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Hi. The rectangle under the logo, black, can I change it? Because my logo is dark and it is not going to look good. Thank you!

Hi, sure you can, with a very easy CSS code you can modify the color like this https://cl.ly/1K2N1E402z0U but be aware that you may need to change the font color for the menu and buttons depending on what you choose.

Regards, Luis.

I watched the preview of your theme.

Do you know what would be absolutely fantastic? When your beutiful slider would Switch the category and with it the whole page Content.

like “switching to Football” and only Show Football News on the entire page

Hi, that would probably increase a lot the load time because we would need to preload all latest news (and their thumbnails) for all the categories in the slider but it is definitely possible to achieve.

Regards, Luis.

Hello! I just purchased the Shockmag Wordpress theme and when I tried to upload the .zip file, WP rejected it saying “The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet”. When I look through the file folders, I can see that there clearly is a stylesheet. Any suggestions? Thanks! Best, Todd

Hi Todd, did you check this help article? https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821510

This is a very common error.

Regards, Luis.

Hi, I am struggling to find out why my primary menu is showing when it is not selected. Also is it possible to add an image across the full header like you have on your blog demo? Thanks.

I have solved the image matter. However, there are more things I am frustrated about: 1/ how to only allow for top menu (secondary in your terms)? – the primary one keeps showing up although I checked it off in menu setting 2/ how to show full site title on mobile? – the header doesn’t stretch to show to whole title 3/ how to get rid of the toggle on mobile that only shows a blank tab? – I cannot work out what this is for, or how to use it properly 4/ how to make mega menu work on mobile ? – it simply doesn’t work, not even on your blog demo Thanks

I got my hands dirty and got it all working for myself. Cheers

Glad you sorted it out. Let me clarify these points, just in case: 1. Set an empty menu for the primary location but this will cause usability problems. 2. It should be fully shown, provide a url if you want me to check it. 3. That toggle is for showing/hiding the primary menu, that’s why is empty and also what I was talking about in #1. 4. For me is working just fine http://j.mp/2jFlvXq , with the primary menu set of course.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.

Regards, Luis.

Hi, is there a way to add the right sidebar like in your demo?

Hi, can you please be more specific? what sidebar are you talking about? there are different sidebars across the site.

Regards, Luis.

Hello! How do I hide the author in certain posts? Thank you!

Hi.. there is no option to do that through the admin area. You would need to make some css to specify on which posts the author should be hidden. You can use the body class to identify the post id.

For example this code will only affect to the post with an id of 478:

.postid-478 .single-author-info { display: none; }

Regards, Luis.


In the main page of your theme you claim that:

“Post views that work with caching plugins

By activating option un the the panel, post views will be updated even when the pages is cached”.

I can’t find that option…

You just need to activate this box https://cl.ly/3a102W2J3X0k

What about cloudflare cache everything?

Well cloudflare uses it’s own caching system, it’s out of our control and we can not predict how they will change it as time goes by but the post views are refreshed after the DOM is ready via ajax call so it should work just fine.

Dear Shockmag Theme Author,

Item Purchase Code: f058f2cf-a939-44eb-a4a7-f748f5757022

We need your support to setup theme like demo,we are facing big issue everytime site goes down when we add megamenu class “st-mega-taxonomy-post-v-1” The site completely goes down only blank page is showing. Please review: http://2018.katohika.gr/

Please help us to setup News demo.


Well, first of all you should be checking wordpress error log and your server’s log to have an idea of what’s causing the problem. With only this information I would say that the server resources are not high enough.. but again, the logs might answer this.

Another way of testing is to replicate the server on a VM locally if you don’t want to mess with the live site.

Regards, Luis.

Dear ShocMag Theme Author,

Here is the error log file: https://pastebin.com/6SvRqFFS

Please, setup the demo content we need or share with us .sql so we can import and replace the url with our permalinks.


Please send me an email (support@strictthemes.com) with your wordpress login credentials and I’ll help you setup the demo site.

Regards, Luis.

When I change the blogroll layout in theme settings, nothing happens. It used to work but I’m not sure what caused it to break. Any idea what could be causing this?

Are you using any caching plugin?? If so, flush the cache and deactivate it while making changes on the site. Also make sure is not a browser caching problem.

Regards, Luis.

I am not using a caching plug in and I have tested to make sure it is not a browser issue. I tried disabling all plug ins too. https://stwvisual.com/bitcoindepot/blog/ When I select any of the blogroll templates it stays like this

When embedding the WP header on a static PHP page, why do the dropdowns stop working? The rest of the nav is functional, only the drop down menus are broken.

Can you please clarify this question? Tell me what are you trying to do and what have you done so far.. for me looks like javascript file/s are not being loaded correctly or any of their dependencies. Can you provide a url to check? or at least the code you are using to see if I can spot the problem?

Regards, Luis.

I suspected it was an issue with embedding the correct JS file but havn’t been able to fix it yet. Here is a link to what I have so far http://stwvisual.com/bitcoindepot/

I’m still not sure why you are doing this that way (probably for you makes sense). Why don’t you create a page template and just use it to put all your code? I mean, instead of making a “replica” of the site for pages that need some custom scripts, you don’t even have to put the loop if you don’t need to.. and that way everything else will be loaded as normal. https://developer.wordpress.org/themes/template-files-section/page-template-files/

You can use template-frontpage.php as a guide to create yours.

Regards, Luis.


Are you aware of WP 5 coming soon?

Are you willing to support this as soon as it comes?

Kind Regards

Hi, we will start our tests as soon as the first beta comes out, for now they are on an alpha state and so much things can change till the final release.

Regards, Luis.

Hello again.

I’m trying to shrink the size of this theme in order to achieve faster loading times. It seems that the icon fonts are big and I want to remove unused icons.

What libraries did you used when you generated using icomoon?

Kind regards

Hi, can’t really tell you as it was long ago, anyways they are between 23kb and 34kb, I don’t think the impact will be noticeable by ripping out some icons.

Regards, Luis.

Why I have completed the site after the installation and the pattern of the purchase of the template site is very different! How do you do the same as the template when you sell it? Is there a problem with my installation method?

Hi, can you provide a url to have a look at what you ended up with? If you follow all the steps as documented you should be getting the same site as the demo.

Regards, Luis.


I am trying to install the theme for one of my clients and I was successfully able to import the News demo, however there are categories in the demo that have not been imported. Would like to know if there is something that I am missing. Appreciate any help.

I can send the website details and purchase code if needed.

Thanks, Saranya

Hi, I’ve gone through and installed as per your documentation per Shockmag demo, but I have a few issues. Naturally this is urgent as our magazine looks a mess until these issues are rectified…

Firstly, I can’t find in the documentation what the ideal image sizes are for Featured articles/advertisement sizes/or site logo size. Please advise, as the logo is far too small as is!

Secondly, some posts show a feature picture on the Front page, but many do not. Is there a reason for this, and how can I ensure all posts show their feature picture?

Thirdly, the Secondary menu obscures the social media icons – have I done something wrong there? Please advise how to fix this.

Finally (for now) where can I change font colour? Because some of it is white, some is grey, and I can’t fathom where to co-ordinate them from…

Hi, logo size is 300×63px, carousel sizes at fill width are https://cl.ly/140u22000C3W and articles are https://cl.ly/3b23231u2X0s . Also think that the images are adjusted to fill the spaces they are placed in so just use bigger ones to be safe.

Second question, where? can you please attach a url or send some screenshots? if you have set a featured image it should be shown on the frontpage.

Third, secondary menu was meant to be small but you can try to add this snippet to your custom CSS and adjust the values to your own needs. This will create a second line for the secondary menu if needed.

.header-2 #header-holder-2 {
    width: 40%; /* Adjust this value to your needs */
    margin-right: -20%; /* Adjust this value to your needs */
ul.menu-2 > li { margin: 0 30px 0 0; }

The font colors are different to create contrast with the background of each placement. The highlight color can be changed from Theme Panel -> Style -> General. To make adjustments over the rest of the text you will need to do it adding your own css rules via Theme Panel -> Style -> Custom.

Regards, Luis.


I have been using the Shockmag WP theme for about six months now and I love it. However, my site is suddenly not responsive on mobile. Actually the text is, but the images are not. I’m using the same sized images as always, but for some reason, they are not scaling to fit the screen whereas the text is. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you, Todd Gilleland

Hi Todd, can you please post the url for me to have a look? I’ve just checked and in our installations looks ok. Maybe a plugin interfering?

www.metalmitten.com – I was able to adjust the most recent post by deleting the size specs of each image, but if you look at the Judas Priest post or any older posts, you’ll see the photos are not auto formatting. Thank you for your help!

I’ve been through all of them till the first ones that only have videos and they were looking great.

I’ve installed the template and I don’t have a Theme Panel tab.

Look, I just installed the template, I installed a bunch of plugins that I don’t need or want, and there’s no Theme Panel tab on my website. I’m extremely unhappy that this is so difficult to use out of the box.

Hi, first of all we are here to help you get the theme up and running so please explain the steps you followed to give an accurate answer for your problems.

Shockmag comes with a very detailed documentation on how to set it up correctly on any of their variants. You also have more manuals here: http://strictthemes.com/shockmag/category/documentation/

If you don’t see the Theme Panel can be because the is not activated or you didn’t get ST Kit installed and activated correctly.

You don’t have to use/install all the “recommended” plugins, of course you will be missing some functionalities that are given by those plugins but it’s up to you. Just be sure to install the “required” ones.

I would recommend you to have wordpress running locally and make your tests before working on a remote server, it is much faster to work locally and if you mess it up you can start over easily by dropping all the db tables and deleting the theme and the plugins manually.

Please let me know if you get stuck in the process and how can I help you.

Regards, Luis.