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Nice!!! GLWS

thanks you.

Very nice bro! you are awesome! GLWS!

Thanks you my friend :)

I like it but using chrome on Mac, the menu acts very odd, I have to go to the very right hand side of the options to change pages, clicking portfolio etc does nothing unless I go to the very right hand side of the menu, get that sorted and I think I could be your first purchaser :)e

Hello my friend,

Thanks for interesting my work. So, I’ve tested this theme on macbook, iMac from Chrome but dosen’t see any problems. Please check this video :

very nice template, awesome.

Thanks my friend.

Nice Work! Good luck!

Thanks you.

Hello, I am interested in buying this template for my website. I need to know if i can easily change the colors to any color instead of the 3 presently? Thank you

Hello friend,

Thanks for interesting my work. So, its possible with manuel for now but I’ll update this theme 1-2 days later with new option (10+ color schemes) :)

Thank U for very nice work!

Thanks you so much dear.

Nice template.

Any chance you know what’s happening with ‘quantity’ input box on Firefox? And better of course; how to make it work?

Link to temporary available image:

Thanks in advance.

Oh thanks you so much for your feedback. Can you add this code to the your style.css please

.quantity .qty {width:4em !important}

i hope so its will be fix, waiting reply.


Thank you for your reply. This indeed makes the input a little wider showing the contents of it. I notice too now that the plus and minus button don’t actually seem to work (tested FF and IE). Not sure if they already should work or not. Will fix this myself with some JS.

Thanks again!


I’m really sorry for this problem. I hope so you can fix it waiting your good news.



Is there a working contact us page, with PHP?

Oh let me see and get back to you.


Can you let me know?

It is there.

Do you have a PSD files? Thanks!

Since it’s HTML theme there’s no PSD with this.