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I just got your theme and I am trying to setup my first site like your News Demo.

How do I do Ad spots? I want to do exactly what I see in the demo.

How do I activate ADS Pro? It is asking for a purchase code.

Where are the ad spaces defined?

Do you mean, all the features work because it is bundled? That it does not need a code? That the only feature disabled are the updates which are done only through the theme updates?

Can you clarify? Can that be added to the documentation if that is true.

Hi again, we have a private agreement with Ads Pro creator to include the plugin in our theme. That means, all our customers get full functionality but the updates are released via theme update. The only way to get a purchase code to get direct updates from the author is to buy the plugin separately.

Regards, Luis.

OK, that needs to be stated in the documentation, in the demo setup or the FAQ.

When installing the plugin, a user is asked for a code with no guidance.

How do I add the social sharing buttons so they appear like your News demo at the bottom of a post?

In the news demo they appear as black squares above the previous/next.

You have to add a widget like this: https://cl.ly/3a0d433m3n33

Regards, Luis.

When I walked through the steps of “HOW TO BUILD A SITE FROM SCRATCH LIKE ON LIVE PREVIEW”, I did not end up with a site like your demo.

Many steps are missing. It is incomplete.

When I do what you did above, I get this: http://prnt.sc/eq0ucj


That is not what the demo site looks like http://prntscr.com/eq0we4

Please send me an email with your WP login details and I’ll set it up the site for you like the demo. support[at]strictthemes.com

Regards, Luis.

There is a bug in your code:

FastCGI: server stderr: PHP message: PHP Notice:  Undefined index: position in /wp-content/plugins/stkit/components/metaboxes/functions/metabox-sidebar.php on line 128, referer: /wp-admin/edit.php

This is generating every time editing a post…

Hi, we are looking into this. We will post again later when we determine if there is a bug or not.

Regards, Luis.

Hi again, we fixed the problem and an update is coming up in the next days. Thanks for reporting the error.

Regards, Luis.

Thank you


Just wondering if the sport template allows my visitors to download images from a gallery I post, or if I have to install a specific plugin for this?


Hi, if you want to allow the users to download files you better pack in a zip file all images used in that specific gallery and place it somewhere on the post so they can click it to download.

Regards, Luis.

How do I activate “most viewed” right above the footer. On my site it is deactivated.

Wordfence found this:

File appears to be malicious: wp-content/plugins/stkit/whats_new.php

This file appears to be installed by a hacker to perform malicious activity. If you know about this file you can choose to ignore it to exclude it from future scans.

The text we found in this file that matches a known malicious file is: "<img src="https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/60881/231740777.3/0_1e521a_3e227eee_orig" alt="" />".

The infection type is: Spam:HTML/lgwmy.

Hi, ignore it, it’s just an image. Nothing to worry about. :)

Regards, Luis.

OK thanks for letting me know


There is this error that is generating all the time and causes high load CPU.
AH00524: Handler for fastcgi-script returned invalid result code 32, referer: https://www.mywebsite.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1490953846.6049981117248535156250

The website is SSL enabled.

I checked the database and there are created a lot of entries in wp_options table (relative to cache?) with http:// and not https://

values found:



As a result there are a lot of unnecessary redirections that may causing the error above…

Hi, we have been looking into this and we don’t think the errors have nothing to do with the theme or stkit actually.

You can install a wp cronjob manager plugin (plenty of them on wp.org repository) if you want to run wp cronjobs on demand.

You can also check installed plugins one by one to see which ones are using cronjobs to find out which one is causing the CPU load.

Regards, Luis.

I see. I’ll try disabling plugins one by one

How do you setup the Favicon?

Answered in email.

For some reason, . http://prntscr.com/eqzl56 . Ad Sidebar 2 is appearing at the top of some posts.

The position of Ad Sidebar 2 is stated as being “Appears in the middle of homepage and archives.”

So why is it appearing at the top of Posts?

Sorry, I see it now, it only happens when previewing a post, we will fix that in a future release. Don’t take it seriously by now, it won’t be shown on the front end. Thanks for pointing out.

Regards, Luis.

I also had it happen outside of preview. It happened on the demo posts. I think it had something to do with post type or the choice of sidebar.


mikilopa Purchased

Hi, Great theme! Just a short question. How can I change/add social icons and links in ST Share? I would like to have in Widgets VK.com.

Well is not just one element that you take away, the way that shadow is composed improves readability and to makes the text to stand out. I can give you some css to take it away but have a look before: https://cl.ly/1f0P1K1E0g2S

Regards, Luis.


mikilopa Purchased

Hi, Thank you for your support. I got your idea and partle agree with youi point. Actually I need to take the shadow away on blogroll only. At least I will bring it back if don’t like the result. So can you give CSS how-to remove shadow on the blogroll?

As you wish:

Add this to “Theme Panel->Style->Custom”:
/* Reposition Background to Fill Space */
.post-t6-yes-thumb a.post-thumb {
    background-color: transparent;
    background-size: cover;
    background-position: center center;
/* Remove Gradient */
.post-t6-yes-thumb a.post-thumb:before {
    background: none;

Regards, Luis.


If I need to paste an embed code above the closing body tag of my website, where would I paste this without having to go into php code files?


Hi, if you don’t want to edit any php file you can use a plugin like this one: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-insert-code/

Will make the task of enqueuing code for you easier.

Regards, Luis.

Great, thanks.

Hello i have a fast question, how i can have a page like this with categories ? strictthemes.com/shockmag-1/categories/ i have tried everything :( THANK YOU

Hi, here’s your fast reply: Create a page and set the page template to “Categories” like this: https://cl.ly/2A2I0W2k1I41 :P

Regards, Luis.

Tried installing the update but the update keeps failing (destination folder already exists): http://oi65.tinypic.com/k9ygr5.jpg Also, when I try to rename the folder and the stylesheet details (eg: folder to “shockmag2” and Theme Name in style.css to “shockmag2”) before uploading, it still fails and says “style.css could not be found.” Great theme, but really slow support – have to wait several days for a response on any issue, however small or big the question.

Hi, that is because the theme is already installed and you are uploading the same folder again. The fastest way is to go to your themes folder and delete the current folder and put the new one there.

If you are doing this on a production site then do the following:

1. Rename the folder you are going to upload. (for example: shockmag-upd) 2. Upload it to your themes folder 3. Once uploaded it, delete shockmag parent theme folder and rename shockmag-upd to shockmag

Not ideal but that would be the procedure.

Regards, Luis.


AKNord Purchased

Hey, Great theme, just bought this theme and i have applied it to my site and its up and running. But you got to help me out with a couple of things…. . First im using ads pro (from the past), when i set up the ad in the second sidebar, the image will be clickable in desktop mode but not in mobile mode? The header banner working just fine in both modes. You can see it your self on my website. The second question is: i want to change the menu color. Third question: can i make with a bit wider in boxed layout? Forth question: can i set fullscren images on background under header, and the header is a little transparent? Fifth question : in boxed layout the background image doesent seem to be visable on the sides only underneeth the center.

And if you got some handy tips and perhaps some good css code to tip me when you have taken a moment to look att my site, it would have been most appreciated from my side.

Please have a look at my site: Http://cruisingsverige.se

With regards// Alex- Northen Sweden


AKNord Purchased

4 question i had: is the fullscreen background images connected to the slider?

Hi Alex,

1. Add this in Theme Panel->Style->Custom>

.sidebar-ad-b .bsaProContainer, .sidebar-ad-b .bsaProContainer .bsaProItems { overflow-y: auto; }

We will be fixing this in the next update.

2. Menu color in your case corresponds to secondary color, you can change it in “Theme Panel->Style->General” or via CSS:

#menu-box { background: #e7a32a; }

3. Sure, increase the number:

.boxed #layout { max-width: 1300px; }

4. “can i set fullscren images on background under header” Not without some modifications on your code.

The header already comes with some transparency: https://cl.ly/2K0b3L0X452p If you want to modify it this would be the rule:

.header-bg #header-holder { background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.7); }

You can also apply RGBA in your second question.

The background images are taken from the categories https://cl.ly/063W2Y0l1z0t So whatever you set there would be used as the background for that slide.

5. That is how the boxed layout works, otherwise would be pretty much the same as the wide one.

Regards, Luis.


AKNord Purchased

Thx for the fast reply, i think i get a hang for it now. Got a question more, dont know if its a theme question or a plugin question but i start by asking you. Its in the ” The event calander ” pages. Page nr1 in the calender everythings works but when in page nr2 all the images goes in to each other. please take a look at it. http://cruisingsverige.se/kalender/


I’m having a problem since the recent update. In my Store, it seems like the product descriptions are not showing up. All I’m seeing is a small icon and I’ve dug everywhere to try and turn it on. Can you point me to the right direction?

Thank you