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Hey Christine,

I chose the same name for my next theme and I just spotted yours right after I finalized the logo of mine :)

Stunning work! Wish you tons of sales.

Thank you Cosmive,

Sorry I used the name first :)

Good luck with your new theme! :D

Great looking theme Christine, easy to install :-) and looks great!!!

thanks again for your quick response as well.

Good luck with future sales.

Thank you for buying my theme dimidi and the lovely comment! :)

is there an option for a different homepage layout, i.e. slider and description at top, but the blog posts displayed in one column on left with a sidebar on right (like on the inner pages)?

Hi J2000 ,

This theme doesn’t currently support that sort of layout. But I’m always looking for ways to improve my themes so I’ve added it to the list of things to do for the next update. I’ll be working on an update tonight for this theme. :)

that’s awesome! thanks :)

Great! I’ve purchased this theme and now I’m customising it. Is it possible for a slide to be linked? Since I’m not using the affiliate banner links, I’ve changed the slider code to:

\\ \\ \\ \\

... but when I click on the slides, they don’t go to their respective links.

Hi J2000 ,

Thank you for purchasing my theme.

Yes a slide can be linked. I can either add this in for you or if you email me through my profile page I’d be happy to walk you through tweaking the code. :)

I can’t see the code you posted in your comment, the links seem to be broken.

Thanks, I’ve sent you an email

Hey Christine,

The theme looks great and I would like to know if there would be anyway to alter the color of the background?

Would that be possible?

Thanks and Regards,

Hi Josh,

Thank you for purchasing my theme.

Yep you can easily do that. If you want to email me through my profile page I will happily help you through it. It will mean diving into the code and changing a line or 2. :)

Hi again. Any chance that Disqus will be added to this theme, or is it something that I can implement myself?

It is on the list for the next update. I can email you on how to add this if it’s something you need to add sooner rather than later? :)

Thanks, it’s not urgent, so I’ll just wait for the next update


I’m searching for a theme with image slider, just like this.

Please advise if we can have our own icon on the top (png, for example).

I’ll then contact you directly to know how to add links to the slider images.

»» Do you have other themes more or less like this one?


Hi gamesmhd,

If you want to replace the logo at the top where ‘Shift’ is then that can be done through the Appearance tab when editing.

I do have another theme in the pipeline that will have an image slider but I couldn’t tell you when it is going to be finished unfortunately.

This is a gorgeous theme, though I’m wondering about two specific features and, if they’re missing, whether you’d be willing to add them:

- I want to use this theme on a group Tumblr blog that I run, where I use Tumblr’s Submit feature to accept post submissions from the public and other Tumblr users. I want a theme that will display the author’s name at least on the individual post page, but hopefully the main post page as well. If it’s a Tumblr user, it can display their name and icon, and their name links back to their main Tumblr blog. If it’s a submission from a public, non-Tumblr user, it can just display the name the user entered in the /Submit form.

- I want to add a lot of tag pages, so I guess these would go in Shift’s header. If I add enough pages, will the navigation bar in the header expand to fit a second row, and possibly a third?

Thanks a lot for your time.

Hi chartier,

This theme does have the function to allow people to submit their own post. I will need to take a look at how this is render when they submit it. If the name and avatar hasn’t been coded in I will add this and update the theme.

For adding a lot pages I’m unsure of what will happen, I will also test this out and see what happens when you add more and more pages.

Thank you.

Hi my links dont seem to be working on my slidebanner? Is this a fix that is working fine? I pasted in my Http:// address in the required field but didnt seem to work, Ive adjusted the code temp, to fix the problem, but still in test phase for my blog before I move it over. cheers

Hi mortonmoore,

Thank you for purchasing my Tumblr theme. :)

Can you explain in a bit more detail what is happening, then I can fix it for you. I did update the theme but this shouldn’t have broken.

I just purchased this theme last night. I have a few questions. I was wondering if there was a way to be more flexible with the side bar? Was looking to house a few small ads. I also want to know if the “affiliate” “flicker” titles could be changed to something else? My last question is the bg color. Can that be altered? I’m still playing around with customization but I love it so far! I hope my questions make sense I’m not the biggest tech head on the planet. Thanks!

Hi Mikka,

Thank you for purchasing my theme. I’ve replied to your email. :)


I have been working on WP, coming along nicely after a couple of months, so I thought I would have some fun, signed up for Tumblr This theme is awesome, blows all those $50 dollar ones away! clean and professional!

I do screen recordings of financial charts for my videos. my question is do you recommend a production size for video? I have been using 640 by 360 on WP here is a link to a video its embed code from screencast.com http://fxprocharts.tumblr.com also is there an ideal image size and can you have multiple images per post? Like a 2 or 3 image mini gallery? Any advice would be helpful!

Thanks in Advance!  Nick K

Funny! Simple questions, 9 days no answers? I guess this is why some developers sell hundreds and hundreds of copies and some don’t!!!

Hi ztrader,

Sorry for the delay in replying, I have been away from my computer. You can see from previous comments that I usually reply instantly. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

A good image size is anything wider than 600px. The theme automatically resizes the images for you. Same with the video posts. The max width of the videos in this theme are 500px wide.

OK Thanks for quick reply, I understand,nicest Tumblr theme I’m aware of, and really fun to use! Thanks so much! and I do understand we all have to get away sometimes!

Not a problem. I’m really glad your enjoying the theme. I’m working on updates for all my themes to improve and add bits. Thanks again! :)

Hi, first of all: very good work. I like it very much. Clean and simple.

1. I am a little bit in trouble with the two column layout of the tumblr posts. Theme is always showing only one column. There are enough posts so this should works. Any suggested ideas?

2. Is it possible to add more than one image to a post and to have a little slideshow?

3. For changing the font I am looking for an list where all Google fonts are named. Drop Down for changing font did not work.

4. My Idea: Is it possible to read some exif data from the uploaded images? For example time and aperture. And GPS Data if they are containing?


Hi Goldeneye,

Thank you for purchasing my theme. Would you be able to email me through my profile page so I can reply to this in as much detail as possible for you.

Thanks, Christine

is this theme responsive ?

Hey jennzforest,

It’s not unfortunately. I’m thinking of going through my best selling Tumblr themes and making them responsive. My latest theme is responsive though.

Thanks, Christine

this is the code that i get when i try to copy the code in the text edit in order to install the theme. it’s all messed up, and its not getting installed. can you tell me how to do this properly and what’s wrong with this html file?


Congratulations on creating a really wonderful theme.

I am hoping you could help me with this question:

How do I change the search button?

I have uploaded a new button to tumblr [static file], and the new button appears but part of the search bar color disappears. I am thinking that it is the ”#search form .query” background image.

Thank you very much for your help.

Good morning seattle.

Thank you for purchasing my theme. Do you have a link to your blog so I can see what is happening?


Hello Christine.

I already figured it out.

Thank you for your support.

Hello Christine

Just purchased your Shift Theme to use for my local Bike Club Blog site…

I have managed to download ok, but am having an issue with the photo in the Slider.

In your preview of Shift, both with Firefox and IE the Slider was working great (my main browser is Firefox), however after downloading I find that my photos in the Slider are appearing on top of each other in turn rather than just sliding into the next photo…hope this makes sense !

Could this be because my photos are not quite the correct size as instructed for uploading into the slider ?

Great theme by the way… Thanks in advance Neil

Hey Neil,

Thank you for purchasing the Shift theme. It is greatly appreciated! :)

The issue could be with the sizes of your images. Are you able to resize them to the correct size? If so then we can eliminate that as an issue.

If you have a link to your blog that would be great too so I can investigate further.

Thanks, Christine

Hello Christine

Thank for your quick response to my question…appreciated. Firstly, please excuse my lack of knowledge, as this is my first attempt at starting up a blog site ! I think I managed to reduced the photos in slider to about 449×300 (i could not find anything that would reduce it to your recommended 960×300.

The 2 photos in there at the moment are still overlaying onto each. other. It must be something that I am doing I think?

Here is a link to the blog as requested…(please excuse the guys in Lycra !) http://newcresentwheelers.tumblr.com/

Thanks Neil

Hi Neil,

This is because the images are not the right size. You could download a trial of Photoshop that would do it or there is a free program called Gimp. You may need to crop some of the image, so select the best bits.

Once the images are the right size you won’t see them overlapping each other.

Hope that helps!

- Christine

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