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Sweet template. Great job, and perfect for clients needing a little starter site.

Thanks Voodoogal :)

Dear epicera, (and everyone reading this comment) All the above confusion because I did not receive your mail due to an e-mail server problem on my end, you actually did offer all your help on time, but I missed it. All is resolved now. and I’m looking forward on new project involving again, your great templates.



Hi Epicera, Can’t find layered files corresponding to the first panel in light HTML version (logo and tagline). All examples of panel 1 seem to have been flattened in the psd’s.Your help greatly appreciated. Again, really terrific concept. Thanks, again!

Hi there – I actually did that on purpose to make things simpler and smaller in the download, but send me over an email and I can forward you the layered version :)

It seems that I can’t find the background psd that was used as the first image on the cuber. It’s the big black box that has your logo on it. You provided 2 smaller versions but no bigger versions like the contact section or the cuber background. Anyway I could get a copy of that? Thanks!

- EDIT -- Forgive me, idiot moment. I found the layer that has what I need.. :)

Send me an email, I’ll forward that layered graphic to ya :)

Nice theme! Just purchased it to use on my personal site.

I don’t really know Photoshop so was wondering if you could email me the blank images you have used. The black carbon style ones heading each section. i.e. the Shapefshifter one used in Slide_1, Welcome let’s have a look around, and The Shapeshifter Gallery. I found the serices_box…

Thanks in advance.

Hi there – just send me an email from my profile page and I’ll get it to you quickly :)

is there a way to set the image gallery so that i can have my clients edit it on their own and add new images to the page? say add xml code to that area and use an xml editor? or would u suggest using the wordpress theme one will that allow the photos to be added and changed?

Hi, great template! I don’t seem to be able to find a layered file for the first slide of the cu3er. I’d like to use the background image, but type my own text instead of “Shapeshifter – one page infinite possibilities” + the layered image for “Shapeshifter gallery”.

Thank you

Hi Keith, Just send me an email and I’ll get it to ya :) B

sent you an email.

thanks very much :)

Well I never got a reply from Epicera, but I managed to figure it out for myself. It’s a good template. My site is now live here

Hi Huxley – So sorry if I missed your comment, I’ll go back and hunt it down right now :)

It’s all good. Got your reply, it’s sorted anyway. Great template!

Bought this template and I LOVE IT !!! Two quick questions though.

1. Can the bar on the bottom be hidden by default then pop up when clicked?

2. I hope this isnt an pain but how can I switch to the Square Conner Theme for prettyphoto. I checked the documentation their site and didnt find my answer.

Any help would be greatly apreciated.

Thank you in advance! A

Good questions.

1. Sure – I did a little experimenting and arrived at this: on footer.php, add this to the main footer div:

style=”display: none;”

Like this: {div id=”footer” class=”toggle_container” style=”display: none;”}

You’ll also want to switch the up/down graphics by renaming them to each other :)

2. It’s actually on this page, but it’s tricky to find: http://www.no-margin-for-errors.com/projects/prettyphoto-jquery-lightbox-clone/documentation/

Add the following to the shapeshifter.js file inside the prettyPhoto activation script:

theme: ‘light_rounded’, /* light_rounded / dark_rounded / light_square / dark_square / facebook */

Cheers! Brandon

Thank you for the info! Sadly I tried passing the variable and had no luck! I know this really isnt your responcibility to help me with this further but any advice would again be appreciated. I don’t want to copy and paste my code here but I added it exactly as it appeared and it disabled the JS on the site.

Not sure where to go from here. Best A

Great theme epicera! I have one simple question that you may or may not have the answer too..

I am wondering that would be the easiest way to implement the “blog” into this version, not the wordpress version? Is it even possible?

I have done a lot of modifications to the original and would prefer not to have to buy the wordpress version and mess around with the php to get it the way I want, but I DO need a blog.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be great. Thanks again buddy!

Hi gauchomatt

Thanks for the comment and question :)

Unless you are really comfortable coding custom blogs, I wouldn’t recommend trying to integrate the blog from the Wordpress version into the straight HTML version. That said, what you could do is simply keep the HTML version as is, and then link a “Blog” button to a fresh install of the Wordpress version… although that might be defeating the purpose of splitting the two up altogether since it creates more work than should be necessary.

One other thing to note is that because the HTML and Wordpress versions are essentially coded onto the same basic framework, it should be pretty easy to port any updates that you’ve made over to the Wordpress version – once you get the WP version installed it shouldn’t take more than an hour to get everything moved over.

Hope that helps!

Hey Epicura! Thanks so much for the awesome template. This has been a real easy experience editing the code and understanding how you put it together. As a purchaser of this template, I have a quick question.

I have been trying to find a way to code this to have a current rollover background color when it is on each specific section and am not having any luck. This would be an easy task on a multiple page website but with everything here on one page, it seems like it is a little trickier. Any help with this is much appreciated!

I was planning on using the ”#navigation li a:hover{background: #2ab5e8;}” as my rollover when it was on a specific section. Do you have any ideas that would help my journey in this? Thanks so much!


Hi Josh,

Thanks for the comments :)

In regards to your question, if I hear you correctly, you want to have a different css:hover property when you are on different site sections (which sounds pretty cool btw!) – I’d recommend checking into how you might use Javascript to flip the style – I haven’t done this myself so I have no clue how this should work, but here’s a quick article that I found to help get you started:


Cheers! Brandon

I will dig into this further! Thanks so much!



Nice work!

There is a dead link to “single.html.” is there another single html page that comes with the purchsed version?

Hi epicera, Amazing Work to Start with.I’m trying to change the background(HTML Version).Unfortunately its not happening.Any kinda help from you will be appreciated.Thanks

This should be pretty simple, good question though – just add a CSS background rule to the custom CSS section in the admin panel:



I bought this but there are no css files included? Not sure whats going on but I need the css files.

Hello epicera, Awesome work! One question… will I be able to make multiple image galleries?


Yep :) It’s just a page template, so you can have none, 1, or 50… it’s totally your call as to what the content is.

Hello epicera, cool. thanks man. Just one more question… can i load multiple images per thumbnail here like in your FLEX template? Cheers!

Yep – the implementation is slightly different, but it’s all there in the official documentation :)

Cheers! Brandon


just want to say, many thanks – great theme

one question, is it possible to change the individual roll-over colours of the categories on the left hand side (pages). At the moment it is black, and when you roll over it, it is red. Can this colour be changed for each seperate page? i.e. black to yellow etc.

thanks in advance

does this come with the flash that is on the homepage? how do you edit that?

Yep – it’s just an XML file that controls it – so you just link to your images in there and adjust the transitions using the provided documentation :) B