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so I have dealt with this theme before. I was wondering can we add another set of steps to the homepage? I know right now it only allows for 3 columns 1 row for steps. How would I add 6 steps to the theme editor? So that we can have 2 rows/ 3 columns?

Nevermind figured it out.

Ok, let me know if I can help.

Hey. Which exactly is the zipped file to be uploaded to the themes on wordpress? In the file I downloaded from you there is documentation etc, and a folder called “Upload these files” which has a 2 folders inside it, but no zipped file!


You can push control + right click or control + click to zip the file. I wasn’t aware there wasn’t a zip available. But if you would like, just shoot me an email and I can send you the zip.

Thanks Justin

Do you mean the sub-folder called Shaka or Shaka-child?

Never mind, I got it!

Hey, How can I move the pin on the map in the about section? I tried to change the image of the map itself, but looks like the pin is dropped on top later.

The steps feature on the home page seems to be broken for me.. one of the step arrows is a different size from the other. How can I fix this? http://www.sohumforall.com/

If I don’t have a featured image for a page, how I get rid of the white space on the top? It will be impossible to have a featured image for every single page!

I am trying to use your custom support page for this item, as it looks like you are more active in responding to questions there. However, I am not able to locate the Item purchase code. I bought the theme here on themeforest.

Thanks a lot. I do understand.

I registered with the purchase license number but I did not get any email with the password/activation link. So I cannot access the forum. Can you tell me how to access this forum now? It will not let me register again.


Just send me an email through my profile page with your issues. I think I had it, but it’s not showing in my inbox, so if you could send it again that would be great. I will have a look first thing tomorrow.

Thanks Justin

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I managed to fix those old issues. I do have a new one- Any email sent from the contact page does not come to me. I am not sure if there is a setting I am missing somewhere or if I need to add my address somewhere… Please help! Thanks a ton. Also, I am having trouble with the twitter feed too.

I have noticed that the twitter feed has stopped working with a warning: “Twitter Authentication data is incomplete”

I realize there is a new Twitter API.. is this something that needs to be update to your theme or through twitter’s app center?


Twitter changed their api recently. Shoot me an email and I can help out.

thanks Justin

Where do the emails from the contact page go to? Should I be adding my email address somewhere? I do not get them in my admin inbox.

Hi. Great template. Is Version 2.0 the latest version of this template? I’ve looked on your support forum, on Themeforest and even downloaded a fresh copy of the template and can’t readily tell if there’s a newer version released or not. I would love to read a CHANGE LOG as well. Please direct me to one. Thank you.

There are two problems with this theme.

1) It does an `wp_enqueue_script` with a name that conflicts with Wordpress, ‘accordion’—this causes /wp-admin/js/accordion.min.js to be referenced

2) The theme references ’/framework/js/init-countdown.js’ which does not exist

Shoot me an email via my profile and I can help out.

Thanks Justin

This is an awesome theme. The support is also great and prompt. I have used it on my company’s website and I love the way it look. I highly recommend it.


does this theme work with WP 4.x?

Yes, it’s compatible with WP 4+. Thanks!


Hi, I bought this theme and it mostly works with WP4+. Thanks! However the FAQ script won´t work. It does not work even in the documentation page so there might be some serious issue. Can you fix this so that the FAQ would work? Does not work here either: http://themes.siiimple.com/shaka/faq/

Thanks for letting me know. Feel free to shoot me an email with wp-admin details and I can put in that fix right away. And remove the search box as well.

Thanks Justin


how do I remove the search box?

Hi, is this theme compatible with WordPress 4.8.1?

Hi, yes it is. Thanks!