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Hi There,

Great Theme, does have all the features I’d been looking for. I do however have one question: Is it at all possible to turn-off the responsive feature of the theme and have a normal layout instead?

Hi, Yes, it is possible. But need efforts. Please email us for further questions. Thanks!!

I want to ask that how can i remove the static block of banner ??? I don’t want to use them but i could not find their code. can you help me on this please ? So sorry for this stupid question.

Hi, Please specify which you want to disable. So I let you know block name. Thanks!!

Hello, I bought this theme and installed in Magento 1.9 but some features doesn’t work, can you fix it for Magento 1.9?

HI, Please email us with more details & site info.So we can look. Thanks!!

and your email is? so we can send you screenshots, and please respond quickly so we can solve this problem.

Hi I want to know if you can tell me how I can change the size of the main image of the product

I’m still waiting for your reply. Regards

Got to app\design\frontend\nextlevel\default\template\magic\catalog\product\view\media.phtml here you can chnage size of product image. Email if you face problem to reszie it. THanks!1

Hi there, Can you tell me if or when you will be offering this for magento v1.9.0.1?

Many thanks.

This is already available for Magento Please let know for further assistance. Thanks!!

Then you need to update your Software version links on the right hand side because I have just had to have my server people downgrade the magento version to 1.8.1 to accommodate for your 1.8.1 template!!!

Which product types it supports working? All?

yes ALL, It supports every product types. Thanks!!

sure. Thank you. I will indicate to a client of the agency.

Hello Dear Is it support Magento 1.9 ? and do you have RTL

waiting your reply

Hi, It supports Magento 1.9 & might support RTL never tested. Thanks!!

A friend bought the theme a while ago and he told me that the theme isn’t working at all, because you get a an error with something about magiclogo table right after you upload the files and flush the cache.

I need this theme but i can’t buy it unless you offer me full real-time support or any insurance that i won’t have any problems of this kind. And full refund if it won’t work.

Does the package contain quick install ?

Yes, you cn setup your theme in few clicks. Let us know if need any help. Thanks!!

Hi there, On the homepage banners, if you switch the ‘Show Description’ to No then the banner cannot link anywhere, even though I have assigned a url, as it seems that only the button is the clickable link. Can the code be altered so that the URL will still work by clicking on anywhere on the full image if the description is switched off? Thanks. Lee.

Hello again. I see that you have replied to other user after my post. Could you please let me know if the issue in my post above can be fixed or not. Many thanks. Lee.

Please help me…

where i can add menu to mobile menu list?

Hi. Is there a version with less .js? The theme looks awesome, but its so laggy when scrolling.

Hi, No less.js it comes with some gliches. We use our own framework. Please let us know if you have questions. THanks!!

Is there a porpuse delay when srolling? Because it feels like it.

No there is no delay. You might get wrong feelings :) Ask for second opinion. THanks!!

Hello again, Could you please help me with an issue that is occurring with the main homepage banners. I did send you an email regarding this but didn’t hear back from you. When you look at our clients main domain name the homepage banner and three bottom banners appear. When we try to send customers from advert banners to the homepage the url has a tracking string after it. as soon as any additional string is added to the domain the banner and adverts will not display at all. I can see that the banners do work on your demo site when you change languages. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I look forward to hearing from you.

You need to set banners for specific languages stores. For each store you need to create banner again. THanks!!!

hi where can I see a mobile preview of the site before I purchase ?

You can press ctrl+shift+M & you can change to mobile resolution. Also you can view same preview on your mobile device. Thanks!!


I have a pre-buy question.

What purchasing agent does this use? Woocommerce, ect? Or is it one already designed within the theme?

Thank you,

Hi, This is based on Magento very easey to use. With powerful admin options.


I have a pre-buy question.

What purchasing agent does this use? Woocommerce, ect? Or is it one already designed within the theme?

Thank you,

Hi, It uses Magento eCommerce platform easy to use. You will get settings in admin to manage theme. Thanks!!

hi where can I see a mobile preview of the site before I purchase ?

If have firefox please do ctrl+shift+M & you can see mobile screen resilution. It works same as mobile view.

Hi, My website is up you can check the link www.fragikart.com but the issue is i don’t know from where do i upload the 3 banners in the right side section. also How do i auto scroll the content items on home page.


Hi, We have sent instructions via email. Please check. Thanks!!

Is it working on Magento Cause I’m trying here to copy all files that are inside shopcrown folder, the theme apllies to the site but I can’t use configuration settings, I’m getting the 404 error page.

I fixed flushing the Magento cache. I hadn’t found the read at the first time.

It is ready for 1.9.1. Please try on fresh magento install again. If still face problem email us with site error you see & site details ftp & admin.

We bought this theme for a Magento shop, version 1.8.01 Unfortunately, if we access the shop via mobile devices, we only get blank pages. The Magento exception log shows the following error:

Exception ‘Mage_Core_Exception’ with message ‘Ungültiger Blocktyp: Mage_Mdllookbook_Block_Mdllookbook’ in app/Mage.php:595

Could you please help me fix this error?

Best regards.

Still having the error mentioned above.I wrote you 2 mails, contacted you via social media and still no response at all, in the last three and a half weeks. Sorry but that´s a really bad support.