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Nice template,.

Thank you very much.

excellent work,good luck:)

Thank you :D

Can you update the contact form to display a successful message sent notification? Thanks…

Sorry for waiting, I’ll update it this weekend.

Theme has been updated already. :D


Nice theme. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Thanks :)

Nice template!

Is it possible to include some content on the main page below the slider?


Hi jesusdelagarza

Yes,it is. You can include the elements on the main page. You have to create a div wrapper and call some classes then put elements under this div. It will work fine. :D

Thank you for your interested.

Thanks for your answer. Another one, is it possible to include a link on the flex slider homepage version?

Yes,It’s possible :D. You can add a link on each slider.

Quick question, where is the link for the image on the page headers?

Thanks.. working great..

Another quick, cant seem to find CSS code to modify the colour of the Portfolio links from the hovered orange on index page.. Thanks

It’s in ‘style.css’ class ‘boxcaption’ which line number 649. :D

Very Impressive theme, I thought I had found “the one” but it isnt WP. Will there be a wordpress release for this theme? I’m a beginner and would love to see that happen.

Thank you for your interested in our theme. We are developing on it to sale on WP.

I think it might be released soon :D

thank you for the reply – if you could keep us posted on release, that would be most appreciated. again, great work!!!!

Hello, is there a way to make the portfolio slider at the bottom of the homepage images become bigger?


Very nice work! Thank you;