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Hello nice themes, i wondering if i have both of properties and boats .
i can make 1 website and add properties and boats in same time as boat and car same idea?
or i need to seperate them?


This is a great theme! Who can support them? I have make some tweaks for car-dealer, and work in last wp version. Only can’t put the search slider with an integer number. Only can with commas.


Is the support still offline?


I am having an issue using WPML. When translating from English, the IDX widget will not show up and says “account not found” with a red. Listing in widget show fine in English tho. I’m having a hard time figuring out its just not showing the regular data as I am telling WPML not to translate IDX info. Any help would be great. thank you

can i use this theme for multiple dealers? I mean one single site, for several dealers, where the user can search for a car and see what dealers has it. or you can search for a dealer and see all his inventory. a web site like, Thanks in advance

I just reinstalled the latest version of this, but the bon toolkit widgets are not showing up under widgets…


nasan Purchased

Working properly on latest version of Wordpress anyone?


if youre having this issue, you can fix it here

youll need to go to public_html/Your Directory Here/wp-content/plugins/bon-toolkit and edit the <em> bon-toolkit.php </em>

On line 408, you will see ” include ('includes/options.php');

Youll need to replace it with include( plugin_dir_path( __FILE__ ) . 'includes/options.php');

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we have hosted the website in windows hosting, we are facing following issues.

We are not able to update any plugins and the theme from Wordpress Dashboard.



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Anyone else available for freelance and can help with getting this theme to work with the latest version of Wordpress? Please contact me!

Any update of this ????

If anyone is looking for search-form.php to change the ‘type’ e.g Fuel Type you have to find them in the searches/ folder on the server – not in the Wordpress install. Search your install for these directories below and you will find the file that contains the options in the dropdown that you want to change. Had to share – this took me hours to find considering there is no support for this theme. <?php require_once( ‘searches/property.php’ ); require_once( ‘searches/car.php’ ); require_once( ‘searches/boat.php’ );


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Build Your own Search Form with shandora is not working. Can someone help please, ty

Bon Toolkit is now giving me a fatal error when trying to activate. Please advise


is it possible to have memberships levels according with the amount of information they can list? For example, a free membership would allow them to list name, 1 photo and address only. The least expensive paying membership (basic) include everything in the free membership, but also the possibility to add amenities and photo gallery. The next membership (premium) include all the previous packages features plus contact details (email, phone, website) and social media links.

Best regards

Hello all, considering that the author is AFK for a long time now, i was wondering if we could build a community and share infos to correct the differents bugs and make this template compatible with wp 4.2. Since my last update i have a bug on the public part of the site: thumbnails of car photos are showing the previous phot when you click on them….

Hello, Please forgive my absent due to health issue, I’m back now and currently working on catching up on WordPress latest version, I will get back with new update of course. and possibility to restart the theme with new framework, I also currently working on finding some other dev to help me out with this.

It seems editing any pages shows nothing on the page, text, visual and a tab called ‘undefined’ . Any idea what the issue might be?

Call to undefined function bon_toolkit_set_options() in /home/ppcctx/public_html/home/wp-content/plugins/bon-toolkit/bon-toolkit.php on line 410

This fixed it: include( plugin_dir_path( FILE ) . ‘includes/options.php’);