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Morning Christine

Thanks again for your reply and answer….that is good news indeed if that is all the problem is.

I will in future ensure the images in the slider are reduced correctly.

By the way, I chose your theme because it is one that actually behaves itself when opened in IE8 an IE9 .

Looking forward to getting the Blog up and running now.

Best Regards Neil

Thank you for the feedback Neil,

I do try to test my themes in every browser possible. :)

If you have any further issues please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Thanks, Christine

Hi Christine.

Steadily setting up the Blog for my club….all going ok.

This question may be beyond your remit of the Shift Theme, but I just need to ask. I need to add several more actual pages, so is it possible to enlarge (widen) the black bar where the page titles appear so that all pages can be within this bar ?

Thanks Neil

Hi Christine I have a question about the Slider Image , everytime i upload one it positions a bit down to right. is there a solution for this ?

Picture : http://i45.tinypic.com/11iol0m.jpg

Thanks :)

Glad to hear it is working for you now. :)

Sorry Christine For Bothering You, But is there ability to change background color :) because there is a setting in Customize but each time i change background color nothing happens :)



That seems to be an issue with the theme. I’m going to be going over all my themes in the next month and bringing them up to par with my latest ones. Are you comfortable with editing HTML? If not are you ok with waiting for an update?


I dont know how to edit the HTML LOL :) But its ok i’ll wait :)

Edit : I searched in the HTML i found an URL for background img :) i changed it and it worked :)

one more question _ iknow you gonna kill me LOL

but the post i blog dont show as full size :) they appear only half ( talking the size of the theme :) ) is there an edit to the HTML which can edit that :)?


Are you able to supply me with a link to your blog?

Thanks, Christine

Hi Christine

Happy New Year !

No question for once,, just a quick comment to say that I am loving the theme now that I have got used to editing and updating my Club’s Blog. Just have to persuade my Club members to actually Blog themselves !

I note that you will be updating your themes soon….will I automatically know when this is done or shall I log back into Themeforest to find put ?

Keep up the good work

Best Regards Neil

Happy New Year Neil! :)

I’m glad to hear that you are still enjoying the theme. I will be updating all or most of my themes to a responsive layout and also adding more features, tidying up the code, etc. The only way at the moment to know of new updates is to follow me on Twitter, Facebook.

I post about new updates, features, etc on Twitter mainly. I will figure out a way of adding an update notice to my themes at some point. :)

Thanks, Christine

Hello Christine

Hope you are ok and doing well in your new Freelance venture !

Still enjoying using the Theme. It has proved to be a great move forward fro our little Club. I have a several questions regarding the SHIFT Theme…..

1. I have selected 15 Posts from the advanced section of my Dashboard. My question is, what happens if I need to add more than 15 Posts. Do I have to delete Posts to add more ?

2. One of my Posts has recently disappeared. I originally linked one of the slider photos to the Post, however on deleting the photo from the slider, I think the actual Post was deleted as well. Is this a usual thing o be expected ?

3. Is there a way to increase the number of Pages ? I would ideally like to have a couple more if possible.

Thanks in advance Regards Neil

Hi Neil,

Yes everything is going great. Although very busy but can’t complain. :)

I’m happy to see that you are still using the Shift theme. :bashfulcute:

I’ll try to answer your questions as best as I can.

1. Tumblr only allows you to have 15 posts maximum per page on your blog. This is not theme related unfortunately. The only way around it would be to add infinite scroll to the theme. Is that something you would like to see added to the theme?

2. Removing the link from the slider image would not delete your blog post. You may need to double check that the post it showing in your dashboard and if not maybe contact Tumblr.

3. If you would like to add more custom pages you would need to do this through the customisation panel when editing the theme. Scroll down to ‘Pages’ and click on +Add a Page. Add in your page details and then hit the Save button. You will now have a new page.

I hope that answers all of your questions clearly enough. Let me know if you have any further questions or issues.


Morning Christine Thanks for your quick response.

1. An infinite scroll would be very useful for my Blog, as I am now getting more club members asking for me to add their reports. Is this an easy thing to do? Does it go beyond my License for the Shift Theme?

2. I will check my missing report again. I may have accidentally deleted it somehow !

3. Re the extra Pages. I know how to add extra pages, however what I find is that if add anymore then the extra pages appear under (outside) of the black ‘pages’ line at the top of the Theme. I was wondering if the black line could be widened perhaps to incorporate a second line of pages ? I have 11 pages at the moment…anymore that that will make the next pages drop under and outside of the black line.

here is a link to my tumbler blog if you need to see what I mean:


I have just added 2 extra test pages to hopefully explain things…you will see that they are both below the line..

Thanks again Neil

Hi Neil,

With infiniite scroll it is best to not have a footer so we would have to remove that before installing infinite scroll. So the theme isn’t really designed with infinite scroll in mind.

Ah I see the issue you are having with the menu bar. Could you email me at support@wildemedia.co.uk so I can walk you through the right way of increasing the height of the menu bar.



cool theme !

I have a few questions:

1.)Can I change the size of the slider on the top ?960×300 looks not so good. 2.)Can i change the size of the picures i post ? If i post 10 photos at once ,they are very small. The right sidebar have to be a little smaller. 3.)The shadow looks not so good, can i change it . I want a full white backround without chadows.

4.) Insted of a flickr feed, i want a Facebook feed, thats possible .

thx a lot

Hi Bravissimo83,

Thank you for purchasing my Shift Tumblr theme. It is greatly appreciated. :bashfulcute:

Would you be able to email me at support@wildemedia.co.uk so that I can take care fo your issue in a much quicker way and we can both keep track of the progress.

All of your suggestions can be done it will just require some custom coding in the HTML file.


How can I add a contact form to a Tumblr blog?


You can use the ‘Ask A Question’ service which is built into Tumblr where people can contact you through your blog. The messages are however handled through Tumblr not a personal email address. Is that something you think would be useful to you?


Hello Christine – I just purchased your theme, thanks for making it- and I just sent you a few support questions to support@wildemedia.co.uk.