please mail us on, we’ll send it to you :)

Love your work. I would love to see this turned into a full site template (columns, tabs, typography, etc.), similar to your other responsive themes. Do you have plans for that?

Hi jacemouse, I’m sorry but no such plans for Sextus. It was suppoused to be a simple one pager and we prefer to keep it that way. Sorry to let you down, you sure any of out other layouts won’t work for you?

Thanks for your interest! Themewoodmen

Great, simple, but has the essentials for grabbing someones eye, just pleasing to work on. Had a question, and within 2 hours, these guy got me the code I needed to fix it. thanks for making a great design

Is it possible to embed video into the Our Featured Work section?

Hi ktevlin,

Not out of the box but I spoke with our suppor team and they will gladly help you out. Could you please add a new issue at our support forum: and explain exactly what type of video you would like to embed and whether video should be visible in thickbox or in small thumb.

Thanks, ThemeWodomen