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you my friend, are a genius!

had to get it! good luck buddy. oh shoot its 2 am! aight going to snore…

thanks for the gr8 feedback! let me know how you go when you use the theme :)

Love your works dude :)

Hi this is an interesting idea however, do you think it is a little confusing for potential buyers?

There is no database so why would you include a checkout form with customer information? Where is this information stored? Am i missing something here?

Also, you mention multiple categories, but I don’t see a category option in the backend. How do you create top-level categories or sub-categories?

How do you go about creating the functionality to sort by: size, colour, price, etc.. as illustrated in the template if you have no DB?

I’m very confused by this template to be honest. Please let me know if there is something obvious that I am missing. Maybe I’m getting old!


Yes no order information is stored, when someone makes a purchase the information is just emailed to the shop owner.

Think of this theme as a normal html shop theme (like others on themeforest) that can be used with the shopping cart software of your choice (oscommerce/magento/prestashop/etc..)

The added extra on this theme is a simple php shopping cart (which is optional to use). The simple php shopping cart allows the designer to get their clients website up and running very quickly with 1 -» 20 products, without spending lots of time implementing a complicated database solution.

This is a small basic shopping cart, perfect for people with small amount of products.

To create a new category, you would make a brand new html page, and link to it on the left hand side (just like you were making a new menu item).

To create a new product, you would make a brand new html page, and link to it from the category page (just as in the demo). On this new product page is where you would copy/paste add to cart button, and lay the product information/photos out however you like.

There is no sorting option in the included cart, as that would require some form of database storage.

If that shopping cart process is too feature-less for your needs, welcome to use a database driven solution.


Mmmm Ok. Good luck with your theme.


Any further shopping cart related questions please feel free to ask over on the shopping cart discussion here: http://codecanyon.net/item/simple-php-shopping-cart/88625

Pardon me for being a bit surprised – a nice looking theme, a very basic but serviceable bonus cart (just checked it out on Code Canyon). Less than 20 bucks. Not much to complain about IMO . Good job.

I want this to use Magento. Can you do this?

Hi we are not planning to release a Magento version in the near future.

Hello dtbaker, I am very interested in this theme, but I will like to know how I can use it with a shopping cart software? If a client selects the Add to Cart, Size, Color, Qty, Check-out, and Crate Account Options, how will they carry over the the shopping cart software? Can you please give me some ideas so I can understand this process better. If I am to go this route, I will be using opencart.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry this is not a wordpress theme. It’s a html template not compatible with opencart or similar.

I understand it’s an HTML template, but above you mention this…

“Think of this theme as a normal html shop theme (like others on themeforest) that can be used with the shopping cart software of your choice (oscommerce/magento/prestashop/etc..)”

How can I use this theme with a shopping cart software?

You may hire a web developer to implement this html theme into a shopping cart software of your choice.

I’ve just purchased this shop, looks very nice, although am doing some test and i’ve found errors, i appreciated if you fix this asap.

1. When i checkout via bank payment, costumer doesn’t receive an email as it suggest it does.

2. i get error on top of confirmation page.

Notice: Use of undefined constant _SHOP_CUSTOMER_EMAIL – assumed ‘_SHOP_CUSTOMER_EMAIL’ in /var/www/webpagehere/demo/cart.php on line 994


how long I’m going to wait for an respond? Not interested purchasing something that i have to spend additional time to fix.

We offer our free product support via our support system: http://support.dtbaker.com.au/support-ticket.html Please ask questions there, they cannot be answered here.

Please include more details such as a link to your website so we can see the error, and FTP details so we can resolve the error.

OK thanks, I just didn’t know where to report. I will do that, thanks.

The live preview is not working.. :(

yer server migration :( taking longer than expected. hopefully tomorrow ! :)

Hello.. Interested in purchasing, I already own your simple cart script and love it.. I just notice an error at the top of the checkout page (something about timezone) ..can you confirm that this is just an error on your server, and that the template/code is error free? thanks, Matt.

also on the sitemap page.. thanks