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Add to Cart doesn’t work, wanted to see if this is AJAX enabled How to use this theme on Wordpress ? Product Quick View or Product Details not working either Is there any way to include “Add to WishList”, “Add to Compare” buttons ?

This is a HTML Template and unfortunately we have/had no plan for such functionality in HTML version.

Nice theme! WordPress coming anytime soon?

Thank you! We are working on WordPress

Great Work ;)

Thank you ;)

very Nice theme! plz WordPress Link them ….

thank you


This is a great theme, good work. One thing which I am not able to get to work is – I am using product grid template and creating a embeddable widget to show multiple products on other sites. Everything works fine, but when I include style.css, all I get is blank page. If I remove style.css and I see proper html, just that styling is not there. Can you let me know how I can fix this?

Hi, Thanks for your kind words. Please drop us an email to this address with your site link address, therefore we can provide better support. Thanks again

Thank you so much for the support and a great theme!

Hello, nice theme. Is it possible to see a preview of compare page? thanks

Hello and Thank you. Unfortunately Shopfast HTML template does not present a compare page but we planned to add this page in WordPress version which will be released soon.

Hello Great theme!! congratulations. I have a question: Do you have a fix for IE8? I really like the theme but when I try it on my IE8 it doesn’t look good, some parts are disordered. (or you can help me to fix this issue after the purchase). Thanks

Hi and Thank you for your interest in our template. We found the bug with menu in IE8 ( Thanks for remind us ) and I’m sure it will be fixed soon. If you found any other things that need to be fixed, Please drop us an email at . have a nice day ;)


I bought your theme. This template is nice but I found an issue. When you are in Home page, the button is highlighted in red line. But you try to mouse over it and mouse out again the highlighted red line disappear. Please let me know how to fix this? Looking forward for your reply. Thank you very much.

Hi, Thank you for purchasing our template. I see the issue and fixed it, That would be easier for both of us, if you drop us an email at and I will help you that way.

Hi, I’ve never bought anything on themeforest yet, and I’m considering to buy one. Many people say this theme is good. But there’s only product list page on the demo, no other page, like product details page. No respond after I click on the icon. Is there any more information?

Hi and Thank you for your interest in our template.This is a HTML Template and unfortunately we have/had no plan for such functionality in HTML version.

Hello there

I would like to request some help about the responsive features of the template.

I intend to disable the mobile menu for Ipads but i’m kinda stuck and don’t wish to mess up the themes responsive css.

I’m aiming for Ipad’s 1,2,3 ( vertical orientation ) which gives us a 768×1024 display.

I already tried to juggle with bootstraps responsive classes, but I think I need only to adjust the menu’s width for ipads.

I’m using the link:


as a test base.

Can you help?

Hi and thank you for purchasing our template, We manage all supports by Please leave us an email with your situation (more detailed if you could) and we will help you to fix it. Thanks

Hello, My co-workers are trying to get in touch with but they had no reply up to now. We need to fix a few things on the template and would like to have your help with it.

The shopfast HTML version has a bug for google chrome browser, this page: , does not load content “OFFER PRODUCTS” and “OUR CLIENTS”. In Firefox and Internet Explorer works fine. Has solution?

Hi, on ipad2 (horizontal orientation) appear a menu for smartphone and not the main menu of desktop version. Why?


Not able to to view basic static pages like about blog etc. Is that not in the list.


Hello there, since my co-workers are not getting any responses by sending direct email to, I would like to request an example on how to add the products caroussel when using Nivo Slider with its default theme.

I’m using the following url:

Your examples do not show how to add a products caroussel to nivo so I would like to know how.

Regards Tiago

I saw there’re several versions of this theme for Zencart/Opencart and so on. However, I want to implement an online store by myself. Does this html version contains all styles used in the other versions?