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Awesome work my friend!! Great theme!!!

Thank you Juan :)

I like it! Good work!

Thanks, appreciated.

Wonderful design, multiple features will do wonders in term of sales.


We are improving the system by the needs of the customers.Also you can create many kind of websites with Shocoon as previous theme Non-Shop Cacoon did great job with that as we could see from our customers.

Thank you for your suggestion.

Beautiful work.. good luck!

Beautiful comment, thanks :)

cool design!wish you good sales…

Thank you, wish you good sales too mate :)

Hi ...demo is not working fine on IE9 :(


Thank you for report, we fix demo and preparing new update for customers.


Unique tocuhes here , congrats , looks great!

Kind Regards,

Thank you :)

Demo is not working on iPad2… Can you fix it?


Can you please send a screenshot from your iPad2, thank you.

Why does your image say “bootstrap 3” when it’s really Bootstrap v2.3.1?


Sorry, our mistake preview image is wrong theme detail is correct, we will fix it.

Thank you.

Hi, Are you going to fix the mobile version? When I look at it on my iphone, its not good at all. Thx!


Its not bug you can enable or disable responsive function on Live Customizer. We forgot to enable responsive on demo, its ok now.

Thank you! Kind Regards

I would like to know before I purchase this, how is the support? Do you guys give a hard time about asking some technical questions with regards to changing or removing something?

Am I able to remove the icons from the menu titles?


We are answering customer tickets as fast as we can. We fix the bugs of course.

Icons on the menu are optional. If you do not put icon there won’t be any.


there seems to be something wrong with the images on the front. I uploaded perfectly good images and they seem to be a blurry. it happens on the demo as well.


Please create a ticket with your website url, we will check.

Kind Regards

you Need to fix this ASAP!!!

the theme goes crazy on IE 8,9,10


We are sending new update for this issue, please follow theme page, also you will be notify via mail when new version come.

Kindest Regards


the start Page does not work. I followed the instruction to set it up like in the demo version. The “Home” template is just not the same…


For some copyright reason some elements not included on demo, but you can recreate missing elements on Page Builder easly.

Thank you for understand, Kind Regards


I’m thinking of purchasing this theme but was wondering if the URL structure of the site could be changed without affecting functionality (i.e. from /?page_id=123 to /page-title).

Hope to hear from you soon!



This feature is WordPress core not about the theme, so yes you can change URL structure on WordPress admin -> Settings -> Permalinks.

Have a nice day!


The demo site is suspended at Host gator?



Hello Tony,

Yeah we are getting a lot of attack right now, its ok right now. Thank you for report.

Kind Regards

Hello objectman,

Shocoon is improved and WooCommerce version of Cacoon, so themeforest accepts WooCommerce ready themes for 55$

Thank you for interest, Best Regards

Is it possible to import Cacoon theme data into this one … there is no real difference and since you decided not to upgrade that theme with your new features … my client is considering this… I have advised him not to use your company, but I have to ask … so can you import data from Cacoon to this theme … or must I use your complicated and restricted page builder again.

is that a yes or a no … ???

Tks … will give this theme a miss then, just don’t like the page builder its way to restrictive.

How do we create sidebars for interior pages? Need to create multiple interior page sections and assign a sub menu. Dont see anything in the instructions.


You can use any custom sidebar creator plugin like: after you create custom sidebar you can use “Widgets” element on Page Builder.


Just installed the theme and demo and discovered a big issue for our site. The page content is not managed in the “Pages”. you have to go to the Appearance/page builder/ to create a page template and add all the content in the page builder element.Then you have to go to the respective page and add the template code to the page. When the users need to edit the content of the page the need to go to the page builder not the page. Is this correct? This totally defeats the purpose of the wordpress page administration. Furthermore, the page builder implies its a template builder but in reality its the actual page content. This is very odd. Dont think it will work out for us. which i knew this before we purchased the theme.

Hello again,

A lot of ThemeForest authors using this Page Builder with their themes, also we have a lot of satisfied customers with this plugin. Yeah little complicated first usage but after first create its really easy.

Thank you for feedback, Kind Regards

Thanks for the follow up. You are correct most authors use page builders with their themes but every theme we’ve used has the page builder within the edit page. In your case when the user edits the content they have to go find the page builder within the appearance menu. this totally takes us out of the edit page function where all content should be edited. The page edit now requires you to create a template then place the template code in the page. Very odd. Am i missing something? The page builder window is really small and more difficult to edit the content. In our case we have 70 pages already created within wordpres and we would have to move the content to the page builder. This is a very nice design but not something we can use due to the back end.

I have purchased this with another account before anyone says anything.

This theme is not fit for purpose as it imo defeats the purpose of what a theme is by housing the content within a builder.

This is such a shame as it looks like it could work were this functionality offered via short codes.

There are a lot of other issues too, which have already been pointed out. Envato should really test these themes before hand to ensure they logically make sense before allowing them be sold.

A newbie downloading this will have a lot of issues it is by no means easy to use and any other WP info will not apply, buyer beware.


A lot of ThemeForest authors using this Page Builder with their themes, also we have a lot of satisfied customers with this plugin. Yeah little complicated first usage but after first create its really easy.

Page Builder functionality is really simple, drag, drop, and fill the form.

What do you mean by having a lot of other issues, its so rude to say this and leave. We dont have any reported issue right now, theme is working as normal. If you have a theme bug please report us on support center.