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Great template, I just have a little problem. I am editing the left menu and when I write Japanese characters or normal roman numbers the browser will not show them. If I write normal letters in between they will be shown but numbers and Japanese characters as if they weren’t there, but in fact they are in the code.

I know it must be some simple thing in the css files, but I can’t find it no matter what I do.

Thank you.

I answer myself. I found the problem. It is something related to the avenir.font it seems it won’t work with japanese and numbers. Just delete all the lines on the header related to this font and it’s solved.

how to change font in shapeshifter?

Just create a new CUFON font using the free generator online, and then replace the file that we’re using in the scripts folder with the new file. Finally, just make the change in header.php and shapeshifter.js to link to your new font file :)

Thanks a lot ;)

One more question, how to add menu category? Actually i have one more, but it doesn;t works.

nevermind. done ;)

Great job Epicera !

This theme is a great start in order to quickly publish a nice and clean web page. The html code is clean and easy to “hack”. The same for the css code. I didn’t had any problem to customise these files.

I had a problem with cuton : the font file doesn’t include special chars like éèàù which are very common in latin languages like french and the avenir font is not free. So I had to use an another one.

You can see the result here : http://atelier-danse-macon.com


This template looks very nice! Does it support video on the portfolio page, in the lightboxes?

I’d like to buy the red version of the ShapeShifter theme. At the demo version the main animation doesn’t work. Is it a unique problem, or the red version doesn’t contain animation?

Thanks, András

I would like to use this template, but it must be compatible on the ipad, is there another slide show available for the front page that isnt flash?


Yep – you can actually use any slideshow that you’d like – I’ve just dropped flash in there for the demo, but it can be anything :)

Are there any home page slide show options that arent cuber? Id kike this to work in the ipad.


Any chances to add here mp3 player? I ask before buying.


Yep – you could easily add a basic MP3 player through Flash or a variety of other free plugins :)

Just an FYI , that your included Avenir Cufon font doesn’t even support numeric digits on h2 tags. You really should have basic number support in your bundle.

Hi Epicera,

A client of mine is using this theme and everything is great except for a security issue that a few of us have been running into when using Google Chrome (haven’t tested other browsers).

I get a red warning screen saying: Warning visiting this site may harm your computer.

This warning is also displayed when i preview the template on Themeforest.

Kind Regards, Mark

Hiya Mark – this was an isolated incident related to my server – everything should be back up and running now :)

Thanks for the heads up! Brandon

Hey I was just wondering where the wordpress version of this template has gone?

Getting ready to purchase this theme but have one question first. Is it possible to have one of the other pages be the home page. So say the client does not want the Cu3er thing for the home page but the simple ABOUT page would act as the home page – is that possible? Thanks, Pauly


where do you change the favicon in the theme?


Was hoping you could help me with something.

I would like to make all the boxes in the navigation area the same width.

Could you please give me some direction on how to do this? It’s probably something simple… but I’ve been tinkering around and I’m just not sure where to change what.

I hope you can help me.

Thank you, thank you! Tina

Hi there,

Just a reminder that support questions like this can be posted at the support forum: http://support.makedesignnotwar.com :)

Cheers! Brandon

Guess your answer is no.


have a question regardig the contact form. I installed the themes with 2 different ISP and the theme works flawless on 1 ISP but in the other one I get an error message when I try to use the mail form:

Error message is:

“405 Resource not allowed

The method specified in the Request Line is not allowed for the resource identified by the request. Please ensure that you have the proper MIME type set up for the resource you are requesting.

Please contact the server’s administrator if this problem persists.”

I contacted the Hosting company and they old me that they will install the MIME type for me.

My question is the following: What MIME type did you use for the contact form?

Hi, I made a mistake, i’ve downloader the WP version but expect the simple html one … Something you could do for me ?


Check inside the “html-bonus” folder :)