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Nice job, GLWS o7


nice template, good job


Great to see the HTML version, good luck bro :)


Nice Job! GLWS! ;)


Alf mabrouk ya mahmoud, GLWS ya bro ;)

3abiby 3abiby

Great theme ! Good luck with sales! ;)


Mobile menu doesn’t activate upon click in FF, Chrome or IE… can you take a look at it? Thanks

Hi, It must open it direct not resize the browser .

I just saw that, Thanks for your reply and Great Theme!!!

You are welcome any time , Please don’t forget rate the template 5 stars :) .

Hi, Currently having some difficulties with my current theme and am thinking about purchasing this one to replace it.

I am a food blogger and often post recipes. Are their features that support this?

Also, I will need to support banner and sidebar ads. Is this theme capable of handling these in various sizes?

Thanks! Missy

Hi, This only template HTML not WordPress ,

The WordPress version will show in market on a few days .

About the blog the WordPress sure support this .

About the ads what would you like about sizes ?

Hi, please keep me updated as this gets published for WordPress. The ad sizes would be 300×600 and 160×600 sidebar ads

Ok and i’ll add this sizes :)

There seems to be an issue with the Mobile Nav in iOS 8.1 but not in iOS 7. When you open Menu dropdown and scroll down it keeps adding menu items forever. My website is launching tomorrow and need to fix this! Thanks!

Example: http://imgur.com/wR8UIGX

Please send my in my profile your site to see it :)

Everything is fixed :) Great support!

Thanks man, you are welcome any time :)

Hello again, i think theres a bug with the top header. When you are on mobile the header pushes the image slider down properly so you can see everything in image. However when you are regular PC the image goes behind the header and you cant see the top of image.

Hello, please send me a screenshot for your problem ?

And the menu now work good ?

See how in the first image the image goes behind the header? On the second image which is mobile it is pushed down correctly. http://imgur.com/a/KKpOo

Please send my in my profile your site to see it :)

Hello, I need for someone to look into the sexy food template I purchased. The type is not responsive and doesn’t transition into a mobile friendly design. Still waiting on a response to the status on whether someone can assist me with getting the template mobile responsive.


Hi, Please give me a screenshot for the problem to see it.

Do you think the problem is related to the media query?

Where is the option to upload a screenshot. The image isn’t hosted anywhere.

Here’s the link to the image at that site. http://imgur.com/REALR3I

Great, kindly wait for our support team to answer you question :)

Were you able to view the image of the mobile verison

Hi, Just buy your wordpress theme and downloaded it. After uploading it to my wordpress site themes, it does not work. It says it needs to contain a stylesheet and template. Can you please help me, so I can use the theme. Thanks! Regards Olaf.

I have contacted theme forest help, is that the same company them as envato?

Will wait for their answer… Going to sleep now, it’s midnight in Europe. Thanks.

Yes same company, Good night :)

Hi great theme. Problem im having is Menu is being added twice in header with logo in the middle. So HOME – ABOUT US – OUR FOOD – CONTACT US is showing also on the right of header ?

Thanks Mich

Hello, you buy the WordPress theme but you type a comment in the HTML template :D

Please type in the WordPress item you comment again and please explain it more because i’m don’t understand what you mean?

Ok sorry didn’t realise it was html support. Will put my issue on WP support ????????

No problem, i’ll see it now :)

How do I update the font color in the paragraph text?

Hello, this account didn’t buy the template, so why we should answer any questions??? If you already purchase the template from another account kindly comment with the other account or kindly help the support team by sending the purchase code, otherwise we will not respond to any questions.


This is an inappropriate and unprofessional comment. We buy dozens of themes each year, usually from this account. If you want to look up that the other account purchased it, we created a support request May 10th to install sample data. If you’re not willing to help us with a simple request like this, font color, then we will definitely be giving you 1 star for bad customer support. We’re in the process of getting access to the other account, which we never use.

Look, you have 2 ways to get support: first way is providing purchase code to the support team – second way is to comment with the account you purchase with. Regards

How do we update the font color in the paragraph text? Please answer without delay.


You mean HTML version or what? because i’m see you don’t buy HTML version!

No, we are trying to change the font color in the wordpress version


You type a comment at HTML version!

Please type a comment at WordPress version and add a screenshot for the area you mean.