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Cool design! I like your idea with main menu! :) glws!

thank you so much!

Wow… Cool and Clean design.. Hope for the good start. GOODLUCK

thank you so much!

Too Good!!! Nice Work!!!

Many thanks:)

Super design! Good luck with sales!

¿Will you render it for Magento ?

If we find appropriate developer than yes :)

So cool! Keep working :-)

Nice design! Simplicity Isn’t Simple. I like this. Good luck!

thank you !:)

Great work! Like that :)

thank you !:)

Looks great; any plans to OpenCart this theme?

Maybe if we find developer.

Great job!

Could you allow me convert the PSD to Joomla/Magento template and sell on themeforest? You will get paid from each copy of my sales.

Best regards,


Hi, please send us a message to info@pixel-fabric.com.


Will this theme be available in HTML/CSS?


Yes, it will be.

Hello! Could I help you convert your design into OpenCart template?

Hi, please send us a message to info@pixel-fabric.com. Thanks!


Is this theme available in html/css yet? You commented 8 months ago it will be?


Hi, I have no informations from guys that they wanted to develop it. Sorry.

Hi, can I help you with conversion from PSD to HTML, OpenCart or WP theme?

Hello, you please write me email to info@pixel-fabric.com. Thank you.