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Team rotator NOT work in mobile resolution screen. missing controls arrows


yes, the controls are hidden there because they are outside the container and if i leave them in small devices they would cause an overflow.

Best regards

may be would be worth include auto rotation in small devices?

Hi! after the enabling a standard caching in general settings, module SP Quick Contact stops sending the letter. When caching site Disables – again starts Mail


Try this :

Open sp quick contact form module and in “advanced” tab select Caching : “No caching”.

This setting will be disable contact’s caching.


ITs Working, Regards!

Hi, I’d like to buy your template but I have Joomla! 2.5.11. It’s not working for this one right? Please let me know asap. Thanks!


unfortunately no. It works with joomla 3.+ Thank you for your interest.

Kind regards

Hi I can not install the SHEMA template for Joomla. As soon as the intallation process starts, stays there for a long time and nothing happens. Other templates can be installed/ uninstalled without troubles. Can you please give me advises how to get the SHEMA installed and working?

Thanks a lot.

Best regards

Where can I customize the loader text?


Open index.php ( line 25-29 ). Path is : ../templates/shema/index.php

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Can you publish all the sizes of the images that are left out? I’m having a hard time right now figuring out what size to make the front page slider images.

Hello, They are 1920×1080 (px). Kind regards

HI, I had some custom work done on this template by yourself a while back. I just wanted to know how can I update the template with the new font awesome icons and rocksproket without having to overwrite the custom work?

please advise



you can download the latest version of font awesome icons (v4.4.0), extract the package, copy the files from css folder and replace the files fontawesome.css and fontawesome.min.css in ../templates/shema/css/.. Then do the same with the content of “fonts” folder.

You can update the roksprocket extension to its latest version through the backend without problems.

Best regards

Also, how can i add new new module positions top left and top right (they should be before the menu.

Hi, I have moved my website over to https://. Now the template calls on some google fonts which are not https

Which file has the reference to the google fonts ?,200,300,400,500,600,700,900,100italic,300italic,400italic,700italic,900italic

found it., it is in options.php

Hi, when will this template be made compatible with joomla 3.5? I really like it, but I want to use joomla 3.5.

It will be very soon. Best regards

Hi! I went through your tutorial to set up my home menu, but I’m having trouble getting it to stack horizontally (left to right, like yours). Right now it is on the right stacking vertically. Is there something I am missing?


bmvfx Purchased

Hello, I installed a quickstart of template shema, and I was done de upgrade to joomla 3.7.4 , now I’m having trouble in scrolling menu, it’s don’t work! Can you please give tell me how to get one version the shema template installed and working ! Best regards